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(CNN)   Volcano wrath   ( divider line
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8021 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Oct 2002 at 3:51 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-13 10:37:05 PM  
Smoke on the water, fire in the sky...
2002-10-14 03:08:58 AM  
Bet that does wonders for the real estate market there.
Sounds like a good market to sell homeowners's insurance.
2002-10-14 03:54:16 AM  
mmm...pyroclastic debris flows. my favorite.

2002-10-14 03:55:53 AM  
its always nice to be reminded how puny we really are.

la la laaa, big badass humans la la laaa
exploding mountain!? oh holy fark! *flee in terror*

(i know you all loved my crappy little dramatization)
2002-10-14 03:57:31 AM  
"It was the most energetic event in three days"

Hell, I wanna know what happend three days ago.
2002-10-14 04:01:15 AM  
ReaperCow - Were you skipping while singing "La la laa" or just walking or standing. This makes a great difference in whether I loved your dramatization or just liked it.
2002-10-14 04:03:24 AM  
wow what surprises me is that not everyone fled the island there are actually people still living there. Are they too old to leave? Scientists? Naively brave? Really we need an in depth piece about what goes through their minds day in and day out. Does that sword of death hanging over their heads on a daily basis have any effect on their love lives? Is their a tourist trade?

sorry got carried away there
2002-10-14 04:06:37 AM  
well, of course the scientists are gonna stay behind.

anyone remember the episode of southpark where the town was being threatened by the volcano? "ma'am, your geologist is on the phone." "tell him the infection cleared up."
2002-10-14 04:07:32 AM  
actually, it was kinda a strut-skip
2002-10-14 04:09:51 AM  
Oh a strut-skip? All the better. I loved it then.
La la laa
2002-10-14 04:51:05 AM  
how exactly does one strut skip? la la laa kind of implies skipping. now, had you been grunting, strutting would have been assumed. maybe a unique la la *grunt* la la *grunt?
2002-10-14 05:33:51 AM  
When will humanity learn not to get in natures way?

"Nice big volcano? A flood plain? Tornado alley? Sounds good boys, lets build some houses, i'm sure nothing bad will happen as long as people are living there."
2002-10-14 05:35:17 AM  
Just toss a few virgins in it, that usually solves the problem.
2002-10-14 06:00:49 AM  
We have to find a way to tax these things. They're polluting our air and water.
2002-10-14 08:50:55 AM  
wheres Flibbertigibbit I think he should have a say in anything involving a volcano.
Side note, thousands of orange soda cans found on the scene.
2002-10-14 10:13:38 AM  
A future world war of xianity vs mohommadianity and now a volcano! It's the end of the world!

/runs to hills
2002-10-14 12:32:12 PM  
I think Dr. Evil is behind this, with his big underground drill. "does that make you horny, baby?"
2002-10-14 01:12:45 PM  

You are right, good ol Joe Banks could possibly help out here.
2002-10-14 05:26:19 PM  
Ok... I just watched the Discovery Channel special on Tsunami caused by landslides. Usually the landside-caused tsunami is 100x larger than the underwater earthquake caused ones... Remember, if you're at a beach, and the ocean draws back from the beach a few miles, that's a landslide Tsunami. Enjoy the show, the report I saw estimated that one of those could toss the wave over Florida completely. (Starting point from an Island off the coast of Europe..I can't think of the Island's name)

That will take care of voting problems...
2002-10-15 02:36:30 AM  
EOT v2.1 Tvest
2002-10-21 05:03:44 PM  
strike through
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