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(Independent) NewsFlash Bomb in Bali kills 54, injures 120; God calling it quits   ( divider line
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3261 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Oct 2002 at 6:00 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-13 03:23:05 AM  
Death toll is at least 181 according to CNN.
2002-10-13 06:03:41 AM  
Slow news flash =p
2002-10-13 06:06:07 AM  
Why don't they submit the most recent story? sheesh.
2002-10-13 06:07:01 AM  
2002-10-13 06:07:18 AM  
Repost of an old story that was just finally posted...sheesh. do fark mods even read fark?
2002-10-13 06:08:12 AM  
so i submit a link exactly like this at about 11am (aus time) and yet MINE DOESNT GET THROUGH

THANKS DREW (or whoever posts links)
2002-10-13 06:08:47 AM  
Wow the approvals are coming swift and fast and hours behind.
2002-10-13 06:08:53 AM  
Well there were 3 bombs according to CNN I think. Which means it's not officially a repost till the fourth link.
2002-10-13 06:09:49 AM  
Yeah as if there is a god!
2002-10-13 06:11:13 AM  
Well, it was a bit late, but at least now this is getting the Fark coverage it deserves.
2002-10-13 06:13:53 AM  
Argh. I read that most of the casualties were Australians. Now what the hell would Australians be doing in Indonesia, a place where Islamic Extremists wield impressive influence, where the UN is powerless to stop any terrorist acts, and where the Western world is seen as the enemy?

2002-10-13 06:16:26 AM  
Unfortunately it is also an area of the world most of the people in the western world could give a shiat about.
2002-10-13 06:19:36 AM  
Hooray for repeats!
2002-10-13 06:23:57 AM  
Bishop6: Bali to Aussies is like Cancoonto Americans

It's the least farked up place of a shiatty country. Bali is mainly Hindu, not muslim, and it has an economy that caters to tourists

it's part of Indonesia but seperate from all those fundamendalist wackos

Kevbo: Most of indonesia i couldn't, but seeing as they are suggesting up to 75% of the 180 deaths could be Aussies, it's a bit more relavent
2002-10-13 06:24:50 AM  
Sorry Cancun i'm referring to

Bali is full of aussies who like to go to the tropics for a vacation
2002-10-13 06:24:59 AM  
Chisifa: it's part of Indonesia but seperate from all those fundamendalist wackos

Kind of how we Yanks feel about the bible belt?
2002-10-13 06:25:22 AM  

Bali, is a mainly Hindu island in Indonesia, and during the recent fighting has remained peaceful. It is also one of the biggest tourist destinations in Asia for Australians, because of its close proximity and natural beauty and praty atmosphere.
2002-10-13 06:27:27 AM  
morning all

anyhow, I was chatting to a australian night before last...she was going on with anti-american crap...saying that across the nation of Au, there were parties held when the WTC came down...

so...should I cheer at the thought of innocent aussies dying as this person wanted me to believe they did for us?

I think not


What a mess we got ourselves into here. Salute to those whom lost fam and friends in the latest...hopefully justice will be served by the peeps whom did this.
2002-10-13 06:27:32 AM  
FalconWolfKnight: or perhaps more specific, like Florida, America's wang
2002-10-13 06:29:34 AM  
Nibbles, this is urgent. do NOT believe that Aussies were like that at all. I know no-one, even vehement anti-anemricans who cheered at that. The entire country felt remorse

Whoever you were talking to was either joking around with you or was a sick fark. Aussies are one of ur best allies in the war on terror as well
2002-10-13 06:30:28 AM  

I was going to add that, Florida is awesome. Being a Pagan I find Georgia, Alabama, etc. downright scary. I'm surprised I didn't burst into flames when driving through. And yes, I take alot of pride knowing that out of all of the world's continents, America has the biggest schlong of them all.
2002-10-13 06:30:38 AM  
Whoops i didn't mean remorse, it's not like we did it

sorrow, anger, outrage etc.
2002-10-13 06:31:48 AM  
FalconWolfNight: I dunno, sweden comes pretty close

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-13 06:34:05 AM  
This is horrible. I got my cheek broken by a local surfer thug at a club just down the road from here. I thought that sucked, but this is so much worse.
2002-10-13 06:34:40 AM  

Good gods mate, that's not a schlong, that's a bloody strapon!
2002-10-13 06:34:47 AM  

The only parties that were held in Australia when the WTC collapsed would have been held by minority muslim communitys, as they try to be as controversial as possible. The Muslims in Australia have been causing way to much trouble and will eventually get their comeuppance. Most of Australia was just as shocked as the US was on 9/11, America is our strongest ally, and is evident by our swift decision to join you in Afghanistan and commitment to you in Iraq. Australia is pretty much the America of the southern hemisphere, we are the ones people turn to when when something goes wrong in near by countries.
2002-10-13 06:34:53 AM  
Chrisifa: No, thats not a wang, thats what a excited wang does after killin a few kittens
2002-10-13 06:37:34 AM  
What pubeman said. Whoever you were talking to was a nutjob

in fact the reason behind this attack is probably a combination of our wholeharted support of the war on terror, and our involvement in east timor

CNN - "Described as the worst act of terrorism in Indonesia's history, a massive car bomb is believed responsible for a blast that tore through a nightclub in Bali, killing more than 180 people -- most of them Australian tourists. "
2002-10-13 06:39:55 AM  
I know...the Aussies (save one little bastard) are kewl ppl whom I never had a problem with.

but there are idiots everywhere...there were ppl celebrating in US when the towers headed south...doesn't mean everyone does, but if your surrounded by morons whom are cheering and have a small enough mind to think the click your hangin out with represents the entire country, then it would be reasonable to think everyone celebrated.

oh well...there really should be a license to breed.

anyhow, about this club in Bali...I feel a nation (indonesia) should be carpet bombed for this atrosity...but thats just my emotional side speaking...bastards...the hell a nightclub at the end of the world ever do to you anyhow? this makes no point whatsoever...
2002-10-13 06:42:45 AM  
Indonesia as a political entity can't be blamed for this for anything more than having shiatty security, they didn't contribute to it

it was fark muslim extremists

and bali isn't at the end of the earth for us aussies, as i mentioned earlier it is to us what cancun is to americans

Bali isn't even muslim i don't think, i'm pretty sure it's hindu
2002-10-13 06:43:01 AM  
Where are you Harmonia, surely you can tell us why this club deserved death...

wake up...we need you to tell us how these aussies have raped and pillaged the muslims
2002-10-13 06:43:15 AM  
Terrorism doesn't have to make any point, just as long as it makes people scared to continue carrying on with their normal lives.
2002-10-13 06:44:21 AM  
Cancun = end of earth for US. Brazilian women have nicer arses.
2002-10-13 06:44:59 AM  
Yeah, there's a point. Side with the US and life'll get bumpy. Kudos to whoever sticks with us, despite the terror.
2002-10-13 06:46:40 AM  
Nibbles:Where are you Harmonia, surely you can tell us why this club deserved death...

wake up...we need you to tell us how these aussies have raped and pillaged the muslims

Got a question for ya bud? Like me, do you believe it wouldn't matter if we totally pulled out of the mid east, and never had anything to do with the area again, that the nutballs would still be trying to kill us left and right for being infidels?
2002-10-13 06:46:42 AM  
Pubeman: usually terrorism has a point to make...otherwise it undermines there "projects".

Every act of terrorism is part of a agenda to bring something to light...even if we may consider it silly.

this most likely was some kind of anti-western influence...but prolly the worst point ever...WTC was more justified in a sick way (anti-globalisation)
2002-10-13 06:48:23 AM  
Nibbles, yeah Bali is probably not quite a trashy as Cancoonthanks TheJoeY. ever since 9/11 provoked me into it, i see how right we are to side with the US.

And any of you who deride me as pro-american, you can kiss my star-spangled, southern-crossed ass
2002-10-13 06:51:39 AM  
damn hindus, too busy praying to 137 gods/godesses to worry bout the security.

I have heard of Bali though...friends visited...nice place...tell you what though...if they start pulling this shiate at Ibiza, someone is getting carpet bombed and thats that!!!
2002-10-13 06:51:50 AM  
Chrisifa:And any of you who deride me as pro-american, you can kiss my star-spangled, southern-crossed ass

Face it, you cannot resist the dark side =oP
2002-10-13 06:55:50 AM  
I'm just waiting for media commentators to start telling me how my prejudices have hurt muslims feelings, forcing them to blow up over a hundred of my countrymen having a good time

2002-10-13 06:58:41 AM  
Another 18 Britons are among the hundreds injured and around 15 are missing after the blasts tore through a nightclub packed with tourists.

Umm...check the all night curry might find the missing brits.

anyhow, here is some pics...wadda disaster:
2002-10-13 06:58:48 AM  
Holy shiat, another one?!

Oh. Sorry.
2002-10-13 06:59:26 AM  
Correction, Australian Media sucks, if Chrisifa is serious.
2002-10-13 07:01:58 AM  
Chrisifa:I'm just waiting for media commentators to start telling me how my prejudices have hurt muslims feelings, forcing them to blow up over a hundred of my countrymen having a good time


Yes, right after the towers collapsed it was "Islam is peace, Americans are prejudiced against arabs that" or "It's a time for Kindness and Compassion" To quote Michael Savage "I don't want to hear about justice, I want to hear about carpet bombing!"
2002-10-13 07:03:07 AM  
why do people feel the need to whine about repeats...yeesh
2002-10-13 07:03:53 AM  
Oh well. it seems every religion must have its own Crusades.
2002-10-13 07:05:38 AM  
TheJoey:Oh well. it seems every religion must have its own Crusades.

Yeah, but at least the Medieval Christians didn't have WMD's.
2002-10-13 07:07:54 AM  
I've actually been to the Sari Club (where the bomb exploded). It's (was) for westerners only. However, the terrorists had to know that a lot of Balinese would get killed too. However, the Balinese (majority Hindu) really do NOT get on with the neighbouring Javanese (majority Muslim), and in fact used to form vigilante gangs to attack and sometimes kill them. Since this is going to completely fark their economy, I think that may start happening again. The only resource Bali has is tourism, and then mostly from Australian tourists. If somebody wanted to start a cluster-fark of a sh!tfight, this is pretty much a textbook way of doing so. It will be interesting to see how helpful the Indonesian government is. Mostly likely, not completely helpful.
2002-10-13 07:09:04 AM  
Islam is a religion of peace.

Anyone who say otherwise is a racist.
2002-10-13 07:09:44 AM  
I say we pre-emptively smite them with the NUCLEAR FIRE OF JUSTICE
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