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2002-10-12 07:26:03 PM  
Well, now I know what 'pantie thief' is in Japanese. My life is complete.

*commits ritual suicide*
2002-10-12 07:26:15 PM  
Starlight - I have not seen the first one, but the second one (director's version)was definitely a good addition to my video library.
2002-10-12 07:27:04 PM  
hentai is porn anime xxx, anime may have some porn mostly soft though
2002-10-12 07:30:19 PM  
They didnt mention BUKKAKE! WTF! THATS MY FAVORITE ACT!! (If you know what it is, I'm sorry).
2002-10-12 07:31:38 PM  
2002-10-12 07:33:01 PM  
Lain is my 2nd or 3rd favorite anime series. I still think it's the best meditation on the philosophical questions of the Internet and modern technology that anyone's come up with. Especially since I've been on the Internet since I was around Lain's age and occasionally get embarassed meeting myself online unexpectedly.
2002-10-12 07:33:51 PM  
BTW, where's Ghastly? He'd have all sorts of relevant comics for this discussion...

Have you had your Buck Cake today?
2002-10-12 07:34:37 PM  
Anybody else here seen Noir? Pretty good series about two female assassins. Good plot, amazing music and artwork. Almost perfect, save for the fact that there's a flashback in every episode :-/
2002-10-12 07:34:58 PM  
I wouldn't mind knowing the translation of 'bukkake' either. Since that and anal pr0n have pretty much infected and taken over every worthwhile newsgroup. (I've got nothin' against either, guys...but jeezus, obsess much?)

And 'German bukkake' just doesn't look right in a subject line. We need a westernized word to describe...umm, that.

Shellacking? Squack-masking? Splatterpainting? Pearl necklace, ball-gag, and gimp-mask?
2002-10-12 07:36:50 PM  

That deserves an 'omgroflmao!!!!11' or something ;-)
2002-10-12 07:40:34 PM  
Wow, moshi moshi really is how they answer the phones in Japan.

Foreman: [in Japanese] Hello?
Homer: Yes. This is Homer Simpson from America. Who may I say is speaking to me?
Foreman: [in Japanese] He speaks English. You take it.[hands phone to a worker]
Worker: [heavily accented] Hello, chief. Let's talk, why not?
Homer: Hello? Why am I Mr. Sparkle?
Worker: You like Mister Sparkle?
Homer: Well, I am Mr. Sparkle.
Worker: You have many question, Mr. Sparkle. I send you premium - answer question, hundred percent!
2002-10-12 07:41:40 PM  
Heh, an anime thread :)
if you want the first episode of Evangelion, I've got it up on my ftp... this has a GREAT story line...
I've also got lots of other stuff, including manga
for those interested:


the ftp address is .. the username and password are fark

download all you want :)
2002-10-12 07:42:06 PM  
Bukkake is so uniquely Japanese though. I vote we leave it. I mean television is basically the same word the world over.
2002-10-12 07:42:37 PM  
hmm I screwed that up, or fark seemed to do something to it

here it is again

2002-10-12 07:42:52 PM  
(partially off topic story)

A couple of months ago, I hit the local Electronics Boutique for Icewind Dale II. Nursing a hangover from the previous nights debauch, unshaven and smelly, I was stunned into speechlessness by getting talked up by the most staggeringly beautiful girl I'd seen inside of a mall for years. Working for a computer games store, of all possible places.

There's nothing sexier in my book than a geek girl. She had it all: perfect figure, brains, a smile like a ray of sunshine in my alcohol-riddled world of emotional bankruptcy. Then she started talking about hentai and cartoonish alien sex.

The most disturbing thought about this is, why did she think I looked like a person who could appreciate tentacle rape?

(/partially off topic story)
2002-10-12 07:44:16 PM  
well, sorry, ugh, looks like fark screws up links with the 'at' sign in them :( sorry for the many posts
copy/paste this into your browser, but change (at) into the at character

2002-10-12 07:44:34 PM  
What? No translation for "schoolgirl"?

Farkwicket How about "face-frosting"? You like?
2002-10-12 07:44:56 PM  
Tom24 there have been submissions like this that have been rejected .
not NSFW
I know, i have already linked this on antoher thread and no, this was not submitted by me)
2002-10-12 07:45:40 PM  
Nursing a hangover from the previous nights debauch, unshaven and smelly ... why did she think I looked like a person who could appreciate tentacle rape?


btw, no hentai on my ftp
2002-10-12 07:45:59 PM  
evangelion and love hina are the best animes ever,
FLCL and kare kano close second

btw some of those terms are wrong
2002-10-12 07:46:37 PM  
think I meant "not remotely safe for work"
2002-10-12 07:48:18 PM  
Fox... I've got Kare Kano, FLCL, LH, etc, but on CD :/ I think I'll move some of them onto my FTP, probably FLCL
2002-10-12 07:50:24 PM  
ohh and wldncrzy reminded me, I also have Perfect Blue on my FTP :) go get that, it's a hitchcock psychological thriller type anime
2002-10-12 07:51:04 PM  
Toraque Please tell me you were sober enough to ask her out. Or something. A gorgeous, brainy chick that loves anime? If you turned her down, you derserve an asskicking something fierce.
2002-10-12 07:52:43 PM  
Love Hina is a pos, can't believe so many people like it.
Btw, wtf was this chosen as a link? >This of This was pretty funny, specially considering how much we make fun of Engrish.
2002-10-12 07:53:03 PM  
Oh, by the way, make sure to check Upload/Requests , since I have a *lot* of anime in there that isn't in the base directory
2002-10-12 07:53:05 PM  

But the worst Hentai is worse.
2002-10-12 07:53:27 PM  
Gyeh, >this = Section 6
2002-10-12 07:53:35 PM  
TMI You have made my farking day! Domo!
2002-10-12 07:54:20 PM  
Faye will straighten all this mess out...

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-12 07:54:32 PM  
douitashimashiate :)

heh I posted this a month or two ago in some thread, people forgot about it or something and stopped using it :/ it's been up since then
2002-10-12 07:57:32 PM  
2002-10-12 07:57:37 PM  
I may be a drunk, but I'm not stupid.
2002-10-12 07:57:38 PM  
Faye is hot on the screen, but it is farking scary and just plain disturbing to see girls actually trying to look like that at conventions and things (only seen pics from websites)
2002-10-12 07:58:05 PM  
Faye Faye?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-12 07:58:52 PM  
Moving FLCL onto there right now, I only have eps 1-5 on my laptop and EP6 somewhere on a CD, so you'll have to hunt around for the last episode if you like the first five :) I wouldn't really recommend it to someone new to anime though, as it's *very* strange and different from american stuff. You have to already know anime in order to appreciate it. Otherwise, hmm, I think I have some Lain on there, get that, and Perfect Blue is great too. Ohh, I've got Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust on there I just realized. Haven't watched it *yet* but it looks good, get that too :)
2002-10-12 08:00:30 PM  
Wldncrzy14: Heh, if I recall correctly, when Edward says that, it means "fantastic Faye." It shows how she looks up to Faye and wants to be like her
2002-10-12 08:07:20 PM  
Wow, someone's farking crazy... they're downloading the not-very-compressed/still-being-worked-on encode of the Robot Carnival DVD... 1.5GB AVI :(
2002-10-12 08:11:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-12 08:11:24 PM  
Er, isn't that stuff licensed and for sale in the U.S.?
2002-10-12 08:12:03 PM  
TMI, you have stricken me with temporary blindness. I hope you are happy.
2002-10-12 08:12:04 PM  
Hmm, now I have to check the link again to see if they list the translation for 'scary' :-p
2002-10-12 08:13:41 PM  
I really want to fark one of those girls who dress up as anime/videogame characters... even this fat one:

I bet she can wipe the floor with those boobs.
2002-10-12 08:13:43 PM  
Wldncrzy14: kowai means scary
it's scary = kowai desu
you are scary = anata wa kowai desu
that is very scary = sore wa totemo kowai desu / sore wa cho kowai
2002-10-12 08:14:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Ooops, here.
2002-10-12 08:15:23 PM  
Evangelion is pretty overrated... 'stop raping me mind'... that was damn funny. Sorry.

Forgive me, but I'm glad to say that I didn't take up Japanese because I'm a dumb fangirl who'd love to make a fool out of herself by saying 'Anata wa baka desu' in fanfiction... much less in public.

God, even reading it in fanfiction... I'm not saying I do. Just hypothetically... would leave a bad taste in my mouth. Although, reading a good story about a panti dorobo (emphasis on good) would be nice.

BTW: Bezerk. Not a fave, but you people may like it.
2002-10-12 08:15:37 PM  
Wldncrzy14 Scary is "kowai". Yes, almost like "kawaii"/cute.
2002-10-12 08:15:57 PM  
WFT, mario?
she looks like she's 40
2002-10-12 08:17:07 PM  
HoshinoRuri, you mean Berserk?
I have the manga for that in my FTP I think
2002-10-12 08:25:47 PM  
yoguroto wa ikuri des na.
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