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2002-10-12 06:34:41 PM
I'm not a big fan of most anime (with the exception of the kickass Cowboy Bepop series or Ghost in the Shell), but this strikes me as just plain sorry/weak. Just my $.02, feel free to disagree with me.
2002-10-12 06:34:51 PM
There's story lines to anime?
2002-10-12 06:43:59 PM
exactly the reason the I like exceptions I noted
2002-10-12 06:44:15 PM
irete kudasai
2002-10-12 06:47:40 PM
I smell a book deal: "Hentai for Dummies"
2002-10-12 06:48:10 PM
panti dorobo!
2002-10-12 06:48:42 PM
How strangely stereotyped is that heading. Not all anime is porn.
2002-10-12 06:49:33 PM
etchi shiatai obasan ! paizuri~!
2002-10-12 06:49:34 PM
Why would you bother with anime if it wasn't porn?
2002-10-12 06:50:48 PM
do they have the words for 'Tentacle porn'?
2002-10-12 06:51:10 PM
Cowboy Bebop rocks.
2002-10-12 06:51:46 PM
this little rat: koitsu huh?

clitoris (the little bean): mammae Little bean?! haha.
2002-10-12 06:54:02 PM
My knowledge of anime is limited (virtually non-existant for main-stream japanse stuff.) Most of what I have seen hasn't reallly enthralled me or encouraged me to purchase it.
2002-10-12 06:54:08 PM
there's only one thing more pathetic than Pokemon players: anime dorks, whose only reason for taking Japanese is to spout completely incorrect phrases like "Anata wa baka desu!"
2002-10-12 06:54:12 PM

2002-10-12 06:55:36 PM
Mmm, naughty anime stories.
2002-10-12 06:56:49 PM
"Greetings doctor."
"Ah. Ha ha ha. Hello. Come in and sit down."
"I've been having these strange headaches. Whatever could it be?"
"Headaches, hmmm? Ahahahaha! Ha ha ha! I know just what to prescribe for it. Take off all your clothes."
"Well, okay, you are the doctor after all."
"Yes I am. Ha ha"
"There. Are you going to examine me for headaches?"
"Oh, you could say that. Now put this blindfold on. Quickly now."
"Okay, doctor. Oh! What is that? What are you doing?"
"Ahahaha haahhahaha hahahahaha!"
"No! Not the tentacles! Aiiieeeee!"
[ closeup shot of twenty metres of warty, slimy, alien tentacles being forced into all of her orifices ]
"There, you like that, yes?"
"Oh yes, more tentacles please. Now I like rape! Thank you doctor!"
"Next patient, nurse."
2002-10-12 06:57:05 PM
SDKaneda: OMFG that is hilarious!
2002-10-12 06:57:14 PM
Great action anime series (that you can find on Kazaa): Cowboy Bebop, Noir, Trigun, Outlaw Star, Neon Genesis Evangelion
2002-10-12 06:57:37 PM
I didn't see Bukake on the list.
2002-10-12 06:58:06 PM
mutual oral sex, 69: sikkusu nain

hahahahahahaha, sikkusu nain... I love these imported words.
2002-10-12 06:58:11 PM
Mixed-parentage, half-breed : hafu.

that is just funny to me
2002-10-12 06:58:34 PM
Also: Beserk, Love Hina, and Hellsing
2002-10-12 06:58:46 PM
A google search for "Faye Valentine" gets 33,100 hits
2002-10-12 06:59:00 PM
its sad that america thinks all anime is pornographic anime or hentai. there are AWESOME series' such as Neon Genesis Evangelion and Akira, but ones that just "happen" to make bad headlines, such as La Blue Girl are ruining it.
2002-10-12 06:59:52 PM
I want Naughty Chibi-Deedlit Hentai! Yum Yum!

2002-10-12 07:00:06 PM
I know a great place for hentai, if you guys are into it. Check out my profile for the site if you really want to get some good free stuff. My friend is the Admin at the site, and he'll treat you right with free posted hentai.

As for dirty japanese words? I wonder how you say "I am a rich american" =D
2002-10-12 07:00:45 PM
Vashotakuu: Yes, Neon Genesis Evangelion is great... Great as in.. Stupidest thing I've ever seen in my whole life... STOP RAPING MY MIND!
2002-10-12 07:01:20 PM
Ahh, I just finished watching Hellsing (which was pretty damn good), I knew I was missing one. Love Hina was nice, but only something you should watch if you can stand cheezy-humored drama.
2002-10-12 07:02:15 PM
Also the two Vampire Hunter D's are pretty good. Gothic future type of things. Very cool.
2002-10-12 07:03:03 PM
Somebody post that ass poking game.
2002-10-12 07:03:08 PM
penis, dick: chinchin
Wow, the Three Little Pigs sounded a lot more insulting in Japan...
2002-10-12 07:03:33 PM
I saw the first Vampire Hunter D (dubbed) and it was ok..same with Perfect Blue (also dubbed, bleh). I guess I just prefer series because they're more drawn out, more character development, etc.
2002-10-12 07:04:09 PM
American movies should have scenes like the final battle/closing shot in Cowboy Bebop. All of the cliched action shiat gets really old after the 500th time.
2002-10-12 07:04:10 PM
I am a rich american

"Orrrrrrre wa kane-mochi no amerikain dayo"

Make sure you use "Orrrrre" (roll your Rs) instead of "boku"-- it makes you a player. Gangstas and bosozoku call themselves that, no matter where they are.
2002-10-12 07:04:47 PM

2002-10-12 07:05:04 PM
You are all missing the obvious 2 BEST ANIME EVER: Slayers and Miyu! What the hell is wrong with you??

Also, for those of you with cable access, check out alt.binaries.multimedia.erotic.anime for some free high quality hentai flicks. Oh, and Loverboy586, I'm checking out that site now.
2002-10-12 07:05:27 PM
Did anyone notice that the word for underwear is shiatagi... best bit of new knowlege I've had in days.
2002-10-12 07:06:38 PM
I do have onew of the Vampire Hunter DVDs and that is actually kind of interesting. Parts of it do like like a flash movie, though
2002-10-12 07:07:46 PM
Donde esta los Boobies ?!?
2002-10-12 07:10:42 PM
Both of the Vampire Hunter D videos are cool, but the first one is a million times better, and theres some shower nudity too...
2002-10-12 07:12:23 PM
Wldncrzy14: Yeah, I like series if I've got time. Love Hina's interesting. Most of my friends aren't really into anime anyway. Bloodlust sorta introduces them to anime without making them have any background.
2002-10-12 07:15:42 PM
I agree with Slayers being one of the best animes. I'm also a gigantic fan of Coyboy Bebop. Not that sissy american version either.
2002-10-12 07:16:37 PM
ja mattaku baka kusoyaro-u
2002-10-12 07:17:27 PM
I start my friends off on Serial Experiments Lain. If they make it through that with their sanity intact, they're fans for life. If they don't remain sane, they're even easier to mold into otaku.

2002-10-12 07:20:15 PM
I forgot about Lain also, sheesh. That was a mindtrip..it still hurts.
2002-10-12 07:21:29 PM
Loverboy586 - Theres an American Version? Ugh. don't even want to see that. I have the DVDs with both japanes and dubbed track
2002-10-12 07:21:37 PM
The_Cisco_Kid: Vampire Hunter D has got to my my all time favorite anime.
2002-10-12 07:21:51 PM
That would be "boobies-wa doko des(u) ka?"
2002-10-12 07:22:25 PM
You just throw Lain at your friends? Damn, kill or cure I guess, but still that's harsh.
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