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2007-12-10 10:32:19 AM  
Beef Supreme is Future Man.
2007-12-10 11:00:47 AM  
My first wife was 'tarded.

Now she's a pilot.
2007-12-10 12:53:48 PM  
misterlump: These are the same marketing geniuses that are also marketing Sex Panther cologne from Anchorman.

Read the copy. It's amazing!

Sex Panther
"It comes in a bottle, so you don't have to."

Most hilarious. On the "Contact" page where you enter your info, there's a drop down listing your subject like "Problems with the ladies", "Where's my stuff" and "I'm intrigued by your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsletter."
2007-12-10 01:38:37 PM  
I just got done getting a handjob at Starbucks, so I'm really getting a kick out of these replies!
2007-12-10 01:52:28 PM  
Some people might say the author of the article isn't a dumbass...

To which the only appropriate response is surely: Hm. No.
2007-12-10 02:07:20 PM  
Foaming: Every time they show that commercial with the woman singing about an up-grade, I can't help but think she's singing about her pimp.

2007-12-10 02:16:18 PM  
My nephew was the one in the court scene that threw the milkshake. Thankfully, he is my nephew through marriage and my wife was adopted, so my kids shouldn't acquire any of the genes that made him an acceptable extra for the film.
2007-12-10 03:03:31 PM  
Most of the posts have benn funny, butts some of yous shound like fagS!

/Loved the Movie!
//Ouch my head!
2007-12-10 05:38:15 PM  
Galemp: Tom Lehrer was right, satire IS obsolete.

It's been obsolete since 2001 at least.
2007-12-10 07:44:01 PM  
MasterThief: The future of human civilization depends on us.
Humanity is depending on FARKers for survival? Gods, we might as well just get it over with.


Claude Ballse: To hell with Brawndo. I want some Star8ucks!

Right. The movie never did explain how the same strains of idiocy the rest of humanity loathes in us came to dominate the rest of the world.

That would actually be a lot cooler. Syrup didn't make me groan with pained recognition of the world around me. Jennifer Government is the Barry scenario that creeps me out. Company is just funny, although that's to me. If you're working at a place like Zephyr Holdings, it'll probably make you feel the way Idiocracy makes me feel.

dg41​e@Gypsy83. jpg

And for good measure,
2007-12-10 09:01:58 PM  
I have one thing to contribute to this thread:
2007-12-11 05:01:37 PM  
My Fark name is Brawndo so I'm getting a kick out of these replies.

/Boobies ever
//I've got what plants crave
2007-12-13 09:40:27 PM  
yukichigai: Passive Aggressive Larry: FarkinFarker:
Beef Supreme is obviously the second coming of Jesus.

and looks a lot like Luke and Owen Wilson...

That would be because he's played by their lesser known brother Andrew Wilson. (new window)

Wow I'd never have seen the resemblance unless you pointed it out.
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