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(eBay)   For sale: Become a Moderator for a Month!!!!!!!!! Auction ends 10/16   ( divider line
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11925 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Oct 2002 at 5:37 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-09 06:03:14 PM  
Work for free and PAY FOR IT. What a great farking deal???!!
2002-10-09 06:03:20 PM  
Obviously, Tarvuz should be made a full time moderator. He is charming, intelligent and cares about his fellow man. Also, he is very good at getting threads to go over the 200 comment mark. I also hear he is very handsome and generally considered the most eligible bachelor in his house.
2002-10-09 06:04:18 PM  
This is a wicked idea, it's already at about $70 and even if for some insane reason it stayed at that, that pays for a night out with the lads. At this rate I can't see this going for less than a couple of hundred, and while I wouldn't fancy such a responsibility myself I can certainly understand the appeal and why people would pay that much for it. Nice one.
2002-10-09 06:04:20 PM  
We reserve the right to revoke moderator status with no warning and no refund, partial or otherwise, if you turn out to be an asshat. Them's the breaks. If you are not an asshat, you have nothing to worry about.

God damnit. I'm excluded by default. There goes my $450 bid.

2002-10-09 06:04:21 PM  
Thanks, but I'd rather NOT catch the mis-aimed verbal abuse of every dipshiat submitter who's stupid and unfunny link didn't get picked.

That's Admin access ... they are only auctioning off moderator. You would get to delete posts from the forums.
2002-10-09 06:05:21 PM  
Nah, Timberbeast, although we are all asshats here, I'm sure one or two farkers won't abuse power. :) Maybe three even.
2002-10-09 06:05:44 PM  
LMAO AT Asshat!!
2002-10-09 06:05:55 PM  
Could we go on a total power trip? Deleting whatever post we want to all willy-nilly?
2002-10-09 06:07:21 PM  
Wow, pay a couple hundred bucks to delete comments. Whoopie. And they can take it away at any time? Yah, that's a good buy. Anyone want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge too?
2002-10-09 06:07:33 PM  
Boss-Hogg, we know you are Tarvuz. You don't have to keep mentioning it. The thought of you as moderator would be horrifying.
2002-10-09 06:07:35 PM  
Ebay has to be contacted to take down non-item auctions. They were contacted for the baby name auction, and an auction where a guy would come to your house and kick your ass if you won.

This Fark auction should fly. Just dont try selling an Xbox Live beta kit....
2002-10-09 06:08:22 PM  
This isn't gonna work, some little ebay kid and his buddies are gonna come in and up the price to something crazy then ditch.
2002-10-09 06:08:33 PM  
I'll bid if I get to use a secret server that doesn't take several minutes to bring up every thread like

At this rate, nothing offensive would ever be deleted.
2002-10-09 06:09:10 PM  
There are a few moderators i would like to beat up in a JC Penny bathroom.
2002-10-09 06:09:34 PM  
Will some Mod please delete Drew's post..he is obviously some guy that is trying to push a product. I paid good money for my fark. should have a level called Ultra Fark...and those that pay for the right to have that polychromatic thingy next to their names could not only access total fark but also have two stories a month heard it here about a free total fark account for my friend Tarvuz?
2002-10-09 06:11:01 PM  
Nice exclamations - but they forgot to put **RARE**
2002-10-09 06:11:13 PM  
he-he bunch of big spenders
14 bids and it's only at $70
2002-10-09 06:11:22 PM  
NO NO NO ! SOMETIMES eBay has to be contacted about an auction to have it pulled. However...SOMETIMES HIGH VOLUME auctions will be kicked out onto an hourly report. The more hits a auction gets, the higher up on the report and the more it gets looked at. I have friends that work there :)
2002-10-09 06:11:36 PM  
Given that the top bid is $70, I think the winner should have total authority to remove any and all posts, for any reason whatsoever.
2002-10-09 06:12:09 PM  

2002-10-09 06:12:17 PM  
Boy Plankton

I know the admins pick the stories.. but all the readers and submitters constantly blame bad links and repeated on the mods... I was commenting on THEIR stupidity...
2002-10-09 06:13:10 PM  
I!!! Don't!!! Have!!!!


Because I spent it all!



2002-10-09 06:13:57 PM  
wow, who bid on the cool transformers stuff? (rolls eyes)
2002-10-09 06:16:50 PM  
Drew, what kind of self-respecting communist are you?
Sounds like you're crossing over to "The Dark Side".

On another note, once you go capitalist, you'll never go back.
2002-10-09 06:17:52 PM  
Ya know, Tarvuz, you were a lot funnier when you were Tarvuz.
2002-10-09 06:18:55 PM  
Right now I could afford the "Rent a Mod's Navel Lint for a Day" auction...
2002-10-09 06:18:58 PM  
Some asshole is gonna pick this up and we'll end up not being able to say words like "fark", or "asshole" or "shiat" or anything remotely offensive like "boobies" without getting our post deleted. Or they'll go all out Greenpeace and just delete any post that anyone whines about. Or they'll delete posts that begin with prepositional phrases. For the love of Christ, what are we gonna do!
2002-10-09 06:19:23 PM  
Will this fvck the user database?
2002-10-09 06:23:16 PM  
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Fb- for moderator!
2002-10-09 06:23:51 PM  
Tarvuz, get back to your corner!
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-09 06:27:40 PM  
you boys just leave that darlin little tarvus alone..many a night has he warmed my bed with is charitable donations.
2002-10-09 06:29:02 PM  
I prefer to be paid to work...
2002-10-09 06:29:56 PM  
Oh great. Now random asshats will complain that anyone can buy moderation status and fark to hell what they think is a good post.

I hear silly people sell game identities, accounts for web sites, and other crazy stuff on ebay all the time.

Slashdot had something like this on Ebay a few years back. Someone was selling their account password which contained a wealth of karma whoring points. The big cheese taco heard about this and decided to have a little fun with it. Except he was totally quiet about it. With the end of the auction growing to an end, idiots were spilling out their credit cards to have the 3l337 karma account. You have to remember this was back when the stock market was run by rocket scientists.

Well, the karma auction got down to the last several minutes, and with each passing second, the account's karma ticked off by one point. Yes, the bidders watched in horror as they refreshed the page where the karma points were proudly displayed. Tick, tick, tick, down to zero karma. Yes there were quite a few people partying on IRC over that event. Classic.
2002-10-09 06:31:49 PM  
Also note that as a moderator, you will be entitled to receive channel operator status in Fark Chat. If you win this auction and would like to be opped for the month that you have moderator status, talk to me online as soon as you get your mod status activated.

[I reserve the right to revoke your op status at my sole discretion if you abuse it, in much the same way that Drew reserves the right to revoke your mod status if you abuse that. Loss of op status will not necessarily entail loss of mod status, but loss of mod status will mean loss of op status as well. Also, your mod status must be activated before you are given operator status in Fark Chat because I will verify that you are a mod before opping you.]
2002-10-09 06:32:28 PM  
This could be fun....hmmm...
2002-10-09 06:34:09 PM  
I've got an extra $100 I want to donate it to Fb- though. He's got some scores to settle in my opinion.
2002-10-09 06:34:16 PM  
Hmm.... Give me the opportunity to post links and DELETE REPEATS, and I will bust out the Visa.
2002-10-09 06:34:42 PM  
if you post I news story I link I promise I won't bid 1 million dollars
2002-10-09 06:36:05 PM  
Well it's up over $200 and you don't even get to be an asshat.

Guess Fark will be doing this every month?
2002-10-09 06:36:30 PM  
How will that *not* be abused? Deleting comments is an entirely subjective thing to do, which is why only a few people can.

Which means it'll be just like normal.
2002-10-09 06:38:49 PM  
Oh well....anyone one else want Fb- to have it. I'm laying the first $100.
2002-10-09 06:42:20 PM  
I will chip in few bucks for fb- too.
2002-10-09 06:42:21 PM  
Not this again..........................
2002-10-09 06:42:32 PM  
JOHNDX, if he comes in here and shows interest, I may be inclined to toss some cash his way as well.

Of course, I get a sinking suspicion he would be the shortest mod in FARK history, but it would be a funny as hell 2 hours.
2002-10-09 06:42:53 PM  
dear god...+100 bucks in the last minute...i could think of better ways to spend that....and not on hookers either.
2002-10-09 06:43:47 PM  
sure it's a worthy cause but after 14 bids it's at $113.33 Canadian. We surrender eh.

The bidding is in Canadian dollors? That means it's really free right? Put me down for a million!

(ducks and runs...)
2002-10-09 06:43:51 PM  
I'd give a few bucks for Fb- but I have to be here to see it before he is revoked though.
2002-10-09 06:44:34 PM  
If fb- really wanted it, I might be tempted to throw some cash his way... of course being Canadian my money would be the equivalent of throwing birdseed... oh well, fb- for Mod!
2002-10-09 06:46:20 PM  
Fb- is a funny guy, I like him

We won't be doing this again anytime soon, we don't need new mods that often
2002-10-09 06:47:33 PM  
$300 and counting, anyone for a game of chicken? The rules, make a bid knowing you don't want to win but guessing that someone else will bid higher. :) If you lose (by winning the auction), you cough up the money of course!
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