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2028 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Jul 2001 at 8:03 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-31 08:11:49 AM  

Do not pass go. Do not collect £200.
2001-07-31 08:22:47 AM  
To quote a good friend of mine: I never trust men in long dresses.
2001-07-31 08:28:56 AM  
Isn't this a repeat??
2001-07-31 08:28:59 AM  
Afghanistani fundamentalists

LOL! What country are they from?
2001-07-31 08:32:01 AM  
Mungo - is it a repeat? I know that we've had the articles for the other items that they have banned, but I don't remember seeing this. *shrug*


"Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. "

WTF?! IF they have that, then we should have a

"Ministry for the Presidential Hookup with Interns"

(or in clintons case it would have been "Ministry for Presidential Fellatio")

It's good to see the Taliban is so forward thinking and has it's sites set on the future. I guess that is one country that plans on NEVER EVER joining the global community.

I can just see it now......

2 centuries from now, almost the entire world will be teleporting around, flying cars will be common, but used only for recreational travel, human-level AI will be around, and everything will be better (yeah right). All except afghanistan. They will have begun to de-evolve back into the monkeys that we were evolved from, and the country will be a sort of gigantic living museum.
2001-07-31 08:37:30 AM  
YAWN - Repeat From 7/19/01
2001-07-31 08:37:45 AM  
fark should have a counter running for all the things that get banned in afghanistan

oh, and autocannibalism is cool
2001-07-31 08:38:02 AM  
Damn, that was to be a link
2001-07-31 08:38:53 AM  
That ministry looks like it's taken from "1984". But "regular" countries misname their ministries as well. Why is it "ministry of health" when all it deals with is sickness and disease? Euphemisms I tell you.
Taliban reminds me of a definition of dictatorship I remember reading some time back: A form of government in which anything that isn't forbidden is mandatory.
2001-07-31 08:46:03 AM  
I wonder if pot is legal there???
2001-07-31 08:47:20 AM  
I think that FARK should have several ministries.
The Ministry of Boobies
The Ministry for the Propogation of Boobie Links
The Ministry for the Control of the Use of the Irony Tag (a branch of FIDFUTPETA)
The Ministry of Peace To Put An End To US vs. Canada Threads.
The Ministry of Beer
The Ministry of Meat
2001-07-31 09:09:37 AM  
The Ministry of Cartography?

Sorry, just read through that Fark-map thread...
2001-07-31 09:17:08 AM  
I understand that what the country is really trying to do is stop all those AOL CD's from coming into thier country. Somebody needs to tell them that no matter what law you impose those farking AOL CD's are getting in.
2001-07-31 10:16:05 AM  
i generally never agree with having too much to say about the goings on in other each her own and all that, but afganistan, or at least the menfolk who run it are farked. they're throwing the citizens into the dark ages, and don't even get me started on gender issues.
2001-07-31 10:19:17 AM  
Too bad the Soviets didn't kick their ass when they had the chance.
2001-07-31 10:38:37 AM  
The best part was when I heard this last month.

The best part was when I heard this last month.


2001-07-31 10:42:50 AM  
Miskomin: You're right - it's a crying shame, too. Islam was deep into its Rennaisance when the West was still in the Dark Ages (for which the Christian Church was largely responsible). It's a perverse reversal of fortune. It may be different players, but history does indeed repeat itself.
2001-07-31 10:45:53 AM  
Banning computer disks huh? Reckon they don't want the infidels using them as beer coasters.
2001-07-31 11:09:28 AM  
harhar. afghanistan is where my parents are from. they got out during the soviet mumbo jumbo.
2001-07-31 12:32:05 PM  
If I may just be a filthy slut link whore:
2001-07-31 01:09:33 PM  
Taliban bans good meals, laughing, and erections.
2001-07-31 01:58:15 PM  
Damn Mormons!
2001-07-31 05:21:14 PM  
didn't know those camel dung-powered PC's had a CD drive....
2001-07-31 09:54:53 PM  
"didn't know those camel dung-powered PC's had a CD drive...."


These people need to rebel! Yikes!
2001-08-01 01:24:48 AM  
Hint: blow this country up Bush!
2001-08-01 01:57:21 AM  
Afghanistani? Wha? I thought the term was Afhgani.
Though I like the way the phrase "Taliban bans" rolls off the tongue. I feel like there's gotta be some good song lyrics there.
2001-08-01 03:02:30 AM  
I thought the term was Afghan. As in Afghan hound, Afghan food, Afghan rug and Totally Oppressed By The Taliban Afghan.

Vodor, I think that they haven't banned erections outright, but every erection must be reviewed by the Ministry for moral purity.

Banning musical instruments? Where's the vice? Assumming, of course, that the musician isn't leather-clad. Surely one of the 'purest' forms of human art is music...
2001-08-01 04:11:18 AM  
thanks, madpiper. i don't think i need an entire ministry, though. i appreciate the thought, though. i really do.
2001-08-01 07:05:11 PM  
Yeah, I can see the Afghani Ministry of Tourism's slogan now...

"Come to Afghanistan.. You can't do anything!"
[Tourism has now been banned by the Taliban]
2001-08-01 08:30:04 PM  
2001-08-01 08:30:57 PM  
2001-08-01 08:31:21 PM  
2001-09-16 06:39:16 PM  
That talisban gov obviously only wants people to live in the f-n stone age.
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