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(CNN)   Lance Armstrong wins third straight Tour de France. France Surrenders   ( divider line
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2001-07-30 12:48:41 AM  
He was -- First past the Post!
2001-07-30 01:13:52 AM  
Ahh, the Tour De France... more illegal performance enhancing drugs and techniques than the WWF...
2001-07-30 01:31:24 AM  
The chief editor at L'Equipe, Jerome Bureau, explains that the French "like champions who can crack. Armstrong shows no weakness."

I guess crack = surrender
2001-07-30 01:59:06 AM  
The French like their heroes to be wusses and lose. Hence their terrific war record.
2001-07-30 03:02:31 AM  
The French don't like Armstrong! They haven't liked him since he won his first Tour de France after fighting off testicular cancer! There were loads of snippy, supicious editorials in French papers about how the "recovery drugs" he was taking may have somehow bolstered his metabolism unfairly, and that was the only reason he won.

Yeah, frogs. Nothing like intensive chemo to bring out the Iron Man in everyone.
2001-07-30 03:52:50 AM  
The guy is a hero. What else can be said? You Americans should be really proud of him.
2001-07-30 03:56:40 AM  
Tsubaki: Amen to that.
2001-07-30 04:11:05 AM  
Tsubaki, Lechas Yeah we's be really proud if anybody gave a fark about bike racing.
2001-07-30 04:11:21 AM  
OK, some do. But not many.
2001-07-30 04:53:16 AM  
Lance has just replaced Mary and Ganesh in all of my shrines.

I, for one, think Lance is the true American hero of this decade. O. D. and all his nascar buddies can slap each other on the ass all they want while pretending to hate so-called "faggots" and be proud of all that stuff Gee Dubya did... I dunno, whatever that stuff is that anyone is proud of him for.

(sorry, you just caught me drunk again...)

Lance: just another example of tight pants scaring straight men...
2001-07-30 05:17:05 AM  
Lance is one of the few that has become a legend before he's passed on. A true representation of how strong American's are. Like Scott Hamilton, he shows those stricken with one of the greatest dibilitating illness' there are that they, too, can achieve their goals. It's fantastic!

2001-07-30 06:32:10 AM  
Come on now, anyone who doesn't think Armstrong is on performance enhancing drugs is smoking something themselves.

Although, that pretty much applies to all Olympic Athletes, and most Professional Athletes, so yeah, I guess he does qualify as a hero.
2001-07-30 06:39:50 AM  
WHY does the world have to be so cynical? So following that logic, Matty, then Ian Thorpe is ALSO on drugs? Ever heard of innocent until proven guilty?
Maybe I don't know much about road racing, but I know in mountain biking the drug testing is stringent, and the same goes for swimming. I assume that road racing has its own drug tests which Lance would have to undergo, and PASS.
2001-07-30 07:02:15 AM  
Lance passed those tests. At this moment there is a witchhunt going on in several countries about performance enhancing drugs in road racing (and mountainbiking for that matter). This was instigated by a drug (performance enhancing, not the other kind) find last year in the Tour de France.
2001-07-30 07:34:50 AM  
Appie you should come on these forums a lot more often! You are a wealth of information!
BTW are you a biking fan?
2001-07-30 07:43:25 AM  
Tsubaki: I thought it was common knowledge?
2001-07-30 08:01:38 AM  
Check my FARK-number (and date), I just got here. I must confess that I am a collector of trivial knowledge with a serious disability in the forgetting department (also in the forgiving department but that is not relevant right now).
2001-07-30 08:01:39 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-07-30 08:13:09 AM  
Taco-Consumer: just having Domo-kun on there makes it priceless!

Lechas: You mean you thought it was common knowledge that Lance is on drugs? Or am I missing your point completely?
If its common knowledge that he's on drugs, why isn't he disqualified?
2001-07-30 08:14:24 AM  
OcterDoctopus, Matty, Lechas:

Why do you think, with no knowledge of your own, that someone who has sat on his deathbed, would waste his second chance at life by taking drugs that could kill him? He doesn't need the money, or the fame (he could play golf for that). Do you have inside knowledge, or are you just parroting the media?
2001-07-30 08:16:32 AM  
Does he have an advantage?
I mean like a special lighter bicycle seat because of his surgery?
2001-07-30 08:24:48 AM  
He has two advantages, a very good team, and the fact that he spends all year preparing, both mentally and physically for the tour. Most of the other riders race in other events throught the year, but Lance spends his time riding the route of the TdF.
2001-07-30 08:33:33 AM  
Tsubaki: You misunderstood. I know that the cyclists in the Tour de France get tested. The better the cyclist, the more tests are done (just like atletics, ice-skating etc.). If you thought that i repeated, or said that Lance was cheating all of this, please re-read every comment line on articles conserning the Tour de France from this edition. I always defended Lance and think he does things that shows that man (the species for your femenists out there) can out do themselves. I just wanted to make a point about the fact that Europeans know what goes on in cycling (including the doping) instead of the Americans who can't give a sh*t unless an American wins. I didn't want to attack anybody in here, but that needed to be cleared up.

Skater: Please read the above. I have said it and will again, if you misunderstood me. Please look up my posts in other threads from this years Tour de France.

General comment: Think before posting, i have here seen an example which clearly states that if one is not areful, people misread the words and one has to write very large and boring post to make it right again.
2001-07-30 08:34:03 AM  
OK, lets look at a few facts.

First of all, the doctor that Armstrong works closely with right now is Dr. Michele Ferrari, an Italian who has been charged with getting and distributing illegal performance enhancing drugs to bicycle racers.

Second, a former teamate of Armstrong's said that Armstrong, in the mid-90's, started on a program to to use EPO to try and improve his performance.

Third, he has come out in several publications and stated that the whole drug scandal issue has been blown wide out of proportion, when three years ago three teams were disqualified from the Tour, and several others pulled out, because of the testing and raiding going on by the French police.

Now, I'm not saying that with this evidence I could get a conviction, but the evidence points pretty directly in that direction.

And if memory serves me correct, when an Irish swimmer was winning all those gold medals in sydney, it was Americans who started screaming about drugs even though she passed all her tests.

Uh, hello, Pot? This is Kettle. You're black to.
2001-07-30 08:35:36 AM  
D'oh; areful=careful

PS: Skater, be careful what you say, you don't know me, and don't know what i have experienced (nor my surrounding) you might be very wrong indeed.
2001-07-30 08:43:32 AM  
Most of those gold medals in swimming went to the Netherlands (Inge de Bruin and Pieter van den Hoogenband). If memory serves, they were also the target of the American accusations about drugs.
2001-07-30 08:46:42 AM  
Appie: Correct!
2001-07-30 08:54:03 AM  
Those swimming golds were ours and you greedy punks stole them! ;)
2001-07-30 09:01:24 AM  
Americans are born losers, but can't take it. Man, go qualify yourself for a Darwin-award.
2001-07-30 09:05:11 AM  
Ooops, exceptions as Lance Armstrong granted of course.
2001-07-30 09:11:18 AM  
OcterDoctopus: Tsubaki, Lechas Yeah we's be really proud if anybody gave a fark about bike racing.

Glad to see you aren't to busy to regularly prove you are an ignorant asshole. Welcome to fark, enjoy your stay.

Congrats Lance.
2001-07-30 09:13:18 AM  
Just neat.

... I do wonder though ... what is it with these Armstrongs? First there's Louis, then Neil, now Lance. It's a conspiracy, I tell you! A conspiracy!

Um... I got to the point pretty quickly there, didn't I? Well, if I had any evidence, I'd present it. Film at eleven.
2001-07-30 09:19:47 AM  
drugs . . . no drugs . . . drugs . . . no drugs . . . how many competitive sports are not using performance-enhancing drugs these days . . . I say that we bring back the All Drug Olympics and watch the frogs surrender all the same . . . viva AMERICA!!!
2001-07-30 09:26:30 AM  
The problem with any conspiracy theory, people have problems believing that something does not exist.

Don't mess with Texas:​601/phot o02.jpg
2001-07-30 09:30:00 AM  
Well, that didn't work.
2001-07-30 09:30:45 AM  
I'm moving to France, so I can surrender
2001-07-30 09:35:03 AM  
I also accept offers of surrender from Texans (as long as they are not guilty of serial killing).
2001-07-30 10:22:39 AM  
[rant] I don't expect you to give a Fark about it. I was just saying stuff towards Tsubaki and Skater. If your feeble intellect was offended in any of these writings, you are as ignorant as you are stupid.[/rant]

Fark i need a holiday...
2001-07-30 10:30:50 AM  
Lechas, your feeble intellect is showing. Rreread my post, undersatnd it, then reply. I was quoting OD's ignorant comment (unfortunately the italics were stripped out). My main point was 'congrats Lance'.

Again, the structure:

paragraph 1: quote from a troll
paragraph 2: my retort
paragraph 3: my feelings

I enjoy biking and do give a fark about it.
2001-07-30 10:33:34 AM  
funny how you didn't heed your own general comment about thinking befor posting, isn't it?

now then... let's go make up and trade some Garbage Pail Kids cards.
2001-07-30 10:42:04 AM  

I was a complete B*stard. I do apologise. I re-read your post and you were right, i was wrong. I think it's really time that i get a vacation. And yes, next time i'll be a little more carefull when replying.

On a more friendlier note: GPK cards?? Wow, that's been a long time, middle 80ties or something like that?
2001-07-30 10:53:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-07-30 10:58:56 AM  
Octer: Bike racing is great. Riding is much better than watching, but watching the TdF is still fun.
2001-07-30 11:04:29 AM  
Lechas, I will apologise to you. To me, it read that you were commenting that it was common knowledge that all cyclist are using illegal drugs.

I will stick by my comments that unless someone has seen Lance do drugs, how can they say he does?

Matty, please check your facts.
1. Lance is working with Dr. Michele Ferrari (who has not been convicted) on altitude training.
2. Yes, I believe that Lance was on EPO in the mid 90's (96-97) as part of his chemo.
3. See my post about conspiracy.
4. Who gives a fark about swimming anyway:-)
2001-07-30 11:12:16 AM  
in the final analysis, bike riding ain't the world series or super bowl; who cares...
as important as WNBA or world cup soccer.
2001-07-30 11:24:21 AM  
B-b-b-bill, more people watch the Tour de France than any other annual sporting event, this includes the super bowl and the world series. I'ld say more people care, just not USa.
2001-07-30 11:47:19 AM  
B-b-b-bill: That's your unfounded American opinion. Just so you know, there ARE other people in the world. And the other people in the world take more of an interest in this true athletic feat rather than watching some big doofuses in tights and shoulderpads running into each other.
It's like F1 racing. It isn't that big in the US, but in Europe it's huge.
Take off your blinders.
2001-07-30 12:01:22 PM  
Flibbertigibbet, I wonder how you can comment that "some big doofuses in tights and shoulderpads running into each other" is not a true athletic feat, and then comment about F1 racing. I guess it takes a lot of physical conditioning to "put the pedal to the medal".
2001-07-30 12:16:12 PM  
What a lot of people don't know about Lance is that he doesn't generate much Lactic Acid at all. Lactic Acid is what builds up during exercise and causes the burning sensation in your muscles. That has to be a huge advantadge to him in the mountains.
2001-07-30 01:09:54 PM  
My 2 cents-The US is one of the few countries in the world that doesn't obsess over the Tour. The tour is a dangerous event and requires much more skill than many popular sports. In my opinion, I would much rather watch the tour than watch guys stand in a huddle for 30 seconds to plan the next 3 seconds of play. In Europe the tour is covered from pre-start to post-finish with no commercial breaks.(btw- as a side note-car racing requires a hell of a lot of strength and endurance, you do not see any fat out of shape f1 racers. try holding a turn going 200 mph with no power steering, and shifting at lightning fast speed. (I am not a fan, I just know this to be true.))

A competitor in this year's tour was kicked out for failing a drug test. In fact the tests are so stringent that one rider had to drop out because he was stung by a bee above the eye and was not allowed to get cortisone shot to relieve the terrible swelling. I highly doubt Lance is taking any drugs, he is simply the best rider, and he trains to peak during the tour. He has passed hundreds of drug tests. Cyclists and cross country skiiers rank as the best conditioned athletes in the world.
Viva La Lance!
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