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(Some Guy)   Cows become billboards in Switzerland   ( divider line
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4563 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Oct 2002 at 8:09 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-06 02:56:52 PM  
I guess someone needs to turn them on to the 'slaughter the cow' concept.
2002-10-06 06:04:59 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-06 08:14:19 PM  
Heh... A Microsoft cow taking a shiata...
2002-10-06 08:14:42 PM  
But cows are practically the dumbest animal on the planet...

Just because their big they're...

I don't even want to think what they are.
2002-10-06 08:15:23 PM  
PETA's gonna get on Switzerland's ass so fast...
2002-10-06 08:16:04 PM  
lol, "got milk". eh, obvious...
2002-10-06 08:16:56 PM  
mooooooo-ving on...
2002-10-06 08:16:59 PM  

This message brought to you by Pepsi - the choice of a moo generation
2002-10-06 08:18:11 PM  
hee hee..
2002-10-06 08:18:39 PM  
PETA could run ads on the cows saying "Please don't eat me!"
2002-10-06 08:20:41 PM  
brought to you by the banned Tarvuz:

1. Cow jokes are udderly over.

2. you guys are milking the cow angle for all you can.

3.ummm never mind
2002-10-06 08:21:02 PM  
What would Jebus do about this?! Huh?
2002-10-06 08:21:34 PM  
or they would say "Bite me" brought to you by Switzerland
2002-10-06 08:37:06 PM  
I had always assumed that the little bit of purple ink that was on the meat every once in a while was from theneat inspector at the packing plant. Now it turns out that there is another possibility.
2002-10-06 08:37:23 PM  
Alas, too late to save Gateway.
2002-10-06 08:38:07 PM  
Car paint ? WTF ?
2002-10-06 08:39:43 PM  
Metallic flake. Just what I want in my greasy cheeseburger.
2002-10-06 08:40:48 PM  
mmmmm, flavor country
2002-10-06 08:42:51 PM  
Dear, Viklas!
Here is some little questions:

1. Has you some time seen Cow Billboard?
2. How did you seen cow billboards when you was a baby?
3. How did you thinks you cames to seen Cow Billboards when you are wery old?

2002-10-06 08:44:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-06 08:51:41 PM  
It's not Moos, it's

I'm so sorry.
2002-10-06 09:01:19 PM  
I hope this gives our Canadian friends a few ideas. I'd love to see a Labatt's logo on a moose.
2002-10-06 09:02:48 PM  
best idea ever. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?
2002-10-06 09:03:25 PM  
it was only a matter of time before someone decided to do the way, if you tip a billboard cow, will you be fined for vandalism?
2002-10-06 09:05:19 PM  
If this brings the price of a good steak down, I'm all for it.
2002-10-06 09:06:46 PM  
Dogs in Russia and cows in Switzerland. Next thing you know all the fatties in American will be selling excess space to burger joints.
2002-10-06 09:08:20 PM  
swiss cows are cute
2002-10-06 09:41:07 PM  
hehe... seems to me to be an ideal way to advertise some burger joint :-)
2002-10-06 09:44:06 PM  
Stories like this are useless without pictures. Get with the times people, lets incorporate some multimedia into our reports. blah.
2002-10-06 10:22:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-06 10:27:08 PM  
Why can I see Microsoft producing this in the future? There always trying to soften us up to their image!
2002-10-06 10:29:51 PM  
Aren't Gateway Computers made out of the remains of millions of cows?
2002-10-06 10:30:22 PM

Damn link was updated before my ftp transferred the file, sorry for the delay.
2002-10-06 10:31:44 PM  
Sorry, this time it was by bad HTML skills
2002-10-06 10:32:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-06 10:33:54 PM  
Fark that was a biatch, but I've got a few beers in me, so the brain's not really using all of it's bandwidthg
2002-10-06 10:34:45 PM  
Just tip it over. :P
2002-10-06 11:08:30 PM  
Yeah but, can you masterbate to it?
2002-10-06 11:12:20 PM  
now, if they would start doing the same thing w/ the other "cows" on this planet, then finally there would be a point to/use for fat women
2002-10-07 12:16:18 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-07 01:21:43 AM  
In Alabama, we advertise on 'possums.

This Public Service Announcement says "Look both ways before crossin the street, chilluns"

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-07 01:22:55 AM  
Damn, what happened?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-07 01:23:44 AM  
fark it.
2002-10-07 02:02:21 AM  
How many of you really look at the cows' sides as you go by? I mean... they tend to stay pretty far from the road, or at least the ones on farms I've driven by.
2002-10-07 08:59:04 AM  
why was tarvus banned??

my mum is swiss, and they do NOT believe that dairy farms have between 100 and 1500 cows in australia (well 1500 is the biggest i know of, theres probably bigger). Anyway, many years ago i went to an absolutley HUGE swiss farm. It had 60 cows. and a 20 bay rotary dairy. they also couldnt believe that aussie farmers wouldnt dream about a rotary until they had 400 cows.

hehe and we saw a farmer taking his entire flock of sheep for a walk. on leashes.

crazy swiss... i love em.

but please, don't put ads on cows unless you paint them purple and advertise Milka chocolate.
2002-10-07 11:22:55 AM  
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