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(PTC)   The Parents Television Council Call to Action on South Park (they are steamed over the s**t episode)   ( divider line
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1841 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Jul 2001 at 8:12 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-29 08:49:52 AM  
so what...

we get things like that on (free and pay) TV all the time in .au

they should get off their farking pedestal.

I believe south park is shown at 10pm on comedy central in the US

"south park is watched by over half a million viewers between 2 and 17 every week" - WHY are 2 year old kids up at 10pm, with no parents about... i mean, unlesss the parents like the show, if they are around and they hear "shiat", they re going to turn it off, and possibly scold the kids... am i right?


fark em.
2001-07-29 09:13:10 AM  
"Take Action Now"

Hit those parents upside the head. South Park is clearly labeled "M" and admits to being offensive when it starts. So whtat the hell is their problem?
2001-07-29 09:18:30 AM  
If you want to comment to them about their actions, the e-mail address (obviously not listed on the South Park Page :) is e­di­tor[nospam-﹫-backwards]vtstn­era­p*o­rg
2001-07-29 10:15:59 AM  
and its not like you could miss the ads for it the weeks preceeding that episode. they gave plenty of warning of what was going to happen.
2001-07-29 10:24:47 AM  
When is the US (and UK) going to grow up?
It's not like this is a truly offensive word, (and it is not sexist, racist or any other ist), good on all the South Park team I say.

Let's learn to identify the truly offensive things instead of being frightened by a few words!

2001-07-29 10:44:34 AM  
Cartman: "mom.....kittys being a dildo...."
Mom: "well...I know a certain kitty thats going to sleep with me tonight....."

2001-07-29 10:50:01 AM  
If I truly thought that most parents supervised what their children watched, I would agree that it's ok to use this kind of language in this cartoon. However children are watching this "M" rated show. South Park should be more aware of this and edit their cartoons accordingly.
2001-07-29 10:57:37 AM  
people like this are one of the main things that's wrong with this country
2001-07-29 11:30:33 AM  
NOOOOOOooo......South Park should *NOT* edit their cartoons..........the next thing you know,, FARK will have to edit the boobies, because parents are too lazy to supervise their kids again!!!!!!!!!...............
2001-07-29 11:31:01 AM  
They say that "In effect, Comedy Central and South Park's creators were saying, "We can do whatever we want. Try and stop us!"

They can do whatever they want. Comedy central is owned by a private company (not governmental). They can broadcast whatever they want because it is shown on cable, and thus not subject to FCC rules.

Who the hell lets a 2 year old watch South Park? These stupid parents are just blaming other people for their innability to take responsibility for their own kids. If they stop attending those Roman Orgies on Wednesday nights, they can prevent their kids from watching South Park.
2001-07-29 12:04:48 PM  
2 years old hahahahaha
2001-07-29 12:17:23 PM  
shiat =P
2001-07-29 12:48:59 PM  

Since the jebus idiots bothered to have all those email addresses in one spot I too sent in emails. I like SouthPark and let Comedy Central know that. Hopefully my one email will discount one of the jebus idiots' ones.

- You like SouthPark? Tell one of their sponsors that you like their sponsorship...

2001-07-29 12:53:37 PM  
not to make South Park seem a bit less holy, but it is on at 9pm in the Midwest and 8pm in the Mountain time zones. When the "2 to 17" year olds could be awake.
2001-07-29 12:57:31 PM  
then again.. what kid is awake at 8pm in Denver?

or 8pm in New York on a Thursday night?

but you just knew somebody was gonna snap on South Park for that episode.
2001-07-29 01:18:04 PM  
Jenna, so what you are saying then, is everything on TV should be at the level of a two year old, as parents are too lazy to watch their kids?

TVs have a V-Chip. If you can't watch your kid, use it.
2001-07-29 01:29:08 PM  
oh man...that was the funnies southpark ever.. when cartman kept accusing Kyle of having sand in his vagina.. that was classic...
2001-07-29 02:21:35 PM  
There are only about 160 other farking channels to watch. Change the channel if you don't like it, dumbass. And if you can't control your kids don't breed.
2001-07-29 03:54:03 PM  
I just watched the NAMBLA episode, been awhile since I laughed that hard.

It's because of this we should all hate the stupid parents of small children, since the parents think all rules and regluations should be based around their kids.
2001-07-29 04:07:00 PM  
No No! Not that NAMBLA! Im a member of the North American Marlon Brando Look Alikes
2001-07-29 04:36:53 PM  

Personally I thought they'd receive more flak for the 'Brown Note' episode when Mr Garrison confronts his father complaining how he never molested him... ending with his father paying KennyG 100 bucks to molest his son.
2001-07-29 05:24:10 PM  
YEah! I hate profanity and offensiveness! Where's CC when ya need him?
2001-07-29 05:24:39 PM  
You voted for Hubert Humphrey! ANd you killed Jesus!
2001-07-29 05:35:24 PM  
I'm personally a bigger fan of "Asshole" than "shiat" because you can freely say "Ass" on TV unless it's followed by the also-always-legal "Hole."

Gogo morons!
2001-07-29 06:13:13 PM  
To quote from a friend of mine on the issue of censorship, "We need to get pornography into the hands of children as soon as possible."
2001-07-29 07:07:16 PM  
Um, why should they censor South Park because some parents don't take responsibility for their children's actions? If you have a two year old up at 10pm, watching a show that you know is going to be bad for them due to the "M" rating, then I can only see one person to blame: The Parent. Of course, its not their fault... ever. Just like the parents of those nut job kids that go shooting up schools aren't to blame. It was video games... or drugs. Or friends. Then they have those stupid comercials we all have to put up with about how friendship is the anti-drug. Bullshiat. Friends pressure people to use drugs. Of course when their child becomes a user, its not their fault for putting them in that situation....

I get really irratated when bullshiatters like this start affecting things because of their shiatty parenting. They aren't going to get anywhere with this opposition on Comedy Central... sense they have every right to air "shiat" as many times as they want. There is some loop hole they found (or something) which allows them to do it.

Parents don't want their kids watching South Park? Um.. then don't let them. These parents are suppose to be role models for the kids? They are going to grow up really farked in the head, with a serious complex blaming everyone except themselves for their mistakes.
2001-07-29 07:38:53 PM  
"why should they censor South Park"

Because lots of good christians think they world should be a nice, fuzzy, safe place where their children can run arould all over doing as they please without supervision. See, thats why we shouldn't have guns either, because the world is a fuzzy, safe place and we don't need them. When a rapist breaks in, god is clearly testing you. And if he kills you, he's calling you home to test your friends and family.

And of course, since christians know they are right, they have to make sure that the rest of us follow their rules too.
2001-07-29 08:13:54 PM  
Everest - er... I agree that the guns thing is at the very least debatable in the modern day and age. But isn't one of the directions society ought to be moving in towards a world where no guns are necessary - none whatsoever? No military, no rapists, no murderers, no violence, but rather a universal application of the categorical imperative by each and every individual. I'll debate fundamentalists of any kind as to how to move towards this goal, but the goal you just accused "good christians" of seems to me nothing but reasonable. A world which is a "safe place where [...] children can run arould all over doing as they please without supervision" - great. I wish it were so.
2001-07-29 08:17:46 PM  
"If you have a two year old up at 10pm, watching a show that you know is going to be bad for them due to the "M" rating, then I can only see one person to blame: The Parent."

Question- What time is South Park on in Denver?

anyways, if cable companies can let people pick the basic cable that they have, parents could just chose to have some cable channels and not Comedy Central? Lots of parents have Cable.

Fear Factor (TV14) is on at 7pm EST. It's a bit silly to have that on so early. Do any of you have children?


2001-07-29 08:48:50 PM  
The funniest thing is that the episode itself was the best argument for saying "shiat" on TV. If you didn't see it, the plot involved some TV show (like NYPD Blue) was to use the word "shiat" for the first time, so everyone in town was obsessed with the show so they could hear the word on TV, even though they heard it in their daily lives all the time. It was probably the most brilliant S.P. episode I've seen.

The point is that "shiat" is just a word, and any negative connotations attributed to it are inherintly subjective. It's just an arbitrary tradition of what's right and wrong. A good example, in Germany they say "scheiss" (same thing), but it isn't considered a "bad" word like it is here, you hear little kids say it around their parents, sort of like saying "crap". Different culture, different connotation.
2001-07-29 08:56:43 PM  
It isn't silly to have anything on too early. I'm so sick of watching children's television, as soon as they try to put something with a little cough realism on tv, just for an instant, some valium popping soccer mom comes along and spoils it.

And what really pisses me off is only like 1 out of 100 people actually care, but that little minority always manages to get their way.
2001-07-29 09:27:58 PM  
yeah. what he said.

2001-07-29 09:53:49 PM  
My parents let me watch whatever the hell I want, but they have made sure to make me learn what's right and what's wrong before they let me go apeshiat, they'd make sure to tell me"don't ever act like that," when there's something bad on television. If more parents would act as such, we wouldn't be having this discussion.
2001-07-29 09:57:02 PM  
Check out their picks for top ten Best TV Shows on their site. One of them is... wait for it... Daddio!

Jebus Christ.
2001-07-29 10:14:27 PM  
"In an average week, South Park is viewed by nearly a half a million children between the ages of 2 and 17 nationwide."

Jesus H. Christ! A 17-year-old is going to be exposed to the word 'shiat'?!
Man the stockade.

Mom, get off your cel phone, put down your latte, send your fatass bridge friends home and WATCH YOUR CHILD! This applies to being in public. This ESPECIALLY applies to being in public. If your child is running around wild, ripping things off shelves and breaking them, you automatically qualify as a crappy parent. He didn't just "get away" if you know he's prone to that behavior and you didn't have him duct-taped to your leg.
2001-07-30 12:16:44 AM  

(Oh yeah, I have two little kids, and they don't watch South Park, even though hubby and I do. So I know what I'm talking about.)
2001-07-30 12:26:09 AM  
Ditto ditto.

I have two young kids as well. And I believe that it's MY responsibility to decide what they watch. Not Comedy Central's.

Actually, we don't even have cable, so it's kind of a moot point at our house. But if we did, the two-year-old would not watch South Park.

BTW, he freaked out today at Princess Mononoke. I think it was the tentacles.
2001-07-30 02:15:20 AM  
Use your stupid f-in v-chip in your TV's. Enough yuppie morons can afford TV's like that.

Oh wait, they still have 12:00 flashing on their VCRs. Nevermind.
2001-07-30 04:40:54 AM  
Rhuaidh: for some reason, my kids LOVED Princess Mononoke. I think maybe because we had primed them with Miyazaki's other films (Totoro etc.). But my kids liked Jurassic Park too; they are just too weird!
2001-07-30 08:22:25 AM  
The more idiotic parenting I'm seeing out there, the more I think a licencing system for parents is the only way to go.
2001-07-30 08:36:17 AM  
The best part was the show itself! Did anyone else catch it? The whole this is a parody about how curse words, when used, will bring demons to earth!!! Ingenious!

2001-07-30 12:22:42 PM  
Tsubaki: He's only two and he'd never seen anything like it before, so I can see why the tentacled boar demon scared him.

I tried watching it after he went to bed and the dubbing bugged me so much, I quit. I think I might like the subtitled version better. Must search for that. Harder to find here than the dubbed version though. Would you mind emailing me about the other films? My email is in my profile. Thanks!
2001-08-01 01:19:13 PM  
I e-mailed them. :) I asked them why the heck they're LETTING kids watch it when it's clearly rated Mature!

And don't bash Christians. My husband and I are, but we see nothing wrong with watching South Park every now and again. We certainly won't let our child watch it when he/she is born though. I mean, being a Christian and having fun are not necessarily mutually exclusive. You must be referring to the fanatical zealots who go around judging everyone.

I also said in the e-mail, that's like taking a kid to an X-rated movie then whining about the sex.
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