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(Ananova)   Dutch launch fashion magazine for junkies   ( divider line
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1822 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Jul 2001 at 8:13 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-29 08:47:16 AM  
How about a men's version?
2001-07-29 08:51:08 AM  
god, that's worse than all the [image from too old to be available] links. and there's not even any pictures.
2001-07-29 09:28:40 AM  
I suppose this is just a follow on from those crap magazines in airplanes, just a different kind of trip.
2001-07-29 09:54:26 AM  
hrmmmm....and I thought the "heroin chic" look went out of fashion. Guess I don't keep up on my fashion drug mags
2001-07-29 10:30:15 AM  
2001-07-29 11:35:01 AM  
2001-07-29 12:51:42 PM  
Go Orange!
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-07-29 12:52:11 PM  
i thought it was funny :D
2001-07-29 01:54:39 PM  
It's not trackmarks... It's... Ritual Scarification! Yeah, that's the ticket. Everyone else is just so 90's with their nose-rings and tongue studs.
2001-07-29 01:56:40 PM  
"Jasperine Schupp, Mainline Lady's editor, told The Times: "Female users are not just skinny hags. They have lots of interests, and that's what we wanted to reflect in the magazine."

So they're skinny hags with lots of interests?
"Gee wonder if i got hiv today or not?"
2001-07-29 05:58:12 PM  
thats bullshiat.

if you are on the junk, you have one interest.

getting more junk.

anything else is just a subset of that one interest.

I can understand the need for information to be available so power to that, but heralding it as the junkies Vogue?
for farks sake...
2001-07-29 08:15:59 PM  
this is really great. The magazine is being distributed free to 5,000 women across Holland. Further issues are planned if it is a success. a success based on what? are there a lot of advertising dollars being pumped into this puppy? or are they just going to walk arount uh... wherever the hell dutch people live, checking out the junkies? hmm. that junkie is very well dressed.

the whole point of junkies looking like shiat is that you don't accidentally start talking to them as though they were not junkies. now they want to undermine that? for what purpose?
2001-07-29 09:03:43 PM  
Someone needs to start a petition at for Fark to have more boobie links. I would, but I'm too lazy.
2001-07-29 09:46:30 PM  
is the paper any good fer rollin' joints?

-need sleep
2001-07-29 11:50:18 PM  
Ik wou graag de juffrow zijn!
2001-07-30 12:58:24 AM  
Possible Articles:

"Looking Great While Urinating on Yourself"
"Five Fabulous Crackwhore Makeovers"
"Other Great Uses for Dirty Needles"
"Show Your Man the Pleasures of Gumming It"
2001-07-30 06:55:03 AM  
and what is that mag to cost anyways?
one stolen car radio?
2001-07-30 08:58:46 AM  
It came from ananova!! It must be true.
2001-07-30 05:31:56 PM  
users are perceived differently when their use is legal, or, at least, decriminalized. Think of the USA before 1915, when it was considered your right to put whatever you wanted in your body. Society women put opiates in their tea because it was "unseemly" to drink alcohol. The perception of drug users as criminals is a pretty recent phenomenon.

If you get a chance, check out a book called _How to Stop Time: Heroin from A to Z_ by Anne Marlowe.

She's an intellectual snob with a huge ego, but she's got a lot of great thoughts in there, you've just gotta take it slow so you don't get annoyed by her. Basically, she's a succesful heroin addict in Manhattan. This reflects my experience that not all users, even not all junkies of hard drugs are total losers (though of course there are many).

If you want an intuitive proof of that, just think of what's on the news and what's on E! True Hollywood Story - I mean, we don't want to hear about it unless they crash and burn. I think William S. Burroughs said something to that effect.

Really, it just affects everyone differently - you've got your John Belushi types who can't farking live w/o coke, to your weekend warriors. Not everyone is an addict. It's not an exact analogy, but think of alcohol - is everyone hopelessly addicted to it?

Anyway, that's my $0.02
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