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8190 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Oct 2002 at 9:50 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-06 09:56:01 AM  
I need dank instead.
2002-10-06 09:58:58 AM  
12 bids, 33,000 looks, 610 dollars, plus you pay for Johnathan's travel expenses. I wonder how much he thinks he'll get for this, and why he needs to if he already earns $100,000 a year!
2002-10-06 09:59:11 AM  
Man...i've actually met this guy....and he can be a real dick...but he does own in Quake and AvP
2002-10-06 10:01:28 AM  
$100,000 in a single year.

And I bet his mother always told him he was wasting his time when he should have been studying.

Ok, who wants to be first to include this pic in a photoshop?
2002-10-06 10:14:04 AM  
Quite possibly the gayest thing I've seen in gaming since Thresh signed my wang.
2002-10-06 10:15:39 AM  
i have a friend who owns in counter strike
2002-10-06 10:25:21 AM  
Does anyone else envision this guy being like that assclown 'video game trainer' in those stupid Block Buster commercials from a little while back? With the whistle and the eighties jogging outfit and the greasy mullet?
2002-10-06 10:32:32 AM  
"...but he does own in Quake and AvP"

I bet that gets him all the chicks too
2002-10-06 10:34:08 AM  
"To help ensure a smooth auction process for all participants, Barnes Sports requires the verification of bids. TransRow, Inc, an auction services company, will contact bidders at the telephone number listed on the bidders eBay registration form. If you bid and are unavailable at that number, or you are uncertain of the number you registered on eBay, then it is your responsibility to immediately contact TransRow via e-mail at v­erify[nospam-﹫-backwards]wor­s­n­a­rt*com or toll-free at 1-800-652-4440.
Once contacted, a TransRow representative will request a valid credit card number. The representative will also make inquires that are designed to confirm your identity and your intent to complete this transaction. Due to the high value of this auction, Transrow may request other information such as banking contacts, business information, and financial status. This information is requested for your protection and to maintain the integrity of the auction for all participants. If a bidder cannot be verified within 30 minutes of the bid, the bid may be removed. Bidders who wish to place first bids during the last 24 hours must contact TransRow directly so that they may be pre-verified to bid. Please be aware that at any point in the auction, it may be necessary to limit the bidding only to those bidders who have been verified. Therefore, verifying prior to bidding is the only way to be assured that a bid will be received."

You'd have to be a farking moron to bid on something with terms like that.
2002-10-06 10:36:47 AM  
"Johnathan is considered the Tiger Woods of his gaming."

Except for the fact that he's WHITE.
2002-10-06 10:37:12 AM  
This is sad...
2002-10-06 10:40:08 AM  
I'll do it for $300
2002-10-06 10:42:36 AM  
Buyer pays for all shipping costs. Will ship to United States only.

I can't afford to have him delivered in anything other than 3rd class snail-mail... box him up and send him on in...

BTW I'm waiting for other useless sales on EBAY, how 'bout masterbation training? Anyone offering that? Or, better yet, Full day training in skydiver sans parachute? Or that furry dude from all those pornos on how to pick up chicks? Spend a day with Phil Hartmann for $200?

Then again, I loved seeing that a$$whoopin' for sale. "I will come over to your home and beat your a$$"

Lets see what other fun Ebay sales we can make up...
2002-10-06 10:43:22 AM  
Bah.. I'll train you for $50 !!

send me money
2002-10-06 10:56:18 AM  
here's some interview he did once. This guy sounds totally full of himeself.
2002-10-06 10:56:33 AM  
"Johnathan Fatality Wendel?" Did he legally change his name like Marvelous Marvin Hagler or something?
Look, im an avid TFC player, i play in leagues and frequent websites that discuss TFC league play, and even I think this is ghey.
2002-10-06 10:56:41 AM  
"...Johnathan is considered the Tiger Woods of his gaming."

Ah, there's so many directions we could go with this quote...
2002-10-06 10:57:56 AM  
I was unaware that being good at one game (a game that is neither the top selling game in it's genre, top selling for the year of it's release, or even having the most active users at present) meant that someone was the best gamer for an entire industry.
2002-10-06 11:01:08 AM  
I'd like to see him kick my ass in Super Smash Brothers Melee.

Zelda ownz.
2002-10-06 11:01:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available] ?

More like [image from too old to be available]
2002-10-06 11:02:30 AM  

Phil Hartmann is dead. His wife shot him in the head.

The furry dude is Ron "Hedgehog" Jeremy.
2002-10-06 11:03:59 AM  
When will the Loser tag be instituted?
2002-10-06 11:07:08 AM  
This guy's a douche bag. Jonny douche bag, even.
2002-10-06 11:09:48 AM  
bah, this guy is only good at computer gaming. console gaming is where it's at. this guy couldn't even touch me in perfect dark or tony hawk 3...
2002-10-06 11:09:58 AM  
I'd rather pay to have the honey shipped out to me.​89a638b6 bb7d730f1
2002-10-06 11:14:23 AM  
I thought you were suppose to play games for fun, not because you want to become better at a sport in the most loose of terms.
2002-10-06 11:17:32 AM  
Unreleated, but if you do a Google Image Search for "Ps2," this pops up pretty high on the list:

[image from too old to be available]

If only I could hear the sweet sounds they're making...
2002-10-06 11:20:30 AM  
I'd rather get fragging lessons from Asia Carrera, but hey... thats just me...
2002-10-06 11:35:07 AM  
To get a feel for what this guy is like, picture a bunch of average gamers, and how annoyingly stupid they are. Now picture their leader.
2002-10-06 11:35:12 AM  
"Barnes Sports"? Only a gamer would think that a videogame is a sport.
2002-10-06 11:36:38 AM  
I bet I could take him in Mortal Kombat II. I'd show him a thing or two about "fatalities."
2002-10-06 11:36:52 AM  
ChaoticMagus Falco owns harder.
2002-10-06 11:40:10 AM  
I'd whip his bony little girly ass at Galaga.

Pffft. Whatever, nerd.
2002-10-06 11:47:02 AM  
Sorry guys, if he can't rocket jump then the game sucks and is for fags. Also if you begin to beat him his connection will suddenly go out.
2002-10-06 12:02:10 PM  
Qinopio, ChaoticMagus

I'd whoop both of your asses with Link.
2002-10-06 12:02:42 PM  
People are idiots.
2002-10-06 12:15:14 PM  
This guy is like that whiney litte biatch in TFC that talks all kinds of shiat when he's on top of the stats, but the minute someone takes his glory it's because he's "tired", and "needs to go."

He needs a swift kick in the bean bag for sure.
2002-10-06 12:18:13 PM  
He may "own" at Quake and AvP, but in the real world I bet that if he didnt have bodyguards he'd get his sorry arse kicked on a daily basis...Looks like a hoser, sounds like a hoser...*gosh*, he IS a hoser!
2002-10-06 12:24:27 PM  
It's funny how my friend beats people like this in local tournaments but he can't do anything big because he's too young. He's in CPL cs team but cant do the q3 tournaments. Oh well.
2002-10-06 12:41:41 PM  
Qinopio, Steve Case

Then I guess we'll have to wait for smash Melee Online then won't we?

Nothing like a well times ba bomb throw at a cluster of three other people to rack up points.
2002-10-06 12:42:07 PM  
I'd rather hang out with Strong Bad.
2002-10-06 12:42:26 PM  
He may be good, but Skip Rogers would have him tossing salad.
2002-10-06 12:56:53 PM  
I read an interview with this kid about a year ago in some mag, he is, I must say, the biggest tool i have never met. I thought the football players and jocks were suposed to be the egomaniacs not the lowly nerds, but this kid is seriously more stuck on himself than anything. He charges kids for his autographs...I'd love to match him in some game, have him win, then just walk over to him and punch him straight in the face. I'm dispointed to find out that he still exists after a year...
2002-10-06 01:08:11 PM  
Nice ford focus there, Jon..
2002-10-06 02:32:22 PM  
I read an interview with this kid about a year ago in some mag, he is, I must say, the biggest tool i have never met.

He was living inside the pages of your magazine?
2002-10-06 02:35:48 PM  
Mark Discordia gets all the women.
2002-10-06 02:36:04 PM  
2002-10-06 02:50:50 PM  
If I was a rich man I would shill out the money just to have him come to my house so I could sock him in the gut a few times. He just looks like every ahole that is ever on any online video game. My fantasy of buxom triplets in a bathtub has now been replaced by me kicking this kids ass.
2002-10-06 03:03:03 PM  
Oh please, on Super Smash Bros Melee I could take you all on. No one can withstand my Ganondorf or my Pikachu skills.
2002-10-06 03:03:28 PM  
I .. am.. speechless

al gore must be spinning in his grave
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