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(Some Guy) Video Oldie but a goodie - the exploding whale.   ( divider line
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15091 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Oct 2002 at 3:22 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-06 02:01:52 PM  
This town is just up the road from where I used to live in Oregon.
2002-10-06 03:29:25 PM  
Someone ought to send this link to Dave Barry


P.S. Don't send this link to Dave barry
2002-10-06 03:30:48 PM  
Maybe I should send this link to Dave Barry...
2002-10-06 03:31:21 PM  
Nuke the Whales

2002-10-06 03:31:45 PM  
I just sent this link to Dave Barry
2002-10-06 03:32:55 PM  
Bah, they were too far. I wanted to see the camera be smeared with whale guts...
2002-10-06 03:32:57 PM  
Damn, that was funny.
2002-10-06 03:33:14 PM  
Two Anna Nicole articles in two days? Is Drew being paid by the E! network and didn't tell us or what?
2002-10-06 03:35:09 PM  
For those not familiar with Barry- He wrote an article on the exploding whale years ago, and still gets mail from people who want to see him write an article about it.
2002-10-06 03:36:19 PM  
there is no link to download the video. i've clicked the entire damn page. nothing.
2002-10-06 03:37:15 PM  
worst news commentary ever: "they not only had a WHALE of a problem, it was a stinking whale of a problem yuk yuk yuk" followed by "...they soon became 'land blubbers yuk yuk'"
2002-10-06 03:38:05 PM
2002-10-06 03:38:19 PM  
How would I ever find these classics without Fark?
2002-10-06 03:40:03 PM  

Did good ol' Dave write the story before he boinked that high school student or after?
2002-10-06 03:41:34 PM  
just click the headline on it there

or copy paste:
2002-10-06 03:42:02 PM  
probably after, otisburg
2002-10-06 03:42:27 PM  
Shave the whales. Surprised those sissy nancy-boys at PETA haven't decried the demolition of that poor little sea creature...Off to get a hamburger now.
2002-10-06 03:42:41 PM  
2002-10-06 03:49:57 PM  
HEhehehehe, this is just a classic movie.. yay
2002-10-06 03:51:58 PM  
Seth, I saw it too. And yesterday I saw posts appear lower in the list out of nowhere.
2002-10-06 03:52:59 PM  
"the blast blasted blubber beyond all believable bounds..."

What a loser.
2002-10-06 03:58:28 PM  
carrion is excellent
2002-10-06 03:58:36 PM  
Damn blinking text! Urge to kill rising...
2002-10-06 04:03:56 PM  
Ahh yes, the movie that brought to its knees a couple years ago, when hotlinked to me. Los Bastardos cost me $400 to get my site turned back on...
2002-10-06 04:08:44 PM  
I should send this to Dave Barry.
2002-10-06 04:11:50 PM  
FunkLord use Mozilla (or Opera).

Both much more configurable (sp?) than IE/NS
2002-10-06 04:17:44 PM  
They used 1/2 ton of dynamite and it only did that much damage. Better grab the C4.
2002-10-06 04:19:13 PM  
So, infected a 1/4 mile radius area with stinky rotten whale flesh...

Or, they could've simply dragged the thing out to sea a few miles and let go (maybe put some lead inside first).

Or, dragged out to sea, *then* blow the thing to bits...

Or, pump full of petrol and set on fire...

etc, etc etc... (you get the idea)
2002-10-06 04:20:50 PM  

I do use opera! Now to go look at those settings...
2002-10-06 04:44:47 PM  
Sticky_Mojo: Bomb the Arabs and take their oil...


2002-10-06 05:08:23 PM
2002-10-06 05:08:58 PM  
for more of the story:
2002-10-06 06:00:49 PM  
Here's a site that supports the exploding whale cause:
2002-10-06 06:21:02 PM  
Site can't load, I believe it is farked
2002-10-06 06:28:54 PM  
We put that movie in as an Easter Egg in a game we did for the Discovery Channel. I got my ass chewed when it came out, but it was worth it!
2002-10-06 08:01:31 PM  
When did Dave Barry bang a highschooler?
2002-10-06 08:43:32 PM  
FORBIDDEN!!! oh like an apple!
2002-10-06 09:30:45 PM  
2002-10-06 10:32:03 PM  
Sites farked, sucks to be me....
Try here
2002-10-06 10:50:18 PM  
Are you sure that was Dave Barry? I thought it was Bob Greene...
2002-10-06 11:01:10 PM  
Yeah, what are you talking about Otisburg?
2002-10-06 11:36:07 PM  
what are some other urban legend-esque videos a la this one? and where can one find them on the web?
2002-10-07 12:20:20 AM  
Thank you NIGHTHAWK!
2002-10-07 12:40:22 AM  
Same ol same ol. I'm tired of the whale thingy. If somebody knows someone who has a better of copy they had better tell me. Thats the same shiat copy thats been going around for years.
2002-10-07 12:41:27 AM  
totally farked. why why why why why?

why am I so desperate to see the exploding whale...
2002-10-07 12:58:20 AM  
You don't have permission to access / on this server.
how sad
2002-10-07 04:44:47 AM  
Awe Man!! Why cant they do anything cool like that these days?
2002-10-07 05:19:55 AM  
that was AWESOME!

as soon as my DSL is back up again im getting the high qulaity version LOL ^_^
2002-10-07 11:58:31 AM  
What, again? Isn't this the third time in 2 1/2 years this link has been on Fark?
2002-10-08 07:01:35 AM  
Pretty amusing. Dead whale + clueless civil servants + dynamite = hilarity.

Out of curiosity, I went looking around to see when this happened. November 12, 1970

More details and stills at
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