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(iWon)   Surgery now required to contend for Miss World title   ( divider line
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1910 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Jul 2001 at 8:12 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-29 10:16:38 AM  
[Stupid], [Asinine], etc.
2001-07-29 04:03:24 PM  
i agree with AntiNorm. that just sucks right there.
2001-07-29 04:51:32 PM  
I can't believe that something as deep and philisophical as the Miss World contest has become so superficial and all about looks. I'm shocked and saddened. Excuse me, I need to go cry.
2001-07-29 05:12:30 PM  
Chesh HAHAHAHAAHA! Thanks.

This ranks right up there with steroids required to be in the WWF. Or TourDeFrance for that matter. (OK, blood doping isn't exactly steroids, I know...)
2001-07-29 06:02:28 PM  
I've always considered plastic surgery to be an act of fraud. Wouldn't you feel wronged if you married some beautiful woman and your kids turned out to be ugly-ass freaks? I hope Iran has laws for prosecuting such acts as criminal fraud; if not, I'm sure they read this forum and can take my idea free of charge. However, if I were a woman, I'd go for the full overhaul. As a guy, there's not much that could be done to make me look any better, (though I am pretty goddamn good-looking) still gonna be a big monkey, but women can always add some putty in order to manipulate us simian motherfarkers.
2001-07-29 09:49:04 PM  
i actually know a guy who won't date a girl who has ever had braces. he had perfect teeth, and doesn't want to have to pay for orthodonture for his kids.
2001-07-30 12:04:58 AM  
Kinda sad to hear a 19-YEAR OLD going on about how many surgeries she's had...just old enough to begin to know what it is to be a woman, and she's already letting doctors fark her up.
2001-07-30 12:54:08 AM  
Something is lacking, I'm not attracting
My boobs are not as big as I want them to be
I want 36D

I'm not receiving enuff affection
Gonna get me a silicon injection
And fulfill my dreams, bust through my seams

My social life is pathetic, I can't find a man
When I need is cosmetic surgery
Be the best I can be

Proteins, and milkshakes, mass vitamin consumption
Who needs to diet when liposuction
is painless and quick, local anesthetic

Now my body is a model, a flawless perfection
I most certainly will cause an erection
wherever I go, but I still don't know

The reason why I can't find a mate
Guys I meet ejaculate
Then leave through the door,
I can't take anymore

song by Fat Mike (NOFX )
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