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14024 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Oct 2002 at 10:04 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-05 09:27:37 AM  
Guilty. I say we fry him.
2002-10-05 10:11:56 AM  
Hmmm. What will I do today? Pay some bills, cut the lawn, take the high-powered rifle and go on a random murdering spree, buy the groceries....

What the FARK is goin' on on this planet?
Where's my drink?
2002-10-05 10:13:13 AM  
The ATF says it believes Baker is armed with a handgun and high-powered rifle and should be considered extremely dangerous.

Dangerous? Really? What makes you say that?
2002-10-05 10:13:32 AM  
Even if he didn't do it, the guy sounds like a dickweed anyway and should be shot.
2002-10-05 10:15:25 AM  
Sad thing is: when they catch this bird some attorney will cop an insanity plea and the guy won't fry.
2002-10-05 10:17:39 AM  
So far they've been claiming that there seems to be no connection between the shootings. Humm lets see... none of the victims have been white men... their number one suspect is a member of a white supremacy group. What ass hat is heading up this case anyway?
2002-10-05 10:19:23 AM  
They wont catch this guy alive. He will shoot a few more people, go tearing ass down the highway ro hole up in a McDonalds, off a few more people and then off himself.
Why is it that people who go on killing sprees always end up offing themseves. I mean shiat, if you are gonna kill yourself why do you have to take a bunch of innocent people down with you. Just sit in your tub, slit your wrists and die. Leave the rest of us alone.
2002-10-05 10:25:27 AM  
lets get a pool going....

found dead

surrounded and kills self

surrouned and killed by police


kills self but innocent of *these* crimes


2002-10-05 10:28:30 AM  
but but, he doesnt look like an Arab, there must be something wrong.
2002-10-05 10:28:55 AM  
none of the victims have been white men

last i checked all the victims were white, and 1 hispanic..
2002-10-05 10:29:49 AM  
"Baker was arrested in 1993 in Raleigh on a fugitive warrant and also was charged with not wearing a seat belt and driving without a license, according to Wake County court records."

HOLY SHIAT!!!! he doesn't wear a seat belt when driving? He must be a mad man.
2002-10-05 10:30:14 AM  
Vominator: I'm in for found dead.
2002-10-05 10:33:04 AM  
Found Dead - 10 to 1
Surrounded and Killed by Police - 8 to 1
Surrounded and Kills Self - 4 to 1
Caught and put on Trial - 25 to 1
Never Caught - 50 to 1
Over Under on future victims - 5
2002-10-05 10:36:31 AM such story on ar
2002-10-05 10:36:46 AM  
>>>>BernalDiaz: Why is it that people who go on killing sprees always end up offing themseves.

That's the way the guys in the black suits and sunglasses program them. I mean, we wouldn't want any "they made me do it" testimony, now would we?
2002-10-05 10:38:12 AM  
"Never Caught - 50 to 1"

How would one go about cashing in on a "Never Caught" wager? Maybe it oughta be "Not Caught Within One Year"?
2002-10-05 10:39:10 AM  
looks like a mean gym teacher from some movie or TV show.
2002-10-05 10:40:10 AM  
the 'major' news outlets are verifying this story after being stung by the blondes dying out story. haha
2002-10-05 10:40:48 AM  
I heard two whites, two blacks, one indian, one hispanic.
2002-10-05 10:47:28 AM  
Lethal Injection is too good for this bastard...
2002-10-05 10:52:31 AM  
JimmyJett: A black chief. No, seriously.
2002-10-05 10:56:09 AM  
From the article:
"The very idea that such high-intensity open-field weaponry was being brought to bear covertly on suburbanites chilled residents trying to go about their business."

This has got to be one of the most idiotic lines I have ever read.
2002-10-05 10:57:35 AM  
Fear mongering has proven very effective in the past, Morden. Watch out, that guy is armed with a tornado for a foot and shark for a hand! And he is a terrorist! And has biological weapons! That he wants to use on your kids! That he wants to kidnap and molest first! Oh my god!
2002-10-05 10:59:02 AM  
Well shiat there goes another ban All .223 Firearms are banned because some asshat shot some random people. And i was planing on gettin an AR-15 sometime next year.
2002-10-05 11:00:29 AM  
FifthColumn -- I guess the suburbanites should just be thankful that such high-intensity open-field weaponry wasn't being brought to bear OVERTLY because that'd cause chills AND the heeby-geebies.

Overt shark-handed types would also be fear-inducing, per your comment. :)
2002-10-05 11:03:19 AM  
Zoomtown -- Just pick up a .50cal Barrett sniper rifle... they're still legal. When you're out hunting in the wilds you never know when you might encounter a deer in an APC!!!
2002-10-05 11:05:12 AM  
Morden2261: I forgot asteroid impacts. Damn!
2002-10-05 11:08:27 AM  
Remember, people, criminals are a resource, not a problem. Just drop this guy in Iraq and let him go about his business there.

BernalDiaz: what odds do I get on him getting taken out by some other mystery sniper?
2002-10-05 11:13:16 AM  
Morden -- yeah good idea, pick up a .50 cal rifle. Then have fun while the ATF harrasses you for the rest of your life. have fun going to gun shows, don't even bother looking at any tables where a vendor has a machine gun liscence, you will be watched. When you go to a gun show keep your hands in your poctes at all times and don;t talk to anyone you don't know. you might as well write a letter to the White House threatening the President. you will be harrassed even more.
Im not saying its right, on the contrary, you should be able to buy whatever you want. but the ATF is a very scary outfit. Scary because they have power and scary because of the idiots who work there.
Back to the reguarly scheduled thread..........
2002-10-05 11:14:19 AM  
I think the odds about being taken out by another mystery sniper lay in the "Found Dead" odds 10 to 1
2002-10-05 11:15:32 AM  
I'd hit i-

wait what in the world am I saying?! This is a sick man, we need fewer killers in the world and more boobies
2002-10-05 11:15:39 AM  
They are just doing their job to make sure nobody exercises their right to (try and) overthrow the government should it piss them off. I'd like to say "hi" to the new Secret Service recruit they have reading Fark, by the way. NexR sends his love.
2002-10-05 11:18:35 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-05 11:21:42 AM  
I'm actually not a big fan of .50cal sniper rifles being legal. I just don't see any practical need for non-military ownership/operation... apart from the fact it's probably fun to shhot the shiat out of tin cans with one.

But then again, I was born and raised in Canada so gun control doesn't bother me as much as it does a lot of Americans.
2002-10-05 11:22:35 AM  
Good point FifthColumn--
Hello to all our freinds in the Secret Service and the FBI reading (monitoring) this site.
2002-10-05 11:29:02 AM  
I say the cops will shoot him in his sleep just like they did to that mass murdering fvckhead a few years ago. Remeber the nut who killed and kidnapped a whole family? What was his name, palzinski, polanski, swazinski? Something like that.
2002-10-05 11:29:21 AM  
I was surprised to hear that the round was .223 as opposed to a true sniper/deer hunter round. .223 is a tiny little 22 caliber round but with a much bigger cartridge - mostly associated with the army's M-16. No self respecting sniper would fire a .223 round, would they?

It is also not the typical round used by gansta thugs and drug dealers - very few weapons available that shoot it and they are really friggin expensive.

My only point is that the round itself provides a lot of clues. anyone with a gun that fires the .223 like the AR-15 would probably be registered as assault rifle owner and points to someone with a military backround (or white militia!)as opposed to a deer hunter type rifle.

So basically when I hear .223 - I think "white military/militia wacko" as opposed to urban gansta or russia mafia or muslim jihad...

just my random blathering....
2002-10-05 11:33:10 AM  
you can get a Mini 14 for about $350 on sale. it shoots 223
2002-10-05 11:33:28 AM  
As someone who lives about 15 minutes away, and one county from all of this mess, let me tell all of you that it is really impacting everything that goes on around here.

My school almost canceled homecoming because of this bullshiat, and activities all over the place are being cancelled. The school system is more paranoid than John Bobbit's penis in a women's club.

I can't farking believe how upset normal people are getting. I went to the mall the other day, and these people are gathered around their radio (Local news stations are having a farking field day.) practically crying they were so scared. It's not goddamn 9/11. Grow up.

All I can say is that when they catch this farker, they shouldn't even try to take him into custody. This was a similar situation to when a man took a whole family hostage in their apartment here about 2 years ago. Do the same goddamn thing: Line the guy with bullet holes. I remember when the first event happened, I was actually watching the news and they had a live feed outside the apartment, and the news lady screamed when you heard a bunch of assault rifles going off. I cheered.

Why do I get the feeling it's going to happen again soon... since they can't freaking find this guy?
2002-10-05 11:35:00 AM  
On a side note -- I'm relatively new to Fark, but have seen more than a few posts indicating that the Secret Service and/or FBI keep tabs on it. Could someone fill me in on the details and/or history of this?
2002-10-05 11:35:47 AM  
Faramir Read my post right there ^. You must live near me. I'm in Ellicott City (Columbia) Howard County...
2002-10-05 11:43:34 AM  
Hey Morden2261... You wouldn't happen to work for a government agency, would you? No, no reason. Just wondering.

BTW, I love the FBI, the Secret Service, the ATF. Really.
2002-10-05 11:45:01 AM  
Is that what you heard?

I heard it was Two Heebs, White Trash, and a Bean.

don't call me white.
2002-10-05 11:46:11 AM  
Okay, let me get this straight. Police officers and/or FBI agents scrutinizing, eyeballing, shadowing, harrassing, and hauling in muslim citizens because they might have gone overseas to Koran Camp and got caught up in the fervor in something that may or may not mean that they'll kill a bunch of Americans, it's just those officials doing their job, and if they save a few lives at all, then it's worth the infringement on their civil rights. But when ATF agents scutinize, eyeball, shadow, and harrass someone because they happen to enjoy weapons that may or may not be used to kill a bunch of Americans, and associate with others that do, then those officials are a bunch of oppressive thugs with too much power who are more interested in infringing your civil rights and there's no way what they're doing is going to save any lives....

Actually, to me, both extremes should be shunned. Innocent until proven guilty. Right of Association, Right to Bear Arms. But if you're abusing either of those rights (and there's real _proof_ beyond a _reasonable_ doubt), then you get what's coming to you.
2002-10-05 11:47:25 AM  
Heh...maybe keeping tabs on us would be the NSA's job!!! They've got supercomputers sifting through all sorts of data, I'm sure!!!
2002-10-05 11:51:51 AM  
SingaporeSling -- I'm a Canadian, eh, so even if I did work for the government I don't think they'd give me any sort of security clearance. :)
2002-10-05 11:52:03 AM  
Fits the profile. White, Aged 25-35. A Hunter from the south. Just as I thought - Next!
2002-10-05 11:53:45 AM  
Is there any cooler last name to have than Moose?
2002-10-05 11:55:21 AM  
As someone who lives in the area and has friends and relatives who live/work right where some of these people got shot, it is pretty creepy. But I, for one, am not surprised at the way people around here are reacting to this. This is the county that closes school at the mere HINT of snow (which we get every year). Even my goddamned aerobics class was cancelled Thursday night. And yes, the media (print, radio, TV, web) are all having a field day with this. Ugh.
2002-10-05 11:55:50 AM  

I knew someone else had to remember that shiat. I think one of his hostages slipped some pills into a glass of water, and when he was sleeping somehow told the cops to come in. They saw him sleeping on the couch, but ohno! he has a gun in his lap... BANG! Fun stuff. Oh, Springfield VA here.
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