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2002-10-05 07:52:47 AM  
2002-10-05 07:54:03 AM  
when your with your girl, and she secretly has her friend flash her tits at you to see if you'll look ?
2002-10-05 07:56:29 AM  
Ha, ha, ha, He said booby!
2002-10-05 08:00:15 AM  
Someone needs to post an Ackbar standing next to a hot chick with big hooters saying you-know-what.

I'd to it myself but I suck at Photoshop.
2002-10-05 08:01:32 AM  
Uh, yeah, that would be "do it", not "to it".
2002-10-05 08:03:28 AM  
what the heck happened to the laptop gas battery article that was here just a minute ago......
2002-10-05 08:07:13 AM  
I was wondering the same thing. I think the Admins don't like us Farkers getting too many links all at once, cuz then we won't learn to appreciate them. It'll probably reappear in a few hours.
2002-10-05 08:19:29 AM  


2002-10-05 08:22:01 AM  
I found that article to be most englightening but for however the paragraphs two at the end gave a puzzle with promise of solution not delivwered to my csatisfaction csoncertning the breast version of the word.
More important to my importance would have to be and scertainly is of the fascinating mention of what must be able to fascinate "Count Screwloose of Toolose" worthy of google? so shall we see? now? guess so? I know I do.
2002-10-05 08:24:59 AM  
Hee hee. Now THAT'S a booby trap!
2002-10-05 08:28:28 AM  
yeah, and as I zoomed in to do a little smugging, I noticed the 2 brunettes on either side are DAMN cute !!
2002-10-05 08:33:28 AM  
Did you mean:"Count Screwloose of Toulouse"
2002-10-05 08:51:20 AM  
'Amazing, a boobytrap that actually catches boobies'

Place that quote, I dare ya
2002-10-05 09:11:41 AM  
Ha, VegasJ, probably unintentional but the tshirt on the calamari admiral is what makes it.
2002-10-05 09:19:56 AM  
Do we need a "bubbies" tag for Elizabethan porn?
2002-10-05 10:37:13 AM  
booby trap = brassiere.
2002-10-05 11:30:36 AM  
2002-10-05 11:38:28 AM  
2002-10-05 11:46:49 AM  
Booby traps, that's what I said, Boobiytrap!

Cool Movie
2002-10-05 12:20:51 PM  
"Boob tube" didn't derive from "idiot box".

It is a variation of the term "Glass Teat".
2002-10-05 12:24:39 PM  
Hmm, this article gives a whole new light to those "I wish these were brains" t-shirts.
2002-10-05 01:18:02 PM  
Booby Trap
2002-10-05 02:04:15 PM  
Mmmmmmm... fruit...
2002-10-05 03:02:57 PM  
Google, Booby Trap

2002-10-05 03:19:34 PM  
I like to randomly shout out "boobies!" when I'm at bars. You know, just for kicks.

Right, that wasn't really very interesting. Alrighty, I'm just going to go play with my boobies now.
2002-10-05 03:21:05 PM  
And when I say boobies, I mean the group of idiots I keep locked in the basement. Not my luscious, velvety breats.
2002-10-05 03:30:33 PM  
Boobies !

2002-10-05 05:45:46 PM  
Anna Nicole Smith. Richest. Booby. Trap. Ever.
2002-10-05 09:16:38 PM  
"booby trap" here is when drew puts up a lame boobies link
2002-10-05 09:25:01 PM  
You idiots are all boobies. a booby trap is the Fark "Frist P0SET" Filter.

2002-10-05 10:03:16 PM  
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