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(New Zealand Herald)   Gravity is stronger in New Zealand than anywhere else on Earth   ( divider line
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2002-10-05 12:34:44 AM  
<churchlady>well isnt that special</churchlady>
2002-10-05 12:35:56 AM  

I really don't find that interesting at all...and I really dig Physics.
2002-10-05 12:36:26 AM  
will that affect the raTE at which hot cakes sell?
2002-10-05 12:36:33 AM  
Is that why they keep accidentally farking all those sheep? Gravity pulls them in?
2002-10-05 12:37:46 AM  
(*raises eyebrow*)

2002-10-05 12:38:09 AM  
i think its those new zealanders dirty paws that do that
2002-10-05 12:38:51 AM  
i'll get this one out of the way now...

does that mean the earth sucks more there?
2002-10-05 12:39:15 AM  
so if gravity is stronger their would it make anna nicole fatter?
2002-10-05 12:39:20 AM  
I think it's pretty interesting...and I dig psychics.
2002-10-05 12:39:36 AM  
I'm having trouble comprehending the gravity of the situation.
2002-10-05 12:40:55 AM  
actually it would asshat
2002-10-05 12:41:10 AM  
droping it like its hot would be dangerous, i believe i mean instead of feeling 5lbs lighter i would feel
5.00001lbs lighter
2002-10-05 12:41:12 AM  
well i suppose nz needs something to make up for it's utter lack in items of interest
2002-10-05 12:41:30 AM  
i wasnt referring to you by name
i was actually calling you that
2002-10-05 12:41:38 AM  
Aaand this article seems to have no proof what so ever since gravitational pull has nothing to do with heavy rocks.

((Mass1 + Mass2) * Gravitational constant) / Distance to the center of mass ^ 2

Newtons universal gravetational equasion I believe... I dont care where your bloody rocks are, its the *center* of mass that matters. There can't be enough of a movement to make any difference on the scale of the earth.

I officaly deem this article to be crap.

2002-10-05 12:43:08 AM  
thats not what your mom said,,,

2002-10-05 12:46:57 AM  
"gravitational pull has nothing to do with heavy rocks"

Spoken like a man who has more faith in laws than in common sense.
2002-10-05 12:47:42 AM  
NkThrasher strikes me as being right
I dont trust this article
besides i dont rally give a shiat anyway
2002-10-05 12:48:11 AM  
(The composition of the Earth is not homogeneous.)
2002-10-05 12:48:35 AM  
Must make it hard to throw those boomerang fish...
2002-10-05 12:48:45 AM  
hoo boy.

time for another beer.
2002-10-05 12:48:48 AM  
NkThrasher, you don't know what you're talking about. Nonuniform density results in gravitational gradient across the surface of the earth. Just how much do you think you'd weigh if you could sit in the earth's core?
2002-10-05 12:49:57 AM  
Oh yeah? You ought to see my wife's tits.
2002-10-05 12:50:28 AM  
stupid gravity always keepin me down
2002-10-05 12:51:36 AM  
Are they so big they try to go in and out with the tide?
2002-10-05 12:52:25 AM  
Sure Playdoughispeople, blame your impotence on gravity
2002-10-05 12:53:18 AM  
2002-10-05 12:59:17 AM  
That's nothing. I have stronger gravity in my pants!!!
2002-10-05 01:05:10 AM  
It's a rare farker who has a load in his pants.
2002-10-05 01:06:07 AM  
listen drew
if yer all out of links just tell us ok?
2002-10-05 01:09:16 AM  
Does that mean we'd weigh more in New Zealand?
2002-10-05 01:10:57 AM  
Threeve, if you don't like the link, Get TotalFark and quit complaining. You get all the linkage you want there. Me- I am too cheap.
2002-10-05 01:11:51 AM  
This is probably Betty Crocker's worst nightmare.
2002-10-05 01:12:47 AM  
Russell Crowe isn't an item of interest?! But he is commonly on Fark!

What about LOTR? And all those sheep?
2002-10-05 01:13:30 AM  
not a complaint
just a wiseass comment

i expect you to know the difference FoamyTesticles
2002-10-05 01:15:15 AM  
Woah, this is heavy.

/back to the future
2002-10-05 01:16:07 AM  
2002-10-05 01:16:51 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-05 01:19:18 AM  
"Baa ram ewe. To your fleece be true. Baa ram ewe."
2002-10-05 01:19:44 AM  
The conclusion you make from Newton's equation doesn't follow.

Equpiment nowadays is able to detect the gravitation from a "toddler walking two meters away", which is less than a millionth of Earth's gravition.
In practical terms, been able to detect changes in gravity is important for finding oil, diamonds (both less dense than surronding rock so less gravity), and submarines (more dense than water so more gravity), to name just a few interesting uses!
2002-10-05 01:25:18 AM  
Well if all you blokes find gravity a bit boring click on the americas cup link and read about a bunch of idiots spending millions of dollers to lose to Team New Zealand in a few weeks.

Q: How many times will New Zealand have to win before it becomes the Kiwi cup?

I hate you all.

P.S. NkThrasher is a total moron.
2002-10-05 01:26:25 AM  
i wonder what directions the toilets flush in new zealand
2002-10-05 01:27:20 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-05 01:30:15 AM  
The other way.
2002-10-05 01:30:15 AM  
Is that supposed to explain the sheep farking?
2002-10-05 01:30:20 AM  
I dunno... I kinda feel sorry for those poor New Zealanders. They were probably going along in life with relatively little to worry about, and suddenly there's this bomb of a revelation about expecting earthquakes and volcanoes. That could really spoil their next few million years.
2002-10-05 01:31:33 AM  
NkThrasher: If the earth were spherically symmetric, you could use Guass' law to prove what you say. The reason you are wrong is that the earth is not spherically symmetric, and therefore cannot be idealized to a point.

If you want an extreme example, look at some of the gravitational fields of asteroids. If you were to stand on the surface and throw a football, it would swerve around, bounce, and maybe zigzag off into space. No parabola.
2002-10-05 01:33:01 AM  
That's deep, Amerlyn.
Groovy, even.
2002-10-05 01:33:36 AM  
Sorry dick, they flush the same down there as they do up here.
2002-10-05 01:39:26 AM  
Young_Fart:Just how much do you think you'd weigh if you could sit in the earth's core?

Gravity is strongest at the surface of the earth, not at the center. At the core, it is ~0.
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