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1382 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Jul 2001 at 10:01 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-28 10:43:23 AM  
My next mobile phone here. It's gorgeous, isn't it? I will be able to connect it to a wireless headset... Cool! I can't wait.
2001-07-28 11:35:36 AM  
Another solution in search of a problem.
2001-07-28 11:39:56 AM  
w00t .. i work for a mobile phone company in Australia. Bluetooth is already there and we are supporting it. =p
2001-07-28 11:52:07 AM  
Should change the 'Cool' to 'Obvious'... what computer literate doesn't know about bluetooth?
2001-07-28 12:18:18 PM  
should change the tag from "cool" to "scary"

what's that sound? oh, don't worry, that's just your privacy flying out the window....
2001-07-28 12:46:39 PM  
One does not have to use said product, if one does not want said service.
2001-07-28 01:38:43 PM  
SpiderJerusalem: Eh... What? Bluetooth doesn't need support from fixed networks. It's there if the device supports it (i.e. if it has the microchip).

Dynein: The transmissions are quite secure. The signals are authenticated and encrypted, the frequency hops, and the range is reduced exactly to requirement. No need to worry.
2001-07-28 02:10:27 PM  
Livingdots: you don't think that the fact that this technology will allow companies to interrogate your devices without your knowledge or permission is cause for worry? tell me, what's stopping someone like motorola from setting up little "collection points" on city streets that interrogate user's phones as they pass by?

how long until my cable company sticks a bluetooth chip in my cable box and begins collecting information about the types of electronics that I own? sure, maybe they won't be able to get a list of addresses from my palm pilot, but they'll sure as heck be able to determine that i own one.

i find plenty of need to worry.
2001-07-28 04:02:24 PM  
2001-07-28 05:04:43 PM  
Hey didn't I hear about this whiff of vaporware like 2 years ago... and nothing came of it?
2001-07-28 05:25:39 PM  
BMW is using Bluetooth in its new ultra luxury sedans upcoming. You can go online and start your car and cool it off (or heat it). Us common folk will still have to use a key.
2001-07-28 07:57:57 PM  
Livingdots: ... ahhh, clarification. The -stupid customers- we deal with need the support, not the technology, the technology never bothers us, we quite like it. It never calls us up and asks us how to use itself, or rant and rave because it can't read its own User Manual. Nor abuse us that it is too stupid to use itself.

Sorry about the confusion *smirk* Death to stupid customers!

2001-07-28 08:02:10 PM  
Ins't this old "news"? I thought BlueTooth came, failed, and crawled back off to rot amid the fiords some time ago?
2001-07-28 08:04:36 PM  
Dynein - I would be more worried about 3G, wireless broadband. Its really not all that hard to intercept and decrypt any mobile phone transmission. In fact by law in most countries (I know it is in Australia) you cannot get a Network license without being able to intercept and decode -any- call. 3G will fall under the same guidlines. Privacy has already gone out of the window. Its not going to come in and the go out again =p
2001-07-28 08:49:36 PM  
(with bluetooth, I am waiting for someone to produce, though I am kinda sure they have already, a radio frequency jammer/scrambler ... *snicker* Oi! why won't anything work! ... i want one .. please give me one for christmas)
2001-07-28 09:32:41 PM  
Bluetooth is coming....

Airport is HERE.

And no, I don't care what people think.
2001-07-29 04:22:27 AM  
"Frankly, this new "Bluetooth" of yours alarms and frightens me and makes me want to run back to my place in Cape Cod."

2001-07-29 08:53:03 AM  
Have they fixed the minor problem of Bluetooth interfering with 802.11b / Airport, then?
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