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5683 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Oct 2002 at 12:20 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-04 12:24:05 PM  
between her two big toes
2002-10-04 12:25:38 PM  
hereabouts, either Deleware Subs or Schlotzky's...mmm...
2002-10-04 12:26:26 PM  
Kings Subs in Quito Ecuador.
2002-10-04 12:26:27 PM  
If anyone is from/been to Columbia, MO (Home of Mizzou) then they know about Sub Shop. Great freakin subs
2002-10-04 12:27:02 PM  
Around where? I guess I could list of a bunch of places here in Richmond, but thats not going to help too much.
2002-10-04 12:27:15 PM  
I havnt been to that many, but Hoagie Haven in Princeton is one of the best. And I dont wanna hear anyone talking about those two dumps in Philly, theyre cheesesteaks suck.
2002-10-04 12:27:16 PM  
Penn Station. Anyone heard of this chain?
2002-10-04 12:27:21 PM  
hereabouts = Austin, TX
2002-10-04 12:27:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Primanti Brothers
Pittsburgh PA
2002-10-04 12:27:44 PM  
The one that serves vertical bacon ones.

*sits down and awaits further face-punching*
2002-10-04 12:27:57 PM  
doughboys in ft. lauderdale. i miss.
2002-10-04 12:28:19 PM  
I havnt been to that many, but Hoagie Haven in Princeton is one of the best. And I dont wanna hear anyone talking about those two dumps in Philly, their cheesesteaks suck.
2002-10-04 12:28:26 PM  
Isn't this going to be hard, since the best places are really mom & pop kinds of places? I better not read Subway in this thread though.

My to fav's are: New York Deli in Westboro, MA (very good), and Pleasant St Market in Milford, MA (tons of meat in the sandwiches, very good, and very good prices)
2002-10-04 12:28:33 PM  
Brocato's in Tampa is pretty tasty. Lines out the door...
2002-10-04 12:29:30 PM  
Sub City, no question.

On the other hand, one of the worst would be a little place called my kitchen; I'm having week-old sloppy joes for lunch.
2002-10-04 12:29:46 PM  
Another one you might have heard of is this little place called McDonald's, I think they have a couple places in Tampa.
2002-10-04 12:30:11 PM  
Mancino's (Lansing MI, maybe elsewhere) would be good if I could eat that greasy 24" cheese-and-meatball shiat more than twice a year without dying. If you've got a group of people going to Mancino's, get maybe one sub for every 3 or 4 people and you might be able to walk back out under your own power.

And try to stay away from the Grand River Ave. one on Fridays, I think. Jeff the Magician wanders around trying to entertain you.
2002-10-04 12:30:51 PM  
My Mom, but she makes em free. For me at least.
2002-10-04 12:30:53 PM  
Here in the DFW area - Great Outdoors

Summer sub....mmmmmmm....
2002-10-04 12:31:22 PM  
If McDonald's wasn't the best, the wouldn't be on every street corner in the world.

2002-10-04 12:31:28 PM  
It's a chain, but for a good, fast & CHEAP sub Jimmy John's beats Subway/Blimpie/Schlotzky's/ any other chain
2002-10-04 12:31:42 PM  
Well up until ten or so years ago , in Milwaukee it was Jeffrey Dahmer's Sandwich on the Go.
2002-10-04 12:31:47 PM  
IN Gainesville, FL, I gotta go with Hogan's Heros. Subs the size of your forearm. The "full-size" sub is good for two meals, meat an inch thick - I'm going right now. MMMmmm.....Hogan's Heros.
2002-10-04 12:31:47 PM fresh.
2002-10-04 12:31:50 PM  
Has to be Primanti's in Pittsburgh. Meat + fries + coleslaw = one helluva sandwhich
2002-10-04 12:31:57 PM  
I always liked Sub Station in Blacksburg, VA. And I like Panera-good for corporate.

As for bagel sandwiches- The Bagel Inn in West Boylston, MA kicks ass.
2002-10-04 12:32:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Primanti's Sammich with a side of "Voting Enabled"
2002-10-04 12:32:38 PM  
My ex-wife, and a bunch of other people, swear by Hero's, a place at Addison and Western in Chicago. Their sandwiches suck dog wongs. Of course, that's just my opinion.

Or, it could be one of the reasons we're not married any more. I can't tell.
2002-10-04 12:32:50 PM  
burger king
2002-10-04 12:32:50 PM  
Also Katz's Deli on 1st and Houston, lower Manhattan. Finest pastrami in New York, and therefore finest pastrami on earth. Nice egg creams, too.
2002-10-04 12:32:57 PM  
*** slacks hoagie shack !
2002-10-04 12:33:05 PM  
10-04-02 12:27:40 PM Crabapple

Primanti Brothers
Pittsburgh PA

Hey, thats my neck of the woods! This would be my second choice (given it is much closer than Kings Subs).
Crabapple when did you have a Primanti Bro.?
2002-10-04 12:34:23 PM  
The best deli subs that i have found is publix supermarket. Beats the shiat out of subway.
2002-10-04 12:34:23 PM  
Seriously though, any good Donair is good enough for me. Especially Island Greek Donair in Sydney, NS.
2002-10-04 12:34:23 PM  
Seriously though, any good Donair is good enough for me. Especially Island Greek Donair in Sydney, NS.
2002-10-04 12:34:49 PM  
Primanti's... no question. i'vw managed to eat at every location except the one in florida, cause i ain't been to florida yet.
2002-10-04 12:34:52 PM  
The Albuquerque Turkey is tha shizz.
2002-10-04 12:35:02 PM  
Oh, I forgot one that truly is the best- Regatta in Worcester, MA. Unbelievable-so big and tasty...mmmmm....
2002-10-04 12:35:05 PM  
i've never had an italian beef sub. and i'm in chicago for christ's sake.

*hangs head in shame*
2002-10-04 12:35:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Without a doubt the biggest and best sandwich I've ever had. It's in Chicago in the north Loop, the sandwiches literally will not fit into your mouth unless you squoosh them down, and Perry'll kick your ass out if your cell phone goes off in his restaurant.
2002-10-04 12:35:46 PM  
Grinder's on High Street at Ohio State... mmm mmm good!
2002-10-04 12:35:52 PM  
2002-10-04 12:36:05 PM  
Chain: Jason's Deli. (Try the New York Yankee, pastrami and corned beef with a FREE angioplasty.)

Independant: City Bites - Wichita, KS. A wonderfully eclectic selection. Personal fave is the BBQ brisket sub.

Mmmmmmm. Brisket. . . . look at that! It's lunchtime! (thupthupthupthup....SLAM!)
2002-10-04 12:36:22 PM  
My friend Maria's shop, she makes awesome sandwiches with the perfect amount of mayo/mustard, and she bags it up for you in a brown paper bag, with fruit or dessert with it. And if she likes you she gives you a hug too. It's amazing how much a hug can really make your day less stressful and lunch more filling.
2002-10-04 12:36:25 PM  
The one, the beautiful, crime-free, Revere, MA and suburbs.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-04 12:36:34 PM  
Man, how does shiznit like this get posted? WEAK.
2002-10-04 12:36:41 PM  
Darth_Fluffyhead: No likey the Thundercloud subs?
2002-10-04 12:37:22 PM  
Yellow Sub, Boulder, CO

Starship Sub, Forest Park, IL
2002-10-04 12:37:53 PM  
Ben_r . I stomped Jeff the Magician, he is no longer a threat. This will sound corny, but the Pizza House makes a great farking reuben, only problem is that they use Thousand Island instead of Russian, in my opinion that's not genuine.

Ben, when do you ship out dude?
2002-10-04 12:38:19 PM  
Jimmy John's is good, but Jason's Deli is better. Last time I ate at one was 10 years ago when I moved away from Dallas.
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