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(BBC)   Vancouver and Melbourne are the best places to live - despite the fact that they're in Canada and Australia   ( divider line
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2002-10-04 06:02:11 PM  
You go, you crazy, emboldened little Canadians, you.

Is it me, or does it seem like Our Sleeping Giant To The North is waking up and deciding it's dangling a brass set?
2002-10-04 06:03:11 PM  
Kinghorse Eh?
2002-10-04 06:03:45 PM  
Monkey Hate...

I think what you need to do is track down the highest concentrations of Down Syndrome. Find that, and you might find women who would find you charming, which is really, really sad.
2002-10-04 06:07:43 PM  
Hmmm - I was born in Melbourne, went to school in Vancouver, lived in Toronto and now in Calgary. 4 in the top 16. Shouldn't I get, like, a gift or something?

Or maybe that was it...
2002-10-04 06:09:36 PM  

The world IS farked. Be glad you live in Canada. I am. At least i can sleep with both eyes closed.

I live in Toronto, and will move to BC in a few years. From #4 to #1 bay-bie!
2002-10-04 06:10:08 PM  
Al Khobar???????
The biggest shiathole I ever had the misfortune to be in. Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever.
And I've been in some shiatholes in my time.
How the fark did it get anywhere near this list?
No booze & no boobies.
Sand, humidity, heat, more sand, and CNN on the TV.
It sucks.
2002-10-04 06:11:36 PM  
canada is a great place to visit, but if you value your hard earned money it isn't for you.

My mom used to want to live in austrailia, until she started watching the croc. hunter show and found out how many poisonous insects and snakes your likely to find in your home.
2002-10-04 06:12:18 PM  
boston best us city (cambridge, maybe)?

no, reno.

high sierras in your backyard. donner pass. black rock desert. route 50 terminus. legal gambling and prostitution. geothermal village. nuclear waste. indians. military bases. something for the whole family. vegas without the losers.

list is anglocentric propaganda anyway.

and can't quantify quality by definition.

dislike these kinds of lists, but they are entertaining and useful in starting arguements.
2002-10-04 06:13:51 PM  
F U HaTe Port Moresby U R a FaGH ORA P00ft3R
2002-10-04 06:14:58 PM  
Hey, I'm both Canadian and Australian, does that mean I'm special?

Yeah, of all the stuff that can kill you in the world, Australia has %80. Really gotta watch your step around there.
2002-10-04 06:16:52 PM  
Oh it's not that bad!!
2002-10-04 06:18:37 PM  
A tie? Oh man, that sounds like a challenge to me. Forget France, I'm moving to Vancouver and that will surely pull us slightly ahead over Melbourne!

/delusions of grand importance
2002-10-04 06:18:51 PM  
Number 8, Copenhagan, Denmark is an amazing city as thats not usually included in one's tour of Europa, but definatly one not to miss...

Christiana anyone?
2002-10-04 06:19:17 PM  
Toronto is a wreck. World class my ass. And it's got a serious case of 'look at us' syndrome. Wanna see a map of the Toronto subway system: U. That's it; 2 trains. One goes up, one goes down. The 'Fashion District' consists of a second hand button store and a sewing machine hospital. Two million people living there and a million of them are homeless. I agree that if Toronto is number 4 then what use is living anymore? Oh, and Canada sucks.
2002-10-04 06:25:34 PM  
well chess the cat i see you feel very strong about your feelings want to talk about it? did you have a bad childhood ? come here sit lets chat want some coffee ....
2002-10-04 06:27:04 PM  
Well, as a Vancouver dweller, I must say...


We are a great city. Some of you farkers have commented about "nice place to visit, but living there may ruin the experience" has some value. Sure, commuting here sucks..but commuting anywhere sucks. At least my commute is only 40 mins, and pretty damn scenic most of the way. Taxes are a bit high in Canada, and user fees are creeping up, but we don't have the rich man/poor man health care division like Americans do. We all wait for a hospital bed, now matter how much money we have ;)

My wife grew up near Detroit, has been to many major US cities, and lived in the Toronto area. She says there is not another city on the continent she'd rather live. I grew up on the Canadian prairies, so all this mountain scenery, ocean water, lush green forests, and the lack of snow are hard to argue with!

Anyone who says we suck, I challenge you to come spend a week here. If you come in the early spring, make sure to bring your skis, your golf clubs and your scuba gear. You can do all three activities on the same day if you like (assuming it's not raining, which makes golf a bit tougher.) There's not many places in the world that offer world class skiing, golfing and scuba diving all within 2 hours of the city.

Cheers. (Looking out my window at the buildings downtown, and the mountains in behind them.......ahhhhh.)

2002-10-04 06:31:30 PM  
EveN Th# AnTS IN AsTRALlia caN KILL YOO. THE Gr33n3 1ns Can Spit PoiSUN In YOre Fac3! Th3 BLU 1ns CaN Melt Yore ARMS BUy JUst l00kinG AT Th3m. Th3 Whit3 1ns wi11 Tak3 YoRE Wif3
2002-10-04 06:33:59 PM  
I don't see Denver on the list, and I'd bet it's somewhat better than Dakar or Baku, although I'm sure those are both lovely places.
2002-10-04 06:34:06 PM  
Woo hoo, Vancouver represent! We usually do pretty well in these international rankings. I'm a bit suprised cities like London, Paris and Miami are so far down. There definitely seems to be a bit of a Commonwealth bias in the list.

We're lucky here in Vancouver. Even though a lot of the time it seems like the rest of the world forgets about us, we really don't have much to complain about.

Just the rain and the always under-acheiving Canucks. But if you take that us from us, we'd have nothing to talk about.
2002-10-04 06:35:31 PM  
I live in #16 as well.

What does the shape of Vancouver look like to you?[image from too old to be available] I lived in Van as well. Nice place, loved it.
Sad that it is Number One however, I would like to think there's better out there. I mean where do I go from here?
2002-10-04 06:36:11 PM  
I'm with yah there dexter_kcd....

My office is on the corner of granville and broadway on top of chapters..... this city is awesome if you like the outdoors and rain...

The bud is awesome too and you can smoke in public and the police will walk right by you, it's cheap too 25 bucks for a 1/4 and there is no such thing as crappy bud!

Vancouver rox come and check it out farkers
2002-10-04 06:38:25 PM  
It L00ks Lik3 a GianT M0nst3r M0uth JusT WaiTinG t0 Swall0w a Sh1P
2002-10-04 06:38:51 PM  
Beg your pardon... We here in L.A. can pull off a day like
THIS... 7am: Scuba dive. 8:30- bask in the sun on the
beach until 10. Drive eastward to Mountains, arrive at Noon.
Ski from noon 'til tired. Hit the hot tub, and get ready
to do it all over again in reverse the next day.

Actually I've only done this twice, 'cause it's a lot to
fit into a day. back in college we had some midweek days
off to play with, and boy did we.
even better than the previous day mentioned, how 'bout this for a hookey day:
Start day in Library. 3-day storm just blew over us.
Nine o'clock and the clouds clear from Mt. baldy. say
" sorry, I'm going skiing". one hour later, heading up
chairlift to three plus feet of freshies. Baldy has
days like that, but they are literally sometimes years
in between. Despite the smog and the sometimes zoo-like
conditions, SoCal isn't a bad place to be. IF you know
where to get away to...
2002-10-04 06:39:32 PM  
You Canucks need to settle down. It's a BBC article.
2002-10-04 06:40:34 PM  
The hottest chicks in the world live in Vancouver BC
2002-10-04 06:44:39 PM  
Vancouver is great. I visit every summer. Venturing further into BC, however, one quickly realizes that Vancouver is a cosmopolitan island in a prevailing bucolic province. Massive props to Vancouver for being so hip.

I've gotta call bullshiat on the vast majority of the list, though. The US is hardly represented; this list is obviously biased towards the British colonies that were released from the bondage of their English masters. I guess their relations have always been closer, since they didn't fight, like, two wars against each other like the US and England did. Or something. If Vancouver counts as #1, Seattle shouldn't be too far behind due to its incredible similiarity. And who in their right mind would rank Calgary above San Francisco? Madness, MADNESS, I say.

C'mon- Honolulu? Lexington, Kentucky? WTF? What about New York, the CAPITAL OF THE WORLD? New York is the obvious frontrunner for #1. How about Austin, TX, the spiritual center of the universe? We should've been ranked above Houston.
2002-10-04 06:45:05 PM  

You live in Calgary? I'm down in Lethbridge....
2002-10-04 06:54:51 PM  
Toronto is a wreck. World class my ass. And it's got a serious case of 'look at us' syndrome. Wanna see a map of the Toronto subway system: U. That's it; 2 trains. One goes up, one goes down. The 'Fashion District' consists of a second hand button store and a sewing machine hospital. Two million people living there and a million of them are homeless. I agree that if Toronto is number 4 then what use is living anymore? Oh, and Canada sucks.

First off, the main subways lines are in a U share. There's more lines than just those two.

Secondly, the GTA has over FOUR and a half million people, 2.3 in the 416 area alone. Just so you know, homelessness can be bad, with estimates of 25,000 being homeless in Toronto, but things are turning around and there are many plans to build low-income housing and shelters.

So you know what? Fark you. Toronto has problems, as every city does. Everybody know's it's all about the T-dot!
2002-10-04 06:58:13 PM  
i live in Brisbane (number 8) and it ROCKS!!!! gooooooo brisbane. Although i think it should be higher than adelaide or melbourne but im bias

and isnt this whole article just flamebait??????
2002-10-04 06:58:45 PM  
Oops.....see what happens when you miss one farking tag?

Oh well.
2002-10-04 07:00:45 PM  
I'm from Vancouver too and I have to say: DONT COME TO VISIT NOR MOVE HERE!

Dat's right. Just stay right wherever you are.

Nothing to see, nothing to do, rains all the time. Hell, there's barely enough room for us residents, let alone you.

The government is run by liars and toadies who spend money like water and couldn't evaluate their own assess with both hands.

Vancouverites are arrogant, opinionated and like nothing better than a good whine.

The outdoors and wildlife are *HIGHLY* over-rated. Every deer, whale, or coyote I've ever met would just as soon chomp your ass as look at you.

I present to you Vancouver: The worst city in the world! Why you would want to come here is beyond me.

There, that oughta do it...

2002-10-04 07:02:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-04 07:03:33 PM  
Vancouver is beautiful.. mountains are great for boarding...Gotta love Vancouver
and as for MElbourne.. I'd like to travel to australia one day...
2002-10-04 07:07:37 PM  
this poll is worthless....

Im sorry but i seriously doubt that lagos,Nigeria is a better place to live then San Diego.
2002-10-04 07:08:13 PM  
I've lived in Vancouver all my life, and have travelled outside of the country numerous times, and have yet to find any place I'd rather live.

UBC campus, as well, has got to be one of the most beautiful in the world. I know I'm biased, but I don't care.
2002-10-04 07:09:07 PM  
I'm guessing that our great Eastern Canadian cities were just too small to make it on the list. That's OK, though, if everybody knew how great we maritimers were we'd be overrun :)
2002-10-04 07:09:27 PM  
And hello Vancouver?

Does the 300 days of rain bother no one else?

I need my 360 days of sunshine a year... Yey SD,CA
2002-10-04 07:14:08 PM  
lololololol canada si teh suxor!!!111

nah, just kidding, Vancouver owns. Seattle is nothing like Vancouver, because Vancouver owns, and Seattle doesn't own as much. Seattle isn't bad though.
2002-10-04 07:20:57 PM  
to those who think Vancouver rules:

Check out the corner of Main & Hastings downtown. That was sure an eye-opener when I first moved there.
2002-10-04 07:22:18 PM  
Gillicious: Pshhh, UBC? That campus is just plain ugly compared to the gorgeous and awe-inspiring SFU campus. Oh hey, look, there's another jumper off the AQ. Good for him!
The guy who designed this place was on crack. CRACK I say!

Oh, and Vancouver is awesome and stuff. I honestly wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Go Canucks!
2002-10-04 07:25:12 PM  
Pfft, I used to work at a bar around Main and Hastings. It isn't that bad. I guess the open drug use is a shock to people who aren't used to it, but during the day it's completely safe if you're just walking through.
2002-10-04 07:26:42 PM  
Still like living in Vancity though.
2002-10-04 07:27:54 PM  
Bonsoir - maybe Main & Hastings (the whole downtown eastide, really) is what makes Vancouver so great: all the crap is squeezed into one tiny area.
2002-10-04 07:30:47 PM  

BE QUITE!!! the last thing we need here in so cal is more people!! it sucks here people , it is horrible stay away at all costs please ! down sides to so cal, are too many people, traffic, smog, other than that it has about 300 days of sunny 78 degree weather a year, some of the best beaches in the world, newport, malibu, some of the best skiing in the US, and sorry horny computer guys but where do you think all of the most beautiful women in the worldflock to so they can get discocverd director or producer, Hollywood, you want to tallk beautiful women drive through Beverly Hills or go to the beach in Malibu, almost every women idolized in film or tv lives here : P
2002-10-04 07:41:06 PM  
(I hate to be gratuitous...I just can't help it on these.)

It pleases me to no end that US cities are so low on this list. I hope that Brits (and all Euros for that matter) feel like things in the US feel are completely is the day the US *feels like home* to them that we will have a problem.

Every single day, the American population has less and less people that can say that some snooty poophole in Europe is "the old country". The consequence is that we finally got us some flava! Flava makes all the difference baby.

I pray no one ever comes here and can find easy access to shiatty grey food, whitey faux-rock crud 'music', and cities that roll-up the carpet at 7!

Now, Vancouver is without a doubt beautiful, yet one can't help but feel like it is a Des Moines with scenery. Half a million peeps? fuggedabout it.

Never been to Australia, but Australians seem to totally rock. They're friendly like midwesterners without the backwardness. I wish they visited here more often, especially all them hotties (which the ladies all seem to be, no?)
2002-10-04 07:43:06 PM  
I'm glad there aren't many US cities because what a cesspool this country had become! Run by warmongering greedy insects. Chock full of a burgeoning population of eminem-following morons. I wonder how many people who disparage Canada have actually been there or have bothered to learn anything about the place. Canada doesn't persecute people for smoking pot mellowing out to Gordon Lightfoot and then falling to sleep in their own house to wake up the next day refreshed. In the US you'd have jackbooted gung-ho porn-addicted g-men come in to stormtroop all over your ass. The States is a place where people sell out themselves and their fellow man. The reason why this society is a post-modern Kafian mind-sewer is that everyone puts money before truth. They'll lie to their grandma if it would behoove their pecuniary interests. The US is a decadent "culture" that needs to suboridinated by far superior ones such as Canada and Australia.
2002-10-04 07:45:24 PM  
10-04-02 07:22:18 PM HeckMonkey
Gillicious: Pshhh, UBC? That campus is just plain ugly compared to the gorgeous and awe-inspiring SFU campus. Oh hey, look, there's another jumper off the AQ. Good for him!
The guy who designed this place was on crack. CRACK I say!

Hey, I went to SFU. Nothing but grey. A lot of people found it depressing, especially on the very common foggy days.
2002-10-04 07:52:27 PM  
Brisbane tied with Sydney? I think not. Of course, all I saw of Sydney was the rotten core around the main train station, plus brief blurs through the windows of the high-speed airport shuttle driven by the guy with body odour that caused the paint to peel.

How come all you Vancouverites couldn't be bother to show up to the Fark party? We were sitting there waiting for Farkettes, and all we had to look at were each other's ugly mugs.
2002-10-04 07:55:09 PM  
Vancouver is the the best. I'm sittin' at my desk, looking out at Stanley Park, and the mountains beyond. Truly the most beatiful place in the world. All we need is a better transit system.
2002-10-04 08:07:10 PM  
Vancouver is cool. Hot chicks galore. And hash bars too! There are a few of these people though:

[image from too old to be available]
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