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(YouTube)   Original promotional video for the greatest pinball machine ever made: The Addams Family   ( divider line
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2454 clicks; posted to Video » on 06 Nov 2007 at 6:12 PM (9 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-11-06 05:41:57 PM  
Heh. THE best. Ever. Just about every single day of senior spring, I'd head down to the local arcade with a buddy of mine during free period and play this pinball game...god, what good times.

Only one I ever found that came close was Medieval Madness.
2007-11-06 06:34:42 PM  
I play this game for free at work. We also have South Park (pinball), which I think is better.
2007-11-06 06:35:15 PM  
That *is* the best pinball machine ever, I'd have to agree.

Rock on, subby!
2007-11-06 06:35:42 PM  
Sorry, but the best ever was Rocky & Bullwinkle
2007-11-06 06:48:36 PM  
2007-11-06 06:56:25 PM  
SUBBY you farking genius!!!!!!

Siena College had this in the cafeteria. Countless quarters between me and my friends.

I honestly didn't think anyone else thought it was that great.
2007-11-06 06:58:43 PM  
You are correct. This was the greatest pinball machine ever made.
2007-11-06 06:59:41 PM  
I always preferred High Speed 2: The Getaway, but that was mostly because I had a flake of a friend that likened himself and his girlfriend to Gomez and Morticia for some reason that I wish I could scrub from my brainpan.

But even without that, c'mon. Who can't love a pinball game with a ZZ Top song about a whorehouse as the soundtrack?
2007-11-06 07:07:56 PM  
Twilight Zone, Medieval Madness, Adams Family, Rocky and Bullwinkle, and Lord of the rings all tie for my most favorite.
2007-11-06 07:12:20 PM  
Meh ... Gimme some "Twister" (new window) .. or if you're old school "The Black Knight". (new window)
2007-11-06 07:33:37 PM  
YES! this was always my favorite pinball machine. I used to go to a theatre a long ways from my home to just play this.
2007-11-06 07:41:46 PM  
Hyperball!!! Man, that's obscure. Medieval Magic and Addams Family are tied in my mind for first. Bride of Pinbot is a close second.
2007-11-06 07:53:55 PM  
Spent hundreds on that game. Awesome.
2007-11-06 08:16:54 PM  

/heavy door hinge squeak
2007-11-06 08:20:07 PM  
WOW! That brings back memories. This has always been my favorite pinball game as well. I'm glad I'm not alone.
2007-11-06 08:36:22 PM  
Twilight Zone also ate many of my quarters.
2007-11-06 08:47:27 PM  
I was partial to the Black Knight and Kiss tables.
2007-11-06 08:56:04 PM  
Spent too much on this, so I just bought one for home to sit beside the World Cup Soccer. Just need a Twilight Zone, Getaway, Funhouse, Whirlwind, Bride of Pinbot, Highspeed.... and about 50 others to complete the collection. Of course convincing my wife that I *NEED* pinball machines isn't easy. :)
2007-11-06 09:03:00 PM  
JACK BOT IS cool also
2007-11-06 09:06:53 PM  
Nightmaretony: Hyperball

"I've got a whole bucketfull!"

/most awesome pinball evar ... after 8-Ball.
2007-11-06 09:06:55 PM  
the Mamushka!

Count me in among those who spent god knows how much on this game.
2007-11-06 09:20:35 PM  
2007-11-06 09:23:19 PM  
The Elvira one was good... I kid you not.
2007-11-06 09:31:32 PM  
Black Knight was good , but you gotta love Eight Ball Deluxe

"Stop talking and start chalking"
2007-11-06 09:45:11 PM  
Prettiest pinball ever is Fathom. Also the first with recorded dialogue on the rom.
2007-11-06 09:54:02 PM  
The Shadow is one of the most underrated pins of all time.

I had the opportunity to spend a day this past weekend at a fellow collectors house, where he has a collection that would make you weep. (new window) No Addams Family though.
2007-11-06 10:17:51 PM  
Man, that video takes me back. Hats off, subby.

Bride of Pinbot was my second favourite, behind TAF.
2007-11-06 10:27:41 PM

I think this was the last pinball machine I could get good enough to play free forever.

look at that void in front of the panels. you think anything will save you?
2007-11-06 10:29:28 PM  
Wow, I watched that whole thing. I had no idea how 'innovative' the game was meant to be. Most of the features it had are now pretty much standard.

I played that game a lot. Although... for some reason. I don't remember the 'box' thing hid under. I just remember the hand. Am I the only one who doesn't remember there being a box?
2007-11-06 10:30:38 PM  
paddles. I mean paddles. There were only a couple other games as fast as this one when it came out
2007-11-06 11:01:26 PM  
i remember whirlwind...that was the best pinball game out there...EVAH
2007-11-06 11:34:50 PM  
Funhouse is better than every other pinball machine mentioned in this thread.
2007-11-06 11:40:11 PM  

That "High Speed 2 The Getaway" one, would scream at you to shift gears, right?

If so, I spent grade 11 getting high and playing that at the local bowling alley.



2007-11-07 12:10:24 AM  
And like All Stern Pinball games while in demo / idle mode, left paddle twice, right paddle once, repeat quickly several times for "manufacturer ID".

Don't do it during the end of game replay chance or you'll void your chance.
2007-11-07 12:30:18 AM  
Attack from Mars?
... anyone?

Damn, I guess it was only me.
2007-11-07 12:31:39 AM  
I preferred TZ over TAF... TAF led to too many quick drains.

Game I mastered the most was Scared Stiff, due to being in the student union in college.

My claim to fame was that I once beat Keefer head to head on No Fear sometime around 2000/2001, I think.

I used to love pinball with a passion, but operators just don't maintain the machines well enough anymore. Maybe now that I am a grown up, I should buy a couple and maintain them myself. :)
2007-11-07 12:36:16 AM  

That's the one, yep. Man, that was fun.
2007-11-07 12:50:31 AM  

I dominated Fun House.

I have yet to dominate Star Trek:TNG. THAT was the best one.
Honorable mention: Elivra's one with the stiff o meter.

Worst: Terminator 2 & anything non-Williams.

//got numerous free games on Hook
//walked away after 10 minutes out of boredom.
2007-11-07 01:04:11 AM  
Shang-High: Sorry, but the best ever was Rocky & Bullwinkle

No, it was Fun House. :|
2007-11-07 01:48:32 AM  
Addams Family, Twilight Zone, The Shadow, Junk Yard, Star Trek: TNG, and Champion Pub are my all-time favorites. I want each one of these in my house someday.

/ honorable mention: Stern's "Playboy"
2007-11-07 02:11:29 AM  
Infamous Dr. X: Medieval Madness.

Absolutely. Used to play this thing all the time at UC Davis.
2007-11-07 03:50:12 AM  
One of the proudest moments of my college years at EIU was setting the Grand Champion score on the "Addams Family" machine in the Taylor Hall lobby. (No, I didn't get laid in college. At least, not that year.)

Both Elvira machines were pretty good: Elvira and the Party Monsters and Elvira's Monster Bash. The worst table I ever got really, really good at had to be "Starship Troopers," which was a terrible machine, but it was the only one on campus besides "Addams Family."

I have yet to play Stern's new "Pirates of the Caribbean" table. Any good?
2007-11-07 04:00:17 AM  
yep, Fun House by far is the best pinball machine.

/get yerself a hotdog!!!!
2007-11-07 04:13:00 AM  
Awesome! I used to play one at the heap movie theater here when I was a kid. It had some sort of haunted house theme. Then they got rid of it.

We have a bunch of pinball games for the computer, my hubby's really not so much, but I like playing.
2007-11-07 04:14:20 AM  
whoops-should say "cheap" movie theater
2007-11-07 09:05:11 AM  
My claim to fame was that I once beat Keefer head to head on No

Heh. Keefer. :-)
2007-11-07 09:25:24 AM  
The Shadow. Late high school, I could play for an hour on just a pair of quarters.

2007-11-07 09:44:09 AM  
gilbyguy: Meh ... Gimme some "Twister" (new window) .. or if you're old school "The Black Knight". (new window)

You got the power!
(I am the Black Knight!)
You got the might!
(No way!)
Get ready to battle!
(Gimme your money!)
Beat the Black Knight!


Black Knight, Pinbot, Bride of Pinbot,, such memories.
2007-11-07 10:01:35 AM  
Pirates of the Carribean is a fun pinball. It has a boat that you can sink. It's worth a few quarters.
2007-11-07 10:10:32 AM  
Theater of Magic
Addams Family
Twilight Zone

Best pinball games
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