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(Guardian)   The Gap promises child-free sweatshops   ( divider line
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178 clicks; posted to Business » on 04 Nov 2007 at 2:59 AM (9 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-11-04 04:41:21 AM  
If there were any integrity in this world, GAP would already be out of business and anyone who had anything to do with this would be on death row.
2007-11-04 05:03:52 AM  
Because I'm fine with scrupleless multinationals exploiting third world workers so long as they're only doing it to old people.
2007-11-04 05:26:29 AM  
Fark you GAP

Where was my chance at wages when I was a kid?

I coulda bought sooo many video games and candy bars with the loot and been able to sew my own Halloween costume to boot.

America's sense of protecting kids is out of control. Yeah, FORCING children to work in UNSAFE conditions was bad. It was really bad. We stopped it.

ALLOWING children to work in SAFE conditions is educational. Why can't a responsible child with no desire to pay to do stuff be allowed to learn a useful skill and make some change to boot? Only so many lawns and paper routes in the world, and adults do most of those.
2007-11-04 11:08:55 AM  
Quick question: why do people work in sweatshops?
a) Because evil corporate soldiers put guns to their heads and force them.
b) Because there's no other work.
c) Because the only other work is back-breaking subsistence farming that makes working in a sweatshop look like an amusement park.
d) Mostly b & c, with an occasional rash of a.

Honestly, do you think that if we shut down all the sweatshops, these kids would go to school and learn to read and become "normal" kids just like we have in America? The ones that didn't starve to death would merely be greeted by much more taxing physical labor in as they try and scratch the next meal from the Earth itself.

Sweatshops offend our sensibilities, and rightly so. No one should have to work in those sorts of conditions. Of course, in an ideal world, no one should have to work at all. The world isn't ideal, and in developing economies, sweatshops are a necessary evil. Instead of trying to shut them down through boycotts and similar negative measures, we should instead invest more heavily in these emerging economies.

The earning ratio on that investment will be high, and the more money that flows into those economies, the more they will be able to spend on "luxuries" like modern farming techniques and unions.
2007-11-04 11:40:24 AM  
The Gap will issue an apology when caught using child labor, but is only sorry they got caught. They will be back to their old M.O. as soon as everyone stops looking.
2007-11-04 12:11:32 PM  
More like sweat-free childshops...
Never shopped there, never will.
2007-11-04 04:05:45 PM  
Probably be cheaper to just hide the child laborers better. Maybe invest in some fake mustaches.
2007-11-04 05:05:47 PM  
This is interesting, because in my PR class we just covered a case study in which the GAP was caught doing this back in 2001.

They claimed to make every effort possible to make sure this would "never happen again".

2007-11-04 05:07:36 PM  
The kids just thought it was a SWEET SHOP. They were confused. I mean which kid wouldn't want to work in a sweet shop?
2007-11-04 05:45:28 PM  
I think that was the wrong reaction. Instead of giving in to these marxist ideas that child-work is somehow evil they should have launched some sort of PR-campaign to convince people that clothes made by child-labor were actually some sort of status symbol to be proud of.

If you can convince people that owning fur clothes made with the suffering of animals is something to be proud of or that diamonds are something nice and valuable you could convince them that clothes hand-made by children are luxery goods.

You certainly won't run into the problem of the public not being stupid enough or being to moral to belive it if you shout it often and loud enough.

If you are going to be evil at least be good at it and don't do thinks half-way.
2007-11-04 06:25:56 PM  
I would like to point out that some of these children would simply starve if they did not work in these places. India is a backward pile of shiat!!
2007-11-04 07:49:37 PM  
Loki-L: You certainly won't run into the problem of the public not being stupid enough or being to moral to believe it if you shout it often and loud enough.

No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American Public
2007-11-05 12:44:16 AM  
Those little farking 5-year olds never did fully get the quality management program.

2007-11-05 02:39:14 AM  
A question for all the anti-child labor folks:

When a child worker gets fired because the factory is pressured to become child-labor free, does his/her standard of living go up or down?

/something to think about.
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