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(   Torii Hunter says he'll wait to see what the Twins do with Johan Santana and Joe Nathan before he considers re-signing. In other news: Torii Hunter won't be back in a Twins uniform   ( divider line
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2007-11-03 06:54:57 PM  
I see wh,t you d,d there.
2007-11-03 10:17:02 PM  
Keeping in mind that they just picked up Nathan's option and Johan still has another year on his contract?

Plus, new stadium in 2010...

Not to mention a new 35W bridge.......

Seriously though, while I'm optomisitic, I'm just not sure Hunter is worth the money being asked for him. Santana, Mauer, and Morneau should be a priority.
2007-11-03 10:21:23 PM  
Torii won't be back.

I hope he gets a nice, long-term contract for an NL team that plays on actual, real grass.
2007-11-03 10:35:01 PM  
Thanks Torii, sorry about your knees :(
2007-11-03 11:01:50 PM  
Maybe he will go to the Philles. That would be a perfect fit. And the rest will be going to the Yankees. Right?
2007-11-03 11:29:53 PM  

if my phils dont land rowand, id take hunter.hunter is probably a better all around player, and is younger, but i love rowards balls to the wall style, and he is the ideal philadelphia player.

in all likelyhood they dont get either of them, victorino is in center, and there is a 3-headed rotation of werth,bourn, and dobbs in right.

if only there were some good pitchers out there to spend that saved money on.... i guess schilling would be all right
2007-11-03 11:54:29 PM  
Z-E-B-R-A-S Zebras, Zebras are the best!

/went to high school with Torii
2007-11-04 07:45:27 AM  
Hey Torii...time to come on over to the White Sox my man. And stop robbing us of homers and start robbin the Twinkies!

/opens arms
2007-11-04 11:02:03 AM  
error 303: Seriously though, while I'm optomisitic, I'm just not sure Hunter is worth the money being asked for him. Santana, Mauer, and Morneau should be a priority.

Gotta agree with this. As much as it pains me, I think he has become quite over-valued, and not worth the money he will command. I have no hard feelings for him leaving, if he can get the money he deserves it. He has become quite the malcontent lately, though, criticizing a lot of people through the media. The old Torii would have kept his nose out of other people's business and kept on playing hard. I have a feeling it's the frustration of having several decent seasons in a row and never getting anywhere in the postseason.

What the Twins really need to do, IMO, is trade Santana. His value will be high even though he had a "down" season, and the demand for a legit ace is through the roof right now. Pitching in the majors is so inconsistent after you get past the top 20 or so starters.

The Twins have some of the worst infield position players in the majors, and very little talent on its way up. An ideal situation for me would be to see Santana worked into a deal to get a ML-ready infielder, a veteran corner (1B, 3B, OF) with some decent pop, and maybe some high minor leaguers. The guy I love right now is B.J. Upton. I know Tampa Bay is probably not going to be a likely destination for Santana, but perhaps a three way deal with a major market team would work.

Santana trades I would love, but are unlikey:

CIN- B. Phillips, Dunn

Asking a little too much, but Krivsky is a connection, maybe a deal could happen

TB- Upton, E. Jackson, minor leaguer

Again, probably too much talent given up. Mix a third team in and it might be able to get balanced out

A little more likely, but still probably not:

MIL- Braun, Hardy

They love their young talent, but this could shore up the whole infield immensely if it happened.

ARI- C. Young, S. Drew

Again, probably too young to take from another team (most like to see at least where their ceiling will be), but I love their young guys and maybe they'll want someone to join Webb as an ace.

More likely:

Yankees. Don't think there's anyone there, but sadly I feel as though this is the only team that would go after him with an offer.
2007-11-04 11:59:18 AM  
Too bad the Twins can't trade Pohlad. That cheap, greedy bastard.
2007-11-04 02:21:35 PM  
I don't expect Torii back, but I'm curious as to who will be in center field next year.

As a Twins fan I'm bracing myself for 4 or 5 years of "rebuilding".
2007-11-04 07:11:00 PM  
Why shouldn't they "rebuild?" They already suckered us for a new staduim. Time to pull the same trick that Selig did in Milwaukee, get the new stadium and stop spending any on players.
2007-11-04 07:56:47 PM  
schmarmbly: get the new stadium and stop spending any on players.

WTF? I see you pay close attention to the Twins payroll there pal.
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