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(CNN)   5 shot dead in Washington suburb since yesterday   ( divider line
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2002-10-03 01:29:04 PM  
Had to make sure they were dead.
2002-10-03 01:29:19 PM  
Time to stay indoors. Yikes.
2002-10-03 01:30:08 PM  
Sounds like a publicity stunt for Red Dragon

Starts Friday!
2002-10-03 01:30:11 PM  
In the name of all that is Holy - What the FARK??? They've got cops on the American Legion Bridge looking for these MF's - I hope they shoot them and save us all alot of paperwork!!
2002-10-03 01:31:07 PM  
I live and work nearby where it is all going down, and helicopters a flying all around. basically our company is on lockdown, and wants us all to order in food. I guess it is ok if a delivery driver gets shoot bringing me a deep dish.
2002-10-03 01:31:15 PM  
"We strongly believe all of these are connected," Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose told reporters"

uhhh brilliant deduction...
2002-10-03 01:32:06 PM  
That is not a Washington suburb. To whomever submitted that link, here's a little geography lesson for you: Washington is up in the Northwestern US and Maryland is on the east coast of the US
2002-10-03 01:33:03 PM  
One woman was just vaccuuming her van and they shot her!!! All the schools are in lock-down. No kids outside at all!
2002-10-03 01:33:42 PM  
Man, this sucks. I live in Montgomery County. I've literally been to those gas stations, and often. This is just inhuman. A killing spree. Jesus.
2002-10-03 01:34:21 PM  
Because its still going on, most of it happened before 10:am today, after teh papers were printed. THis is about a mile or 2 from my house, this is a little farked up.
2002-10-03 01:36:24 PM  
For some reason, it seems like a class envy thing. Someone in a junky car going around a nice area shooting people. I could be wrong, it could just be a nut with no motives.
2002-10-03 01:37:04 PM  
Road rage? It is happening at rush hour.
2002-10-03 01:37:16 PM  
Don't anybody get the idea that they should arm themselves in self defense. Now THAT is a CRIME, eh?

Besides, we all know that it's BETTER NOT TO RESIST, right?

Meanwhile, Mr. or Ms. Shooter is having a field day, popping off unarmed citizens at will. Oh well, the police will protect us.
2002-10-03 01:37:20 PM  
Chest Rockwell - where do you work? I work in bethesda on Ole Georgetown road and we are on lock down too. Montgomory mall is almost empty?
2002-10-03 01:37:42 PM  
My co-worker's husband - who now can't get their daughter out of Kindergarten - works in the building next to the gas station where the cab driver was killed - he gets gas there all the time.
2002-10-03 01:38:29 PM  
Walljasper: Shhh, the cops are there to protect you, remember? Shut up, only terrorists need guns.
2002-10-03 01:38:40 PM  

Wheaton Plaza
2002-10-03 01:39:45 PM  
Hey, isn't D.C. where those random blowgun drive-bys were happening earlier this year?
2002-10-03 01:40:16 PM  
Damn Kids! Water ever happened to water baloons.
2002-10-03 01:40:16 PM  
When most people say Washington they are talking about the Distric Of Columbia.... aside from Microsoft Shinanigans and Mariners games, does anything actually go down in Wash state?
2002-10-03 01:40:16 PM  
Wow - Michael Stipe was right! "Don't go back to Rockville..."
2002-10-03 01:40:18 PM  
Whatwherewhy I used to work in Bethesda off Mass Ave. on Sangamore. I got transfered to Reston - Thank God!! Virginia allows conceal/carry - MD wants to take everyone's guns - asshats.
2002-10-03 01:40:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Girl in pink? I'd hit it.
2002-10-03 01:40:31 PM  
Ill bet this wouldnt have happened in texas.
2002-10-03 01:41:07 PM  
My boss and the guy who sells burritos outside my office both have kids in the schools in Montgomery County. They seem to be suprisingly calm about it.

I work 20 miles away and am trying to figure out how to use this as an excuse to go home.
2002-10-03 01:41:09 PM  
That is not a Washington suburb. To whomever submitted that link, here's a little geography lesson for you: Washington is up in the Northwestern US and Maryland is on the east coast of the US

farkhead, you can walk to DC from parts of montgomery county.
2002-10-03 01:41:28 PM  
I work over in PG county, pretty sure the schools here are locke down as well...

Elvira - on WTOP they said that parents should be able to come pick their kids up... not sure why your co-worker would not be able to get her daughter...

2002-10-03 01:41:50 PM  
Unknown_Poltroon Looks like a good day to stay inside...
2002-10-03 01:42:06 PM  
Fark was really slow on this one. Whats up with the link posting lately?

This is the only website i go to! If its not on i assume it didnt happen.
2002-10-03 01:44:02 PM  
its probobly a stupid idea to go get your kids.
2002-10-03 01:44:54 PM  
I work off of Shady Grove Road, just north of Rockville, and this is the first I heard about it.
2002-10-03 01:46:06 PM  
Elvira - I hope you dont live in MD and have to commute later. I heard they closed parts of the beltway and 95.
Farkers, like traffic isn't bad enough.
2002-10-03 01:47:28 PM  
Hey WALLJASPER did you even read the article?

According to police:

# The first killing happened at about 6 p.m. Wednesday when a 55-year-old man was gunned down coming out of a supermarket in Wheaton.

# Police learned of the first of the Thursday attacks at 7:41 a.m., when they got a call about a man who was shot while mowing his lawn at an address on Rockville Pike.

# Less than an hour later, police received another call, this time reporting a man shot while gassing up a minivan at a Mobil station on Aspen Hill Road.

# Also on Thursday, a woman was killed at the post office in a retirement community called Leisure World.

# Another woman who was shot dead Thursday while vacuuming her car at a nearby Shell Gas Station at Connecticut and Knolls avenues.

Let's see....coming out of a supermarket, mowing yer lawn, vaccuuming your car. . . standing in line at a post office.

Yeah, these are instances when people are on high alert and would have a finger on the trigger.

It wouldnt have made any difference if they'd've been armed or not, so keep yer NRA politics to yerself asshat.
2002-10-03 01:47:56 PM  
For starters, this isn't exactly a "nice" area. Its hardly ghetto, more lower middle-class. The area is predominantly Asian, Latino and White, but usually pretty calm. The biggest concentration is Leisure World, which is a huge Old Folks retirement community behind Wheaton Plaza. And as for a "suburb" of Washington, that's D.C., NOT the state. These shootings are all happening off of Georgia Ave., maybe 8 miles outside of the district. I work for the local school system, and its like WWIII here: lockdown, shutters closed, etc. I'm like smack dab in the center of where everything is going down.
Rather scary: 6 shootings in a 16 hour period (5 of them in 2 hours!) and nobody gets a good look at the suspects? That description is just a vague one they got from some people who saw somebody in a white van getting the fark out of there (and who wouldn't?). If it IS 2 people, I wonder why they are doing it.
2002-10-03 01:48:25 PM  
If this happened in PG county, it wouldn't even be on the news.

Who's with me? You MD farkers know what I'm talking about.
2002-10-03 01:48:48 PM  

Please explain how a state could have a suburb.

Wait. Rhode Island.

That explains it.

Never mind.
2002-10-03 01:48:51 PM  
Police are looking for a "box-like" car.

Oh, yeah. That's a confidence builder.
2002-10-03 01:49:53 PM  
For saftey's sake:

2002-10-03 01:50:09 PM  
This is a hoax. DC and Md have strict gun control laws, gun control laws prevent murders like this. This story is probably a creation of the NRA propaganda machine.


Sarah Brady
2002-10-03 01:50:41 PM  
TheBookie I don't know either - but I'll tell her what you said. Yeah all the schools in MD are in lock-down even up to Frederick Co.

Whatwherewhy No, I live in good Ole Virginny! But traffic is going to be a farked up mess tonight!!
2002-10-03 01:50:59 PM  
Father_Jack:Well, we'll never know if them being armed or not would have made a difference, since they werent allowed that option. And hey, now that people ARE on high alert with their finger on the trigger, oops, still not allowed. SO when youre standing there with the whie van pulling up and the window rolling down, remember, the cops will protect you.
2002-10-03 01:51:26 PM  
WALLJASPER, yeah, i usually pack heat while mowing my lawn and filling the car up with gas. Go put your lips back on charleton heston's dick and shut the fVck up.
2002-10-03 01:51:28 PM  
Any comment which has the word "asshat", regardless of the content, trite by default.
2002-10-03 01:51:42 PM  
Hey asshats, drop the gun control debate. More or less gun control would not have had any affect whatsoever on this situation.
2002-10-03 01:51:42 PM  
Were're locked down at my office in Tysons. Scary sh!t.
2002-10-03 01:51:48 PM  
Trouble- PG county the armpit of Maryland.
2002-10-03 01:51:56 PM  

You have a guy who sells burritos outside your office?

Why would you want to go home?
2002-10-03 01:52:09 PM  

I think it's news in PG county when the schools aren't on lockdown.
2002-10-03 01:52:29 PM  
Cernunnos, thanks. For some reason, I was thinking it was a nice area. It's still just as nutty either way, though.
2002-10-03 01:53:22 PM  
If this happened in PG county, it wouldn't even be on the news.

It probably is happening in PG County too, but that's to be expected there.

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