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(Yahoo)   Britain to use soap operas to train foreign nurses. Patients will either get laid or find out they have an evil twin   (news.yahoo.com) divider line 33
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2002-10-03 11:13:38 AM
It makes sense. If you're going to learn about local speech patterns and such, it's a good idea.
2002-10-03 11:47:38 AM
I have a friend who's a nurse who told me of a time recently where she was working with a foreign nurse who was looking after an old guy who looked in pain, and kept saying "I need to go". The poor old sod was waiting for ages, straining to keep his bladder under control, until she finally got round to asking my friend what he meant. It's a real problem with hiring all these foreign nurses. I remember reading on FARK a couple of weeks ago about a doctor who complained about a foreign nurse's language skills jeopardising an operation, and he was being hauled over the coals, accused of being racist. It's just another problem caused by the underfunding of our health service.
2002-10-03 01:29:39 PM
Whoever wrote that headline should be writing for SNL.
2002-10-03 01:29:48 PM
or both.
2002-10-03 01:31:51 PM
"If a patient whispered 'I want to spend a penny' I doubt whether a Filipino nurse would know what it meant"

Hard to argue with that.
2002-10-03 01:39:05 PM
Will they stare at each other during long periods of silence while a piano softly plays in the background?
you know, like in soaps...
2002-10-03 01:39:53 PM
Should have used General Hospital to train nurses - BEST soap, IMO...
2002-10-03 01:40:43 PM

You mean that the Americian language is not the standard language of the world?
2002-10-03 01:40:49 PM
Well this is obvious but since most British that I know or have spoken with on the phone seem to know the American Engligh alternative to British English words, how hard would it be for the patients to just say either the American English version or just reduce everything to a common sentence.

When I speak I know what words are "slang" for the area I live in (near Boston) so if someone is from out of town I just don't use words or expressions the person probably won't know.
2002-10-03 01:41:45 PM
2002-10-03 01:43:09 PM
Whoever wrote that headline should be writing for SNL.

Whoever wrote this post should marry me.
2002-10-03 01:45:26 PM
Die kittens die!!!!
2002-10-03 01:47:17 PM
Wow, life immitates real life. Last week on ER the brit chick was back in england having a hard time with her american ways. I guess I'm ready to perform brain surgery, I've watched enough TV and I stayed at a holiday in express last night.

(What does "spend a penny" mean? Sounds like they want to take a shiat)
2002-10-03 01:47:19 PM
Hmm.. no image...
go here... http://formenmedia.ign.com/media/news/image/reader/jellison2.jpg
2002-10-03 01:48:28 PM
I don't know about you guys, but I would choose 'get laid.'
2002-10-03 01:50:36 PM
What does "I want to spend a penny" mean anyway? Is it a sexual proposition? A request to use the bathroom? To go to the mall? I've got no idea. But then I'd make a bad nurse anyway, I have little compassion or patience for regular people, let alone sick ones. Also, shiat disgusts me - I hear from a very reliable source that nurses encounter a _lot_ of shiat.
2002-10-03 01:53:22 PM
So do they ask for a pint of urine, or a cup of urine?
2002-10-03 01:58:11 PM
'spending a penny' was a polite way of asking permission to go to the bathroom
2002-10-03 01:59:27 PM
(What does "spend a penny" mean? Sounds like they want to take a shiat)

but why say that, when they can just say "pinch a loaf," "drop a bomb," "deploy the troops," "drown the Cosby kids," "negotiate the release of the chocolate hostage," "launch the USS Brownsmear," etc...

All right, no more shiatty posts today, I swear.
2002-10-03 02:03:17 PM
May I present, the yummy - Steve Burton
2002-10-03 02:15:39 PM
I agree. Amusing headline.
2002-10-03 02:24:59 PM
Great Headline!
2002-10-03 02:28:10 PM
2002-10-03 03:14:22 PM
"If a patient whispered 'I want to spend a penny' I doubt whether a Filipino nurse would know what it meant," said Middleton.

americans wouldnt either. They'd think the guy was crazy for believing there was anything out there he could spend just a penny on.
2002-10-03 03:36:29 PM
Gee, for a minute I thought they meant the other popular British soap opera - EastEnders. You know, the one blokes can stand to watch with their mizzuz.
2002-10-03 03:46:22 PM
Agreed - great headline!

I haven't watched soaps since the college days, but can someone tell me why all the soaps are lit like it's always 10:00 on a Sunday night? No matter where they are, office, hospital, club, it always look like night time, and everyone else is in bed.
2002-10-03 04:36:25 PM
Jay_Vee: Good points. Agreed.
2002-10-03 05:42:45 PM
I'll go one better...Make 'em watch " So Graham Norton"..it's really hilarious at times.
2002-10-03 10:00:26 PM
Nosebreaker: why should patients be forced to speak a different dialect just so that a nurse knows what they're talking about? If you move to a foreign country, learn the language, and learn it well. How would you like it you went into a hospital and the doctor sounded like Mel Gibson in the original Mad Max?

I dunno why they don't just hire nurses from india or africa though, where everyone learns british english. The phillipines is probably the only place outside of south america where most people learn english, and learn american english.
2002-10-04 03:11:07 AM
Here I sit broken hearted,
Paid a penny but only farted.
2002-10-04 03:33:23 AM
FYI spend a penny usually means take a piss, rather than a general "going to the bathroom". I never understood this bathroom/restroom American thing. I don't want to rest, I don't want a bath, I want to use the toilet. Call it a toilet for fark's sake.
2002-10-04 04:06:48 AM
Spend a penny: A long time ago, public toilets in the UK had coin operated locks, price - 1 penny. Public loos have been free now for decades (excent in Central London), but the phrase persists.

Jay-vee: My feelings exactly! 'Taking a piss' is far more succinct
2002-10-04 06:17:27 AM
"Whoever wrote that headline should be writing for SNL."

Sort of funny, but British soaps aren't like US ones, with evil twins and the like. About the most exciting thing in Coronation Street lately has been two men pretending to be in a relationship in order to dodge council tax, or something.

Plus, take a look at www.coronationstreet.co.uk and you'll see that they certainly aren't casting for looks.
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