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(Inquirer)   Philly police union boycotting Dunkin Donuts   ( divider line
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1109 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Jul 2001 at 10:01 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-28 01:06:43 AM  
Our police: protecting the blue-collar donut laborers of America.
2001-07-28 10:21:40 AM  
One step closer to getting on the Fark Map!!!
2001-07-28 10:27:16 AM  
..might help a few people slim down Watch out Philli thugs, the cops are about to get faster!
2001-07-28 10:36:11 AM  
"We don't need doughnut shops to get ridiculed. It comes with the badge."

Cop with a sense of humour. Cool.
2001-07-28 12:29:58 PM  
"Police SlamDunkin' Donuts"

No news here.
2001-07-28 01:15:56 PM  
2001-07-28 01:27:18 PM  
Donut shops have become obsolite as the cops have discovered how to inject lard directly into their veins
2001-07-28 01:51:17 PM  
How long will the police last?
2001-07-28 01:59:24 PM  
I shall, Kanonball, I shall.
2001-07-28 02:53:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Lieutenant Dale often thought "Who are these donut cowboys?? and where do they go when the day is done??"
2001-07-28 03:31:56 PM  
now THAT's boredom.

Funny as hell boredom, mind you.
2001-07-28 03:46:05 PM  
I see you've made the old fashioned plain donut bigger than any of the others. Is it possible you too share my love for the plain unadorned pure archetypal proto-donut?
2001-07-28 04:35:07 PM  
This is true Tucci..
2001-07-28 04:55:06 PM  
And do you believe sprinkles to be an abomination?
2001-07-28 07:40:37 PM  
All I want to say is I sometimes stick my finger in my ass and then go to the store and fondle donuts. I mean should they really put them out where I can do that? I think not. So if you are ever in west Michigan, I wouldn't suggest getting donuts.
2001-07-28 07:41:03 PM  
does that make me a bad person?
2001-07-28 07:55:29 PM  
2001-07-28 09:14:09 PM  
Amusing - yes
Ironic - no
2001-07-28 09:42:51 PM  
I'm just saying that they shouldn't have that shiat out there for me to do that to and anyone who eats one of my poop smeared pastrys deserves it.

P.S. I especially like fingering the long johns after toying with my turd snake
2001-07-28 10:18:49 PM  
Geez, the police boycotting Dunkin' Donuts? What happened did a Krispy Kreme open up in their vicinity? Purple, you're a sick fark, thank god I don't eat donuts.
2001-07-28 11:20:39 PM  
Doofus: No. I go to school a few blocks away from this SNAFU. There have been no Krispy Kremes open up. It's funny, there are SO MANY boycotts and protests and stuff in downtown philly, occasionally when i'm bored it's fun to join in them. Especially the "Copz Be Razist!" protests. Those are plenty fun, seeing as how i'm as white as white can be.
2001-07-29 05:09:33 AM  
that picture is some of the funniest shiat ever concocted. it has subtle touches that made me want to save it and come back to it later :P
2001-07-29 01:35:12 PM  
Holyman, (laughing) got pics of that?
2001-07-30 11:52:34 PM  
Bad cop. No donut. :)
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