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4582 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Oct 2002 at 10:16 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-03 10:18:12 AM  
No comprendo.
2002-10-03 10:19:30 AM  
No Pablo Espanish
2002-10-03 10:20:53 AM  
Before the Secretary of Labor, Jose Vladimiro Grandson requested the word to in front of call the attention on the indifference of the society recicladores, selling children, prostitutas and street thieves. " Sunday will be a day not to rob ", says to Jose Vladimiro Brown Grandson and it adjusts dark glasses. This man, who a day left the comforts and lived in the pots of Cali, is the spokesman of unemployment of thieves, recicladores and people undergone but with heart, as he says. It will not be a march, but a symbolic act. " What we are is calling the attention on a meat drama and bone ", Grandson says. In the day he will participate to a voluntary military service of college students or citizens ready to social tasks. The 19 of last September, in a forum in the presence of the Juan, Secretary of Labor Luis Londo6no, congressman, leader and student, Grandson took the word to say: " we had been three hours to listen to the same incongruencias, the same shrapnel of speeches and are tired of the blood. I speak to name of ' renovables', a street group of recicladores, salesmen, prostitutas, productive addict watchmen and ". The call did not remain in the air, but not because it has been transmitted by appeared television and in press. Grandson says that " the hope has felt. He will go people of Siloe, Santa Elena and the Pot ". It was spoken in the beginning of a parade, but somebody warned to them, means playfully, means in serious, that could be applied capture orders. Several organizers maintain their name in reserve because they consider that still it is not hour to identify itself. One of them tells that an invitation to groups that suffer daily pains, like the relatives of the deputies and the kidnapped ones in Solano Bay extended. Grandson has conversation for several books. He speaks of his past like right student, a race that did not finish; after its success like creative of publicity; and after its resignation to the luxuries when one went away to cross Ecuador, where he worked for a nongovernmental Organization in fear sites. More than the drug, he sank the alcohol to it, but he says that he has waked up. Now he studies right, again, in the Santiago university of Cali. Professor Holmes Rafael Cardona knows Grandson from his youth and remembers that always she has been an anxious and creative person. Katherine, a social signaller, thinks that this idea reflects a effort to summon to lost solidarity. " To the act the thieves of white neck are not summoned ", says Grandson, who considers that it is an exclusive day for those who less gain and hold more.
2002-10-03 10:21:23 AM  
2002-10-03 10:21:38 AM  
TerraFark coming soon.

Until then, what the hell is this doing on here?

El Poster is a stupido asso
2002-10-03 10:22:25 AM  
2002-10-03 10:22:45 AM  
um.. headline says what?
2002-10-03 10:22:57 AM  
What the Fark?
2002-10-03 10:23:10 AM  
meh, this isn't centered on my own culture. tell me, why should i give a fark?
2002-10-03 10:23:12 AM  
What we are is calling the attention on a meat drama and bone

I'm always trying to call attention to my meat drama and bone.

(Babelfish is your friend...)
2002-10-03 10:23:30 AM  
GOddam foregn language links. No hablo espanol, tu chingan del los perros!!
I wonder if i got tany of that right?
2002-10-03 10:23:43 AM  
Hey gringo, you goin loco huh essay?

At least that's all the spanish I know from hispanic LA gangsters in movies
2002-10-03 10:23:47 AM  
What the hell is this shiat?
2002-10-03 10:24:02 AM  
"This crap gets posted and mine doesn't" rant coming in 5.... 4.... 3....
2002-10-03 10:24:41 AM  
Garrokas, 1337 translating skillz.
2002-10-03 10:24:45 AM  
Here is the summary of the article in the first paragraph:
"...para llamar la atencion sobre la indiferencia de la sociedad frente a recicladores, niños vendedores, prostitutas y ladrones callejeros."

" call attention to society's indiference to the recyclers, child street vendors, prostitutes, and petty theives."

And if some of you anal Spanish majors want to biatch about my rough translation kiss my ass.
2002-10-03 10:25:43 AM's like those Spanish have a different word for everything.
2002-10-03 10:25:55 AM  
More than the drug, he sank the alcohol to it

2002-10-03 10:26:51 AM  
Great - as a Canadian I'm supposed to understand English & French (I don't) - do I have to learn Spanish now as well?
2002-10-03 10:26:59 AM  
Yo no say. Que hora es? A la playa!
2002-10-03 10:27:39 AM  
Yo querro los dictionarios Spanglishio.
2002-10-03 10:27:53 AM  
Con muchos appologies, Senior Martin.
2002-10-03 10:27:57 AM  
Aye mi cabeza!
2002-10-03 10:27:59 AM  
I think what it says is "If it is you make potato you make first potato"
2002-10-03 10:28:21 AM  
Interesando, aunque traduce realmente extraño.
2002-10-03 10:30:12 AM  
Yo quiero (spelling??) una cerveza
2002-10-03 10:30:21 AM  
Iay nowkay igpay atinlay
2002-10-03 10:30:26 AM  
my god! oh my god! someone exposed me to a foreign language!
2002-10-03 10:30:27 AM  
C'est dommage!
2002-10-03 10:31:08 AM  
Bueno arbusto por favor! Aye carumba.
2002-10-03 10:31:56 AM  
Ik begrijp er niks van!
2002-10-03 10:32:06 AM  
?Verdad? Hay veces pensado que necessito apprende mas ingles, especialamente en los EEUU
2002-10-03 10:32:15 AM  
Ay-yi-yi! Un gato malodoro!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-03 10:32:15 AM  
Tengo gusto a veces de verter el dulce de azucar caliente abajo de mis pantalones y despues de ir a rodar.
2002-10-03 10:32:18 AM  
Senor, una margarita por favor. Gracias Enrique.

the only Spanish I know. I call everyone in Spanish speaking countries Enrique.

oh wait! and banyo, I know banyo.
2002-10-03 10:32:37 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-03 10:32:51 AM  
He's mainly saying none of the "homies with hearts, recyclers and general homeless mexican folks" will be robbing on sunday, to bring attention to them being farking homeless.

Seems this guy has chosen an interesting group of people to support, more power to him.

And to all of you Americans who don't understand, you'd better get learning, your country will be speaking spanish pretty soon (unless you can stop the flood of immigrants from down south).
2002-10-03 10:33:05 AM  
meh, this isn't centered on my own culture. tell me, why should i give a fark

No, dumbass, it isn't in a language i can understand. Tell me, why should i give a fark.
2002-10-03 10:33:40 AM  

tu chingan del los perros!!= Dog farker, si?

For a South Park spanish reference: Esta el hombre que chingando los pollos!!
2002-10-03 10:34:10 AM  
Make that will not be robbing on sunday.
2002-10-03 10:34:16 AM  
Iay nowkay igpay atinlay

onay ouyay oday otnay.
2002-10-03 10:34:52 AM  
Cali is in Columbia, not Mexico.
2002-10-03 10:35:35 AM  
In essence, the article says that the thieves will go on strike.

Now if only the politicians would join them.......
2002-10-03 10:35:35 AM  
2002-10-03 10:35:35 AM  
Bad html on my part again. Sorry!
2002-10-03 10:35:35 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

El Farko!

2002-10-03 10:37:06 AM  
I know, Johnc98, but that still doesn't negate the fact that americans should be learning spanish...
2002-10-03 10:37:43 AM  
My uno Espanol sentence:
Llavarse mi cuerpo con habon
2002-10-03 10:38:07 AM  
I'm sooo confused.

Garrchas, thanks but sadly you didn't help a bit.

Then again, I can only order eggs and beer in spanish,
2002-10-03 10:38:38 AM  
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