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(SFGate)   Dock workers plant fart machine under conference table at strike talks. Hilarity ensues   ( divider line
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13217 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Oct 2002 at 10:55 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-02 10:58:07 PM  
Hahahaa boys gotta have fun somehow.
2002-10-02 10:58:24 PM  
best story of the week
2002-10-02 10:58:26 PM  
2002-10-02 10:58:33 PM  
i farted giving a speech in front of all the people i went to highschool with
2002-10-02 10:59:45 PM  
Fart machines? I would have used blackjack and hookers.
2002-10-02 10:59:58 PM  
Whenever I go to conferences, I never need a machine.
2002-10-02 11:00:03 PM  
Those people got;
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-02 11:00:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-02 11:00:55 PM  
I just got a really bad Blazing Saddles flashback while reading this.
2002-10-02 11:02:20 PM  
Dammit, threeve! I was going to post that!
2002-10-02 11:02:57 PM  
I like the next article. Gotta try that one in downtown Dallas.
2002-10-02 11:03:15 PM  
sorry Bel4sucks
this was my submission - i had it ready
2002-10-02 11:04:09 PM  
NOTHING gets laughs like a fart joke. Period.
2002-10-02 11:04:33 PM  

Unions suck. At least the 2 I've been forced to join.

Cross the picket line and get blacklisted my ass.
2002-10-02 11:04:39 PM  
ive used one of these and im tellin ya something

but this is the most fun you can have outside a Mexican restaurant

or in a dark theater
2002-10-02 11:05:20 PM  
The "hilarity ensues" thing on headlines always reminds me of this.
2002-10-02 11:05:52 PM  
Meanwhile billions of dollars' worth of shipments sits in ports because of the union.

Assmonkeys oughta be fired.
2002-10-02 11:06:12 PM  
I love that page
2002-10-02 11:08:01 PM  
Assnuggets in this case
2002-10-02 11:09:50 PM  
Finally, appropriate use of the [image from too old to be available] tag.
2002-10-02 11:10:31 PM  
thats the best thing ive heard all day
2002-10-02 11:11:09 PM  
if you are willing to walk around and be the "farter" with a friend holding the remote, the possibilities for fun are endless.

Ah the memories.
2002-10-02 11:11:21 PM  
yep, those assmonkey union dock workers should be fired and replaced with people who actually want to work for a living.

unions are as outdated as the horse and buggy. get rid of them NOW.
2002-10-02 11:12:42 PM  
i cant stand those unions - but at least they know how to have fun
2002-10-02 11:12:43 PM  
Bacicot: It's funny. Laugh.
2002-10-02 11:13:21 PM  
Bacicot: It's funny. Laugh.
2002-10-02 11:14:11 PM  
A "Hero" tag when referring to unions?

A "Lazy Losers" tag seems more appropriate.
2002-10-02 11:14:22 PM  
its funny cuz it smells
2002-10-02 11:15:31 PM  
And unionnazis don't understand why people don't take them seriously....
How am I supposed to feed my family on only $80,000 a year?
Why do I have to actually work 40 hours a week?
It's not fair that I can't have a 30 minute smoke break every hour....whaaaaaaaaa.

Somebody needs to thump these lazy farkers upside the head with their fart machine and clue them in on what its like to work in the real world.
2002-10-02 11:18:50 PM  
Whoa, there's an echo in here...but I agree with it.
2002-10-02 11:19:04 PM  
Flawless application of the Hero tag
2002-10-02 11:20:58 PM  
Only the lowly dockworkers make $88K... the forman makes $157K

Poor guys... Bet if their jobs were vacated that they would fill fast with all the people out there looking for jobs.
2002-10-02 11:21:12 PM  
I'd really want these clowns bargaining for my pay and safety while I'm standing around losing money and locked out of work.

The "joke" in this story isn't the fart machine.
2002-10-02 11:22:19 PM  
Hmm...I don't care how bad unions might be, they can't be worse than arseholes who biatch biatch biatch at every opportunity, even god damn jokes.
2002-10-02 11:23:43 PM  
Michael Moore is no better. He makes his dime off of the backs of blue collar workers. Farking hypocrite. I wonder how much of the money he made from his little 'White man's burden' went to laid off Union members in Detroit?

I can't stand that idiot.

Why Unions are worse than Churches.
by Sweater Girl

1)You are forced to join
2)You are forced to pay to be a member, or you are fired
3)You are not allowed to publicly campaign for anyone not 'approved' by the Union
4)Any dissent in the ranks could result in being fired, as you agreed to act in the best interests of the Union when you joined, and they can send a 'terminate this person' letter at any time.

2002-10-02 11:27:11 PM  
Sweater Girl: unions exist for the benefit of the union. Remember the link about the union hall that used non-union contruction workers because they were cheaper?

And speaking of picket lines, I don't think sports unions should be allowed to go on strike without a picket line.
2002-10-02 11:27:15 PM  
union guys are thugs
no doubt about it

but fun lovin thugs
2002-10-02 11:30:28 PM  
It would be ironic if a union settlement includes a fart machine for every employee.

Under the Technology clause, of course.
2002-10-02 11:32:33 PM  
Ah... Unions. We had wicked talk of unions where I used to work. They stood in front of our place of work and handed out fliers to get us drummed up. It listed why the union was better than 'normal.' It also had a web address. Since the company they were trying to 'unionize' was an advanced technology company, I checked it out. It had a MIDI of 'Take This Job and Shove It,' and it appeared to be have written by someone who failed a drug test from the Special Olympics. Sad, sad, sad.
2002-10-02 11:33:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-02 11:33:54 PM  

Heh. I have somethnig similar to that installed under my living room coffee table. Any unsuspecting guests get the full treatment every time they bend over or stand to get up.
2002-10-02 11:37:19 PM  
I like the next article. Gotta try that one in downtown Dallas.

I know it would work with the cocain-boob job set that go to the West End. If you need help, just let me know.
2002-10-02 11:39:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-02 11:41:52 PM  
Elwood hehe, yes, I remember that link:)

Eeek I do think Unions began with a noble cause in mind, but now they are like every other corporation. The #4 I listed, that you can't disagree with Unions or you are fired is so true. When I was hired for my latest job, I was told I needed to join the Union. It's the way things are. If I refused to join I wouldn't get the job. It's not like I could negotiate with the union. They were just..there. waiting to take my monthly dues. So, when I joined, I signed onto their stupid ass ideals. Views I don't agree with.
It's insane and just run to make money. They don't have my back, they just have theirs.

And I stand by what I said about Moore, as well. Leech.

2002-10-02 11:43:07 PM  
I suspect the way labour relations work in the states is a bit different than the way it works in Australia.

I love my unions!
2002-10-02 11:43:56 PM  
Another Union bashing thread? Great! Too bad it's so late and I can't be here for long.

This strike shows why unions are not always a good thing. Thousands of innocent people are effected because of this strike. People that have nothing to do with the union and have absolutely no say in what happens to the members: the businesses that are supposed to get the goods, the truck drivers that normally transport the goods, eventually the consumers that buy the goods. This strike is only going to be a bad thing for the economy. I'm sure there are plenty of people that have NO job right now that would be more than willing to work for $80k, or even less. These people should be happy they have jobs, and stop biatching about more money all the time.

Here in Boston, there is a janitors strike going on, and they are not cleaning the buildings. So the companies that are in these buildings suffer even though they have no control over it. UPS workers are refusing to cross the picket lines, so the businesses also get no deliveries, and possibly losing business because they can't get the supplies. The janitors want 1) more full time workers 2) more hours 3) more money 4) more benefits. First off, if they have a set number of businesses to clean, that takes a certain amount of man hours. Unless they get more business, they can't increase the number of hours and the number of full time workers. If it takes 400 man hours to clean a certain business in a week, thats 10 people at 40 hours, or 20 people at 20 hours. You can't have it both ways. In order to increase wages and benefits, they will most likely have to charge their customers more, which may result in lost business if the customer can get the same work cheaper elsewhere. I really don't think the unions think out the demands too well before they make them. Of course they could lay off workers to give some of them more of what they want, but the union would never allow that either.
2002-10-02 11:44:21 PM  
Watch Robert Tilton pass gas

its worth the wait, if you like fart humor
2002-10-02 11:44:42 PM  
The whole article sounds like propaganda to me.
2002-10-02 11:44:57 PM  
how many fingers do union workers have?
No one knows, their hands are always in their pockets.

Seriously though....long time reader, Boobies.

I know guys making more than me (I am a network consultant) that cant sign their own names, but then again they dont have to, they are union
2002-10-02 11:45:20 PM  

funny name
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