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(Some Guy)   Scientists discover fatal gene mutation in Amish folk   ( divider line
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9888 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Oct 2002 at 10:10 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-02 08:15:03 PM  
Clip clop, clip clop.
Clip clop, clip clop.
What's that?

Amish drive by.
2002-10-02 08:31:02 PM  

One advantage of the close-knit community is very clear geneology:

The genetic disorder is known as Amish microcephaly. It is specific to the Old Order Amish community in Lancaster County, Pa., where it has been traced back nine generations to one couple.
One couple?!? Ye Gods! Unfortunately, it's a fatal disorder. I hope that it isn't too widespread among the Amish.
2002-10-02 09:29:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-02 10:14:13 PM  
2002-10-02 10:15:00 PM  
They discovered this years ago. I remember my history teacher telling me about it in sixth grade. Considering I'm 20, that's a good while.
2002-10-02 10:15:03 PM  
They make good bread.
2002-10-02 10:15:14 PM  
did i hear the word 'inbred'?
2002-10-02 10:16:07 PM  
"It amounts to a breakdown in DNA creation that causes abnormally small heads and brains "

i never knew al gore is amish.
2002-10-02 10:16:07 PM  
they make some good bread
2002-10-02 10:16:16 PM  
oh...that was 'good bread'.

2002-10-02 10:16:19 PM  
It amounts to a breakdown in DNA creation that causes abnormally small heads and brains in fetuses and, eventually, death.

that's so sad.
2002-10-02 10:16:40 PM  
I think that this disorder is only existing because of all of the recreational sister banging going on.
2002-10-02 10:16:52 PM  
Little Head Ed, the Amish Inbred
2002-10-02 10:16:55 PM  
I'll betcha that if they looked hard enough, it would also pop up in other isolated communities. Say, somewhere in a mountain range along the eastern seaboard of the Unites States.

Just guessin. Is that banjo music?
2002-10-02 10:17:08 PM  
2002-10-02 10:19:42 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
the big orange trinagles on the backs of their BLACK HORSE& BUGGY's SHOULD HAVE BEEN A DEAD GIVEAWAY!
2002-10-02 10:19:54 PM  
Of course, they'll never see a warning about this.
2002-10-02 10:20:30 PM  
Its too bad, really! I grew up about 30 mins from Lancaster County. Those Amish people are lovely, dont bother anyone....really just want to be left to thier own devices. Too bad that this had to happen to them. I hope someone can learn about this disease.....for everyones sake.
2002-10-02 10:21:16 PM  
10-02-02 10:16:07 PM HarryBeanBag
"It amounts to a breakdown in DNA creation that causes abnormally small heads and brains "

i never knew al gore is amish
Trust me, Harry, if you've seen AL Gore Lately, then you know... there is NOTHING SMALL about AL GORE

let me refer you here:,1282,-2059549,00.html
2002-10-02 10:21:54 PM  
Amish Chicks and hot.
2002-10-02 10:22:43 PM  
WHOAH!!!! it looks like al gore needs to invent some Slim-Fast....
2002-10-02 10:22:45 PM  
"All life is a blur of Republicans and meat."
2002-10-02 10:23:47 PM  
HollandRivers and they make kick ass potato bread
2002-10-02 10:24:54 PM  
How does one become Amish? Is it something you must be born into, or can anyone walk to one of their hippie commune places and demand a suit, wife, 8 kids, and a barn?
2002-10-02 10:25:26 PM  
Q.What do you call a guy with his arm up a horses ass?

A. Amish mechanic
2002-10-02 10:26:31 PM  
Potato bread? What luck... the DNA of Alabamians and the food of the Irish. Poor bastards.
2002-10-02 10:26:43 PM  
How much do any of you want to bet that they believe this is a curse from God for their sins?

A newly discovered fatal gene mutation, found only in Amish newborns...

Does that mean it isn't found once they grow out of the newborn stage?
2002-10-02 10:27:15 PM  
I wouldn't trust those Amish mechanics. I brought my horse in and I saw that the mechanic had scrawled on the side of a barn how he rode my horse really, really fast. It was only a few years old, now it's possibly ruined.
2002-10-02 10:29:00 PM  
Hey, try not to be so mean, there could be Amish people reading this.
2002-10-02 10:29:13 PM  
Oh the humanity!
2002-10-02 10:29:45 PM  
I tried being amish once..

the red foam nose gave me a rash and I kept falling over because of those stupid shoes
2002-10-02 10:30:25 PM  
they raise pigs that never touch the ground

does the shiat-wallowing add flavor?
2002-10-02 10:30:40 PM  
wow. come to think of it, has anyone *honestly* invented a truly ergonomic butter churn? think of the potential mutations that will come as a result of agricultural repetitive motion injuries, generation after generation...'milker's knuckle', 'churner's elbow', 'kneader's digit", and so on.

think of it...the amish could make great genetic guinea pigs now, and be used to prevent so much misery later. glad to see someone is on the case, and that the amish are finally being made useful.
2002-10-02 10:30:45 PM  
Those darn Amish. Always the little cut-ups.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-02 10:31:58 PM  
Heh, u know the mutation probaly came because the couple were probaly a couple thru intermarrage
2002-10-02 10:32:08 PM  
No need to worry folks, I'm sure the Amish have their best scientists and genetic engineers working on this problem already. Just a matter of time before it's cured.
2002-10-02 10:33:42 PM  
The Amish are simple folk. They do without modern things such as breeding out of their families.
2002-10-02 10:38:19 PM  
The Amish are actually a militant right wing organization bent on the destruction of America, Europe, and all Arab nations. They plan to eat the Chinese, seeing as they are 1% of the entire planet's population. Nobody ever suspects the amish and their blatent right wing agenda.
2002-10-02 10:40:10 PM  
Sound like the ol' gene pool could use a little stirrin' up.
2002-10-02 10:41:44 PM  
You know manual stirring is prohibited by their religion
2002-10-02 10:42:23 PM  
Noooooooooooooo, ------ teeny heads !!!!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-02 10:47:04 PM  
Amish people are fat, and the woman have facial hair.
2002-10-02 10:48:16 PM  
that should have been "women", sorry
2002-10-02 10:52:39 PM  
FifthColumn: I would think manual would be OK. As long as it didn't involve any electrical devices. Oh, MANUAL. I get in now.
2002-10-02 10:58:06 PM  
HollandRivers - where abouts? I am from Chester County, not too far from Lancaster County...small world...
2002-10-02 11:02:41 PM  
Where is your "GOD" now Jerimiah Butterchurn??
2002-10-02 11:10:42 PM  
Inbreeding is highly overrated as causing problems. Among a lot of native american tribes, your cross cousin (father's sister's child or mother's brother's child) is considered your ideal mate. It turns out to maximize genetic diversity, even better than randomly picking a mate who is less related to you.

Recent studies have also shown that not only is marrying your cousin okay as far as genetics goes (and okay as far as society goes in most of the world), even marrying your sister isn't likely to cause too many problems, unless you keep it up for too many generations, in which case you get Prince Charles.
2002-10-02 11:11:14 PM  
I live in NE Ohio, in Wayne County. Holmes County to the south has the largest Amish population. They don't bother anyone; they just want to be left alone.

As for becoming seldom happens...and you have to prove to these guys that you can live without
2002-10-02 11:13:08 PM  
The amish can't ride bikes. Why? I have no farking clue. Not electrical at all!
2002-10-02 11:20:48 PM  
Amish people are cool, in their own private little way. They do the same thing the rest of us do, only not as classy and a lot less wasteful. Get up, eat, do work, eat, do more work, eat, procreate, sleep. It's quite honest, actually.

Poor babies :-(
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