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(New India Press)   Carnivorous trees have started eating cows in India. No really   ( ) divider line
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28151 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Oct 2007 at 6:38 AM (9 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-10-24 11:58:15 PM  
Well, at least we know our new tree overlords aren't devout hindus...
2007-10-25 12:03:28 AM  
Page needs more pop-ups. I got 6 in Firefox.
2007-10-25 12:03:35 AM  
OK, so who's the other Fortean Times reader here?
2007-10-25 12:05:59 AM  
Gecko Gingrich: Page needs more pop-ups. I got 6 in Firefox.

I got 0 in FF
2007-10-25 12:07:52 AM  
They are just looking for the Entwives, they were interrogating the cow
2007-10-25 12:13:17 AM  
Well, somebody in India should, they are all over the place.
2007-10-25 12:17:04 AM  
Is there any truth to this? Or just more monkey demons raping women...
2007-10-25 12:21:51 AM  
Hm... no people named, almost no details at all, and no evidence except a partially-felled tree...

Well, people believe in alien abductions and well-organized Satanic cult abusers on less evidence. I'd give it a yellow dot on snopes
2007-10-25 12:27:27 AM  
Chariset: Hm... no people named, almost no details at all, and no evidence except a partially-felled tree...

Well, people believe in alien abductions and well-organized Satanic cult abusers on less evidence. I'd give it a yellow dot on snopes

Personally I'd give it a red dot, considering the newspaper's country of origin, and their past reporting. I think carnivorous trees would be descended on by biologists like napalm on Vietnam's jungles during the war. It's not likely they'd exist being immobile and as large as they must be, not to mention the biological problems with something that survives on a carnivorous diet yet I'd imagine had a rare influx of large meals. Also added to that the variations in capturing prey as the trey increased in size, if it used, as the story states, grasping branches, catching small prey as a little sprout would be near impossible due to speed / strength considerations. I'm just throwing things out there, I'm by no means an expert of any type.
2007-10-25 12:27:49 AM  
Chariset: no people named

Besides the two that were you mean?
2007-10-25 01:22:03 AM  

Cows... so cute and tasty even the trees can't resist.

2007-10-25 01:38:47 AM
2007-10-25 03:09:26 AM  
The bovicidal larch!
2007-10-25 03:29:51 AM  
Pics or it's not real.
2007-10-25 03:47:48 AM  
Now we know what wood those man-eating doors were made from.
2007-10-25 06:25:00 AM

This disturbs me.
2007-10-25 06:44:41 AM
Wants a steak.
2007-10-25 06:45:01 AM  
Life of Pi

2007-10-25 06:49:16 AM  
that is the kind of tree i want to plant around my secret military complex in the future.
2007-10-25 06:51:36 AM  
robeph: napalm on Vietnam's jungles during the war.

Couldn't come up with a more current simile? 'Sides I don't know that 'descends' is a good verb for napalm...
2007-10-25 06:52:55 AM  
I'm receptive to the possibility but will remain unconvinced until I see some good evidence.
2007-10-25 06:53:05 AM  
Didn't we just hear about a man-eating cow from India?
2007-10-25 06:55:31 AM  
ummmm...right. I'm pretty sure they would have mentioned this in Botany. Of course they didn't mention integral trees either...
2007-10-25 06:55:36 AM

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Dammit. I told my mom when I was a kid, and I was right.

Shiat, I'll never be able to go to sleep tonight.
2007-10-25 06:55:51 AM  
Page needs more pop-ups. I got 6 in Firefox.

I got the same time that I got a message that that FF was blocking popups.
2007-10-25 06:56:15 AM  
indian onion?
2007-10-25 06:57:28 AM  
didn't this news paper have a story recently about gay vampires spreading aids?
2007-10-25 07:00:31 AM  
If there were carnivorous trees PETA would be campaigning to fell them.
2007-10-25 07:02:09 AM  
LastOfTheMullets: Life of Pi


Nope, thought the same exact thing.

Plus, shiateload of pop-ups, which thanks to FF, never happens. Wierd.
2007-10-25 07:02:15 AM  
Wanted for questioning:
2007-10-25 07:03:36 AM  
Soooooo, the bark really isn't worse then the bite, huh?

/hungry hard wood?
2007-10-25 07:05:40 AM  
The terrified cowherd ran to the village, and got Gowda and a band of villagers to the carnivorous tree.

Old Mooer: moo moo
Gowda: Whats wrong boy?
Old Mooer: moo moo
Gowda: Timmy got snatched up by trees!?!
2007-10-25 07:07:08 AM  
It saddens me that people in this thread are talking as if there is even a remote possibility this is true...

Aside from how rediculous this story is, it's on an obscure news site with absolutely no details given and tons of pop-ups. The way it is worded it sounds like the "reporter" just interviewed a guy coming off a bad acid trip.

The scary thing is this isn't news satire or anything. Somebody wants you to believe this is a true and I cant for the life of me figure out why.
2007-10-25 07:10:53 AM  
Sounds to me like something got lost in translation.
2007-10-25 07:11:52 AM  
Pics or it didn't happen?
2007-10-25 07:11:54 AM  
Dunno, sounds cowurious to me.

I tried, it's 7 in the AM you know!
2007-10-25 07:12:47 AM
2007-10-25 07:17:59 AM  
Was it a Tree Ent or just a Roper?

Seriously! There's a big HP difference, and I need to know if I should start digging out the flask of oil!
2007-10-25 07:22:33 AM  
Zero pop-ups in Firefox here. Not so much as a message saying that they were being blocked.

And if you believe that trees are carnivorous, you're smoking the same grade of hash these Indian dudes are.

/not that there's anything wrong with that.
2007-10-25 07:27:25 AM  
They should try this:

Ho! Tom Bombadil, Tom Bombadillo!
By water, wood and hill, by the reed and willow,
By fire, sun and moon, harken now and hear us!
Come, Tom Bombadil, for our need is near us!
2007-10-25 07:27:55 AM  
the field staff confirmed coming across a similar tree in Padrane, partially felled down.
2007-10-25 07:28:56 AM
2007-10-25 07:30:48 AM  
The people of the greatest nation in the history of Earth are getting customer service and technical support from people who think trees are eating their cows.

"Doomed, f-ing doomed"
2007-10-25 07:34:12 AM  
A tree once bit my sister... No realli!
2007-10-25 07:34:48 AM  
Obviously, this tree needs to go on a diet. If it's gotten so big it now considers cows just a snack, it's time to put the branches down and try to burn more calories.

By looking at some other sources, I've discovered that this tree is so obese, it can't even move. It's not really at "shut-in", it's more of a "so goddamn heavy it's stuck in one place" kind of obesity, here.

I think farkers everywhere can agree with me, can't we start feeding it some Slim-Fast or something?
2007-10-25 07:35:28 AM  
2007-10-25 07:37:03 AM  
The Whomping Wilow is not impressed.
2007-10-25 07:39:40 AM  
Well, the Indians don't eat cows, right? Sacred and all?

It's evolution, baby!
2007-10-25 07:47:18 AM  
My steak got staked.
2007-10-25 07:48:26 AM  
My preferred carnivorous tree:
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