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(Mainichi Daily News)   Mmmm...canned seal curry   ( divider line
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2002-10-01 11:51:58 AM  
2002-10-01 11:58:28 AM  
This is sick. For one they kill and can the meat and second they don't even eat it!
2002-10-01 01:26:31 PM  
"To be frankly honest, it tastes bloody awful." . . . t has a strange fragrance and a somewhat fishy taste that differentiates it from beef, pork or lamb.
So it doesn't taste just like chicken?

But wait! The company has broadened its product line! Order a can of seal curry, and you can get the following ABSOLUTELY free!
Bear Curry, Stellar Sea Lion Curry and Yezo Deer Curry.

2002-10-01 01:41:06 PM  
First, I'm a meat eater...but I don't understand why eating a seal is any sicker than eating a cow?

What about Buffalo? Emu's? Ostrich?

Why is one animal anymore or less appetizing than another?
2002-10-01 01:42:26 PM  
Ray Romano sucks canned seal curry.

wrong thread?
2002-10-01 01:42:34 PM  
We made it with the idea of it being a product that would get people talking about us," a spokesman for Hokuto tells Asahi Geino. "To be frankly honest, it tastes bloody awful."

so in other words, product=who gives a fark, did this guy go to the Gates school of Marketing?
2002-10-01 01:42:39 PM  
and I'm eating luch right now
2002-10-01 01:43:00 PM  
Who want's it canned?? I only eat zoo-fresh seals!
They make the sweetest faces when they're about to be clubbed...
2002-10-01 01:43:05 PM  
Redbird It's only a problem once you blow a seal...
2002-10-01 01:43:05 PM  
Seal meat? Nice one! I could go for a 'clubbed' sandwich right now.
2002-10-01 01:43:15 PM  
Im with Kylie. I'm a carnivor, but to kill and can something for 'gimmick purposes'? That's just stupid.
2002-10-01 01:43:15 PM  
Mmmm. Tastes like chicken.
2002-10-01 01:43:46 PM  
Canned seal curry? This is sick, indeed.

Everyone knows you use fresh-killed baby seal for curry.
2002-10-01 01:43:59 PM  
So anyway...this baby seal walks into a club...

Wait...maybe I shouldn't do that joke here...
2002-10-01 01:44:38 PM  
What, no frog curry?
2002-10-01 01:44:39 PM  
Nothing like good old Canadian seal
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-01 01:44:57 PM  
lol CommieSheep. Yeah, seriously. Why is eating seals worse than eating any other source of delicious, nutricious meat?
2002-10-01 01:45:39 PM  
2002-10-01 01:46:22 PM  
Knife-a goes in, a-guts come out that's what Osaka Seafood Concern is all about.
2002-10-01 01:46:22 PM  

"lol CommieSheep. Yeah, seriously. Why is eating seals worse than eating any other source of delicious, nutricious meat?"

mmmmm.... yummy yummy dolphins
2002-10-01 01:46:53 PM  
oh nice. killing seals for fun, profit and gimmick.
2002-10-01 01:47:02 PM  
only liberal communist pussies don't eat seal meat.
2002-10-01 01:47:11 PM  
"mmmmm.... yummy yummy dolphins"

Why are they more important than Tuna?
2002-10-01 01:47:12 PM  
Man, the Japanese eat (or at least make) some farking disgusting stuff. Not that I'm morally against eating seals, but the description of what it tastes like almost made me Calista Flockhart my lunch.
2002-10-01 01:47:57 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Awwwww.......GET 'EM!
2002-10-01 01:48:21 PM  
2002-10-01 01:48:25 PM  
Eating seal is no worse than say, cow, chicken, or the elderly. Frankly, Canadians (esp us newfies) get stereotyped as crazy drunken baby-seal bashers. They always forget that we are funny too.

*Wacks PETA with large wooden club*
2002-10-01 01:48:35 PM  
Redbird, dolphins are smarter. Thats why they live in igloos.
2002-10-01 01:49:02 PM  
Considering this story comes out of Japan, I'm suprised that no one has fcuked the seal.
2002-10-01 01:49:56 PM  
it's different than eating cows because 1) they are purposely mass produced for consumption, and 2) they said the seal somehow 'disappeared' from the wild and suddenly 'reappeared.' sounds somewhat endangered to me.
2002-10-01 01:49:58 PM  
Dead clubbed seal happy fun time!
2002-10-01 01:50:25 PM  
To get the really good seal curry, you have to go underground. Forget this mainstream seal curry foolishness.
2002-10-01 01:50:27 PM  
Since seals are not an endangered species what's the problem with eating them? It's stupid to say that everyone should stop eating them because they are cute. Lambs are cute but everyone likes a bit of lamb now and again.
2002-10-01 01:50:28 PM  

LOL! We should make that a euphemism for vomitting...

"The rancid beef made me FLOCKHART my entire lunch..."

(wipes chin)
2002-10-01 01:50:42 PM  
I dunno about you guys, but i'm ordering me a case of Bear Curry for when the New World Order police take over and we're stuck in our concrete bomb shelters wishing we had paid attention to the cube guy, everyone else will be stuck eating PORK N' BEANS for years while I feast on BEAR CURRY.

2002-10-01 01:51:31 PM  
Tastes like walrus.
2002-10-01 01:51:35 PM  
canned squid!
name that reference
2002-10-01 01:52:28 PM  
"Can I help you sir?"

"Yes, I'd like 2 Curry Seal Happy Meals, please. Can you tell me what the toy is today?"
2002-10-01 01:53:44 PM  
"We started making Seal Curry about two or three years ago. We mainly sell it as a souvenir, but are aiming more to provide a product with gimmick value, or to laugh at, rather than something that should be tasty"

I'm not a PETA person by any means but this is just wrong.
2002-10-01 01:53:54 PM  
I too think it's sick to kill a seal to make it a novelty food... I wholly believe that seals should only be clubbed for fun and fur coats! Actually I know 2 people with harp seal fur coats. Both purchased less than 10 years ago...:P
2002-10-01 01:54:01 PM  
Sick!! Just cause we can EAT ANYTHING, doesn't mean we hafta!
2002-10-01 01:54:12 PM  
WindyCityGrrl, it was newsworthy because it was unusual. Not because they are endangered. They might be, I don't know. But if they are not, so what? Fish are not usually mass produced for consumption. Is it wrong to eat that? Or, at least, any worse than cattle?
2002-10-01 01:55:23 PM  
But what does this have to do with Boobies?

Copyright © 2000-2002, LLC
2002-10-01 01:56:03 PM  
"it's different than eating cows because 1) they are purposely mass produced for consumption"

Cows are "mass produced"???? Ok...

What difference does that make?
American's eat the following animals:
cow, chicken, turkey, emu, buffalo, ostrich, pig, lamb, BABY COWS, duck, goose, elk, moose, snake, fish, etc, etc...

Why is a seal any different?

(and no, they are not talking about this strange seal that just showed up....they are talking about regular seals.)
2002-10-01 01:56:30 PM  
fish has been mass produced (i.e. catfish). cattle, chicken all mass produced. rabbits...well, you know.
2002-10-01 01:57:30 PM  
Like I say you can't expect people not to eat animals just cos they're cute...
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-01 01:58:21 PM  
Do not taunt Azarashi Kare!
2002-10-01 01:58:34 PM  
made with 100% recycled seal - guaranteed!
2002-10-01 01:58:41 PM  
Lemon Curry?
2002-10-01 01:59:21 PM  
Fresh seal curry is much better than the canned stuff.
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