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(Some Guy)   Man returns from overseas to find he's legally dead   ( divider line
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13116 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Oct 2002 at 9:43 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-01 12:42:40 PM  
That is the best way to go about it.
You are a wise person arnt you. MrVeach
Is in good hands.I did that once and it
WORKED!See, Biyatches like to be in full
controle. If you pull that lil' ditty on
her, you'll fark her all up outa sync.
2002-10-01 12:50:44 PM  
"I've not been dead ever, not even for a second," the indignant man told local media.
2002-10-01 12:52:29 PM  
Oops, here's what I meant to post:

"I've not been dead ever, not even for a second," the indignant man told local media.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-01 01:12:16 PM  
According to the Universal Currency Converter, £20,000 is about one billion Romanian Lei (and about US$31,000). So yeah, this guy is a rich farker, at least in Romania. I'm not sure what the average Romanian standard of living or anything like that is, but while trying to find out, I did see a page that said "One Romanian in 100 is satisfied with his/her standard of living." Except for the fact that he's legally dead, I'd wager that this guy would be that one in 100.
2002-10-01 01:27:06 PM  
Better than being _illegally_ dead.
2002-10-01 01:30:47 PM  
2002-10-01 01:32:28 PM  

sounds like another M. Night Shyamalan movie.
2002-10-01 01:32:28 PM  
Only liberal commie pinko pussies biatch about their ex girlfriends calling them too much.
2002-10-01 01:36:41 PM  
He's not foolin' me. He'll be stone cold dead in a moment.
2002-10-01 01:42:46 PM  

awww....are you calling eminem a loser cuz of how he hates on women? awww...that's so sad, im going to go listen to kill you to make myself feel better....

btw...just because you can identify with what an artist writes about in his music does not automatically qualify you for wanting to emulate the artist know...if wasnt for upity biatches who be jumping on somebody like dll grlz...then i dont think eminem would have as many songs to write about, or at least people would be like "huh" when he wrote them...instead...girls just keep making it all the more easier for me to understand what the man is saying...
2002-10-01 01:50:30 PM  
"I've not been dead ever, not even for a second," the indignant man told local media.

Ah, but has he been mostly dead? There's a difference between all dead and mostly dead . . .

All hail Miracle Max!
2002-10-01 01:52:48 PM  
with all dead all you can do is go through their pockets for loose change
2002-10-01 01:56:01 PM  
Mr Veach-
Maybe you can have soemone declare you legally dead, then you can disappear (perhaps to Romania?) and your ex can't call you. Plus, you could see if she goes to your funeral, and see if she really loves you.

Or, you can get back to 4th period PE before the coach notices you aren't running laps and quit wasting time on the library's computer.
2002-10-01 02:32:06 PM  
Mr Veach- If she broke up with you, then you're the f'n yoyo and spineless to boot. If you're being nice to her face then she'll think you still want her and it's your own d4mned fault. Don't cave in to mushy-talk; stay emotionally distant and stick the word "don't" somewhere in "I Love You". Don't be chivalrous; don't open the door for her, pay only half of the tab, leave the seat up. Do things to piss her off in a non-obvious way. Weaning is more effective than cold-turkey.
2002-10-01 02:53:44 PM  
Ahh, passive-agressiveness. Gotta love it.
2002-10-01 03:21:46 PM  
If he lived in Romania and went work in Germany and Hungary what sea did he have to cross to return?
2002-10-01 03:35:47 PM  
Mr Veach

made me forget one old trick that's sometimes useful. Not really a trick, it's just a "how cruel can you be" type tactic.

Just fark her. Lots. Make that everything. She calls you on the fon? Come over--now. If that lasts for a week (congrat yerself yer 1/100 farkers gettin laid, 1/1000 twice!) you may have problems because then she may start insisting on referring to you as her bf.

If she takes it to that level, then take it up a notch. Start demandin bj's all the time. Let no conversation end w/out you sayin, "i sho am ready...".

Trust me, she'll either run away telling her friends your a sex freak (not entirely a bad thing), have her self-esteem horribly horribly ruined for life, or quiet.

But no matter what, you are either gettin laid or left alone. Either way you win, you insensitive jerk.
2002-10-01 03:56:06 PM  
I feel Happy!

I feel Happy!
2002-10-01 04:00:50 PM  
WTF maybe the wife moved and didn't leave a forwarding address or something....
2002-10-01 04:20:11 PM  
Hey you. How goes all in your little corner of the universe? So far so good here, I'm sitting in the dining hall waiting for it to clear out a bit before trying to force my way thorugh the masses and to the food... (sighs) Freshmen... (rolls eyes) And to think the univ. pres. wants to put another 2000 students in here... we haven't got the capacity to deal with the number of students we have now (a little over 8,000), much less 2,000 more... Ah, politicians.

So lemme get this straight, you had to work ten days straight? With only two days off at the end? Um, no. Not acceptable. Just love it when people screw up, don't you?? Wow, you've just got late fees out the wazoo, don't ya? I haven't been back to movie gallery in about 2 months for fear I've got some late fees. My knucklehead roomate keeps forgetting the dvd in his ps2, and just returns the box... he then gets around to returning the dvd only after about another 2 or 3 bucks have been added to the fee.

So now you're totally against the gym idea huh? Serves you right! lol, thats funny. I've never had to join a gym, I run a mile nearly every morning (ok, maybe every other morning. If I feel like it. And theres no bad weather. Or its not too hot. Or if I don't just ignore my alarm clock and go back to sleep. ), and occasionally do some push ups and set ups... I'm afraid I'll never be able to touch my toes though... I just can't bend down that far.. I can touch my nose with my toes though, does that count??

Hmmm... instead of emptying, the dining hall is just filling up with more people... Crap.... stupid freshmen... Work is going ok. Now that I work fairly normal hours I have to interact more and more with the public. Unfortunately. You wouldn't believe how many people want to throw a fit over a ticket.. 'Well, gee golly sir, if you hadn't parked in the wrong farking spot, you wouldn't have that damn ticket now would you?' I honestly don't think anyone at the dept. would mind if I just suddenly went off on a rude complaintant, but no doubt they would go complain to the pres, or anyone else who would listen and that would just bring more heat on the dept. Half the people that come in to the dept. don't even want to do anything about their ticket, they just want to complain to the dept, and possibly frighten us into dropping the ticket. Um, no. Had a woman come in yesterday who was so pissed, and I could tell by the look on her face when she walked in. And about midway into her tirade ('its all about fees, its a setup!') [by the by, our parking fees are the lowest of any major universities in AL], I just wanted to laugh at her and say 'look lady, why don't you just go pay the 20 dollar fee and get on with your life, I've got no power to help you even if I wanted to, much less when you're calling me names.' Geesh, some people. I'd say about 2/3's of people come in with valid complaints, and I"m more than happy to help them, but its that other 1/3 that just wants to weasel out of a measely 20 dollar ticket that annoys the hell outta me. A student decal to park on campus only costs 15 bucks, and that saves you from getting tickets the rest of the year (unless you're in handicap or some such similar) but nooooooo..... Oh, well.... Some people will never learn.

Damn... dining hall still hasn't cleared up... Looks like I'll be grabbing an ice cream cone to go.... I'm glad falls coming though.... no more sweltering heat and having to run the ac all the time.

Ran into the ex's fam. huh? Bummer dude... I know the feeling though... I'm still trying to avoid people here. Half the time I just try to avoid myself. I'm glad you don't avoid me though. Thanks for still being there I understand why you've distanced yourself from others though... and I do think it would be a good move for you to get out of dothan and to some place else (preferably the north or west), even though I'd regret you being so far away. We may not have seen each other in awhile, but I do like the thought that I could. Any clearer idea of what you might want to do with your life, as per a career? That could influence where you might want to go live, to say, some place w/ a college nearby that actually taught what you're interested in.

I think you and mindy will do fine. Though what you say is true.... You never know what tomorrow will bring. (shrugs) But its best for one not to think about such things. "Let the dead bury the dead; but while we are alive, let us live." You just have to do the best that you can, and hope for the best. And if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. I'm going down to Ave`'s this weekend to her Homecoming. If we actually make it to homecoming is another thing entirely. She put herself on birthcontrol recently, and her mom found out accidentally, so this should be an interesting weekend. Classes are going ok. Kinda slipping in one, as I didn't show up at all last week, but I'm getting that under control. Stupid alarm clock reset one time, than I just didn't bother to show up the other, but you'll have that sometimes.

I don't mind the "novels" you write (I actually enjoy them) just so long as you don't mind the "novels" I write. I've been thinking about you some lately. Nothing bad.. Just suddenly occured to me how long we've known each other... doesn't seem to have been that long... I often wonder where all the time went... But I suppose thats something everyone will wonder in their lives. I've missed talking to you. You are a wonderful person you know. I hope you are doing well, and I'll try and catch you later.. meanwhile I have to push through a horde of giggling freshmen girls to reach food.

Have fun!

Your friend,

2002-10-01 04:23:50 PM  
haha i just put some gay asses email on the internet. he told me i couldnt read it, so when he copied it, i pasted like 5 minutes EVERYONE can read this cocks email... oh and hey Ctenidae what makes you think im in H.S. ? Im at work you jackshiat, just like everyone else on FARK. getting paid for using the internet. i love america
2002-10-01 04:24:58 PM  
apparently this jeremy guy is a real winner too
2002-10-01 04:31:39 PM  
It sounds like husband and wife deserve each other. They should be sentenced to live together for the rest of their lives.
2002-10-01 04:33:14 PM  
What makes me think you're in high school? Punctuation, capitalization, grammar, whining about hooking up with your exgirlfriend, and posting someone's email in the thread.

2002-10-01 04:36:43 PM  
aww...jeremy sounds like a nice guy... he uses quotes and stuff...
2002-10-01 04:46:09 PM  
mrveach thank you for waisting my precious fark time. now I got a call! you should stick with that girl. because after that streaming waist of space no farkett will ever date you!
2002-10-01 04:56:41 PM  
Ctenidae, I'm with you. EARLY high school, at that.
2002-10-01 05:02:45 PM  
And MrVeach, what makes you think we care? You haven't embarrassed Jeremy, whoever he is, you've just embarrassed yourself by showing that you really don't respect other people and their wishes. Smooth, real smooth.

(Of course, then again, this *is* Fark . . .)
2002-10-01 05:02:55 PM  
Ever heard of "having some fun"? I didn't think so. Dude, you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too literal. We had the same articles on Fark for about 4 hours and I was bored, looking for some "fun". But to answer your question: No, I'm not against M&M for his view of women. I'd fully expect a dude like him to hate chicks. He's just a dork and makes me laugh. Kinda like you. If you wanna think of me as "uppity" for having my own opinion, then go right ahead, that makes me proud.
2002-10-01 05:34:32 PM  
So he is not dead?

This sounds like a job for...

...Tony Soprano.
2002-10-01 09:42:19 PM  
yeah, sure. you were "playin". if that's the case, i was "playin" too. and i dont consider you uppity for having an opionion...its for thinking someone has to explain themselves for liking someone who likes eminem, an artist known to speak out against women and their shiyat. but then were "playing"
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