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(ABC News)   Lizzie Grubman's "white trash" victims bring $90 million lawsuit   ( divider line
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2000 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Jul 2001 at 8:19 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-27 08:53:49 AM  
farking moron.
2001-07-27 09:01:55 AM  
Anyone who knows anything about this whore knows she is so far removed for society that she probably did this on purpose. Her entire life is been one of privliage and excess. It's about time something bursts her bubble.
2001-07-27 09:08:39 AM  
Sicksock: The article said that she "deliberately" plowed into the crowd. This should have been a criminal case, then, not a civil one.

Maybe they should set the maximum possible amount to "One Bazillion Dollars".
2001-07-27 09:21:30 AM  
"Yes, Lizzie honey?"
"Like, I need a few dollars."
(Pulling out his wallet) "Sure my precious baby. How much?"
"Well, like I reallllllly need 90."
$90? Is that all?"
"I was thinking more along the line of 90 million."
Insert sound of shiat hitting fan)
2001-07-27 10:20:03 AM  
For once a lawsuit where I hope the plantiff's win. Love to see this festering herpes sore end up on skid row.
2001-07-27 01:10:09 PM  
I personally would enjoy watching her be gang raped in prison.
2001-07-27 01:15:27 PM  
It sadi that the suits totaled $90 million. There were 16 people involved, that's less than 6 mil apiece. I don't know if everybody who was hurt has filed suit yet, but if they have, it's just a matter of the number of people suing her at the same time.
2001-07-27 01:47:18 PM  
Someguy: Good point.
2001-07-27 03:00:25 PM  
...proof that money creates a tragic illusion of power...
2001-07-27 03:50:55 PM  
I used to work in a related field (film publicity) and lemme tell you, well before this happened, her rep as a completely spoiled and evil biach preceded her. I have a feeling part of the reason the press coverage in NYC has been so virulent is because various feature writers are finally having a chance to get back at her for years of slights. the other part of the reason? well, she backed over 16 people in her fancy-schmancy car, now didn't she?
2001-07-27 03:59:27 PM  
She shouldn't be required to pay that much.

She should be required to turn over her stem cells for research.
2001-07-27 05:02:13 PM  
uh, i realize that was a joke, norad, but i'm pretty sure she doesn't have any stem cells.
2001-07-27 05:12:17 PM  
I just think it's funny that this biatch is (was?) Britney Spears' publicist.

Birds of a feather...
2001-07-27 06:49:44 PM  
2001-07-27 06:51:24 PM  
I got a laugh outta' this comment:

""There's no way that she's ever going to be required to pay it," he says. "It's lawsuits like this that give trial lawyers a bad name.""'s evil money-grubbing piece of shiat lawyers (i.e. lawyers in general) that give lawyers a bad name.
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