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(Some Guy)   Ho-hum. Another day, another teacher sex scandal. With "would-you-hit-it?" picture goodness   ( divider line
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53420 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Oct 2007 at 9:39 PM (9 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-10-18 07:14:48 PM  
She didn't sleep with the student.
2007-10-18 07:27:44 PM  
Can I just tell you, btw, how sad it made me feel when they had Melissa Joan Hart play the seductive schoolteacher on SVU? SHE'S MY FARKING AGE, FOR CHRISSAKES!

\17 days younger, she is
2007-10-18 08:46:29 PM  
I would hit it, but apparently she is into guys MUCH younger than me.
2007-10-18 09:15:15 PM  
How many times must it be said? How many times must it be demonstrated?? Teenagers can't be counted on to keep a secret!

They're either too stupid not to leave incriminating evidence on their computer, or too naive not to entrust their best friend or student counselor with the whole story.

Word to wishful-thinking teachers/teacher's assistants/coaches/mentors. You're entrusting your most critical secret to the most unreliable age group!

(Unless your goal is to get your name in the paper.)
2007-10-18 09:40:57 PM  
I'd throw her under a bus.
2007-10-18 09:41:16 PM  
would hit it. that is all.
2007-10-18 09:41:40 PM  
I'd hit her pudge hole
2007-10-18 09:42:04 PM  
Would not hit it.
2007-10-18 09:42:32 PM  
Same ol', same ol'. It's not news, it's a teacher having sex.

Eventually, we'll need a special category just for these.
2007-10-18 09:42:35 PM  
I'd order the leftenant to fire a full broadside.
2007-10-18 09:42:56 PM  
2007-10-18 09:44:11 PM  
2007-10-18 09:44:17 PM  
Janet Fackovec

I'm sure the students have NO nicknames for her.
2007-10-18 09:44:29 PM  
She won't do a fraction of the time in jail that a man would for the same crime.
2007-10-18 09:45:10 PM  
Hit it, I'd.
2007-10-18 09:45:27 PM  
why yes I would.
2007-10-18 09:46:38 PM  
This thread is worthless without... no, even pics won't save this one. This thread is just worthless.

/would hit it, but lie about it and say I didn't
2007-10-18 09:46:46 PM  
2007-10-18 09:46:59 PM  
2007-10-18 09:47:05 PM

/has low standards
2007-10-18 09:47:08 PM  
My Blackberry renders the title as "Stall High teaching ass."

2007-10-18 09:47:22 PM  
after 15 beers or so, if i could still get it up.
2007-10-18 09:47:25 PM  
the pussification of teenage boys continues...
2007-10-18 09:47:54 PM  
The tall one or the short one?
2007-10-18 09:48:07 PM  
RaceDTruck: Yes.

/fixed that for you.
2007-10-18 09:48:15 PM  
too crass?
2007-10-18 09:48:19 PM

Well yeah, probably i would, she needs a better fashion eye though
2007-10-18 09:48:27 PM  

I'd grope it. The funny thing is, the name of the pic in that article: "Sex_Teacher.jpg"

Stop using sex as a weapon.

2007-10-18 09:48:41 PM  
Eh... *tilts head* Hmmmm...
2007-10-18 09:48:42 PM  
Good enough for my grandson, good enough for me.

2007-10-18 09:49:11 PM  

I'm bored of these teacher sex scandal stories. I'm ready for "Physical Therapist Rapes Comatose Patient" or "Special Ed Just Got Special Head"....something new, please.
2007-10-18 09:49:51 PM  
2007-10-18 09:51:24 PM  
I'm bored of these teacher sex scandal stories. I'm ready for "Physical Therapist Rapes Comatose Patient" or "Special Ed Just Got Special Head"....something new, please.

ROFL! You win sir.
2007-10-18 09:51:32 PM  
i bet she could pop all kinds of zits on my back when i get done farking her and dont want to cuddle
2007-10-18 09:52:00 PM  
homosexual man: The tall one or the short one?

I didn't even have to check your profile.
2007-10-18 09:52:08 PM  
Why don't these teachers ever get statutory rape charges?

/Or do they?
2007-10-18 09:52:13 PM  
2007-10-18 09:52:24 PM
2007-10-18 09:52:29 PM

/Standards...what are these standards you speak of?
2007-10-18 09:52:52 PM  
"I'm bored of these teacher sex scandal stories. I'm ready for "Physical Therapist Rapes Comatose Patient" or "Special Ed Just Got Special Head"....something new, please."

i.e., My name is Buck, and I like to fark?

/Where's Bill?

2007-10-18 09:53:39 PM  
Looks like she may be a good gagger.
2007-10-18 09:53:41 PM  
I would hit it all night long
I would hit it and not feel wrong
I would hit it on the floor
I would hit it and ask for more
I'd hit it like a battering ram
I would hit it, Sam I Am
2007-10-18 09:53:50 PM  
The detective is pretty hot.
2007-10-18 09:54:30 PM  
oh yeah, hammer of thor
2007-10-18 09:55:27 PM  
"She is not a full-fledged teacher," Smalley said.

-What, they only got to 3rd base?
2007-10-18 09:55:27 PM  
I'd hit it like a screen door in a hurricane.
2007-10-18 09:55:33 PM  
I'd definitely lather up those boobies! Zestfully!
2007-10-18 09:56:45 PM  
Yes but would brag about or advertise the fact later.

Will sleep with most women who aren't beastly only brag about the good lucking or extremely awesome personality ones.
2007-10-18 09:57:14 PM  
She has some good sized sweater melons. I'd hit it for a while, lie about picking someone up at the airport so I could leave.
2007-10-18 09:57:47 PM  
Hit? Yes.
Admit? Hell no.
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