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(The Sun)   Madonna is actually quite shy   ( divider line
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2002-09-29 09:46:11 PM  
Who is this Madonna person? Should I know about her?
2002-09-29 10:38:49 PM  
Just a singer who tried to act like a s l u t and no, you're not missing much...
2002-09-29 11:45:19 PM  
I hated Madonna until I watched Evita, then fell in love with her. She did a great presentation in it and proved she was more than a simple pre-Sprears, flash in the pan, slut.
2002-09-30 04:15:41 AM  
What a bunch of crap.
2002-09-30 04:17:07 AM  
At least she has lasted this long without the Wacko Jacko indignity of nose extensions and cleft "arse" chins.
2002-09-30 04:25:14 AM  
I hear she writes songs with fridge magnet words.
2002-09-30 04:27:41 AM  
2002-09-30 04:30:26 AM  
She was the Spears of the late 80's early 90's, it's amazing that pepsi droped there contract with her because she was "too sluty" but not done that to Britney?
2002-09-30 04:30:42 AM  
C'mon guys, this is Madonna we are talking about here. She is as talented as she is beautiful, and she is extremely beautiful! You all are just jealous of her achievements in the entertainment industry and as a person. Madonna, you are the greatest.
2002-09-30 04:35:43 AM, no
2002-09-30 04:37:09 AM  
I like Madonna. She is 100x the talent that Britney Spears is. She seems quite articulate in interviews (unlike Britney).
2002-09-30 04:38:31 AM  
any one see the bmw add done by guy richie ft. madana?
2002-09-30 04:58:06 AM  
Yups i saw it , Madonna pissing in her pants at the end was something i didnt expect.
2002-09-30 05:11:45 AM  
the Sun states madonna's daughter's name is Lola. it's Lourdes, not Lola.
Lola might be a nickname, but still.
2002-09-30 05:30:53 AM  
In another decade Madonna will be just as cool as Cliff Richard
2002-09-30 05:51:03 AM  
yea, and who that is out now will actully be cool in ten years. Just think about ten years ago... not many damn people.
2002-09-30 06:00:13 AM  
I think fark needs a new tag...
2002-09-30 06:01:31 AM  

I think fark needs a new tag...

[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-30 06:11:44 AM  
is she still attempting to act sophisticated with that strange british accent?
2002-09-30 06:24:05 AM  
She's a bit minging now it has to be said.
2002-09-30 06:38:35 AM  
getting nekkid in public = shy?

since when?
2002-09-30 07:23:54 AM  
I'd hit it.

I'd wrap it in 4 condoms first, but I'd hit it never the less.
2002-09-30 07:24:47 AM  
Poor madonna. Ever since that cortney love came along, she knew she could be the top biatch slut of pop music ever again.
2002-09-30 07:42:23 AM  
To even compare Madonna to Britney is just nuts....
2002-09-30 09:08:39 AM  
Love that filter !!! :)
2002-09-30 09:11:25 AM  
"But behind closed doors, Madonna is shy and as meek as a mouse, according to her father-in-law."

And her farther-in-law knows this because . . . I mean is he hitting it too? Just take a look at her book. Yeah, she's shy alright.
2002-09-30 10:01:25 AM  
I used to go to the same clubs Madonna went to in NYC before anybody knew who she was and trust she's anything but shy. She was more like a predatory social climber who had quite the rep of sleeping with anybody who would give her a place to crash, or anybody who could help her career. The celebrities I know don't like her either although they'd never say so publically because Madonna can be very vindictive. I am friends with Patti Labelle and Madonna stomped on her foot at an awards show (Patti said Madonna was trying to get to somebody more important) and she never even said excuse me or sorry. The next year at the same awards show, Patti had had a few hits and was "somebody" so Madonna was all too happy to talk to her. Patti stopped her in her tracks and reminded her of the foot story, and Madonna pretended to be all apologetic but Patti wasn't fooled.

Madonna's a reptile who can't sing and she can't dance either--and shy she ain't.
2002-09-30 10:21:26 AM  
pssst! I'm really Pam Anderson.
2002-09-30 10:34:15 AM  
Now that she shaves, I'de hit it.
2002-09-30 10:47:59 AM  
well, my boyfriend used to work security at a concert theatre in chicago, and he told me that madonna made the backstage staff look down when she walked by. Se would freak out if they looked at her and stuff, so i don't think she's shy, just weird...
2002-09-30 11:45:07 AM  
does shy mean slutty and way overblown?
2002-09-30 12:24:10 PM  
Old and Busted.
2002-09-30 12:46:13 PM  
This is like when Britney was saying she was a virgin...
2002-09-30 12:47:16 PM  
Far--that's true. Diana Ross has the same rule. She makes employees sign an agreement that they avert their eyes when she enters the room, that they never speak unless spoken to, and that they call her "Miss Ross" at all times. Her staff used to call her "Miss-Ross-To-You" behind her back.
2002-09-30 01:08:11 PM  

The whole Madonna, is a uriah heap to her stage hands somes typical and is a bad relfection on her character. But remember she is one of the few remaining artists that is actually an artist! How many songs have the Brinetys actually written? This Kelly Clarkston biatch, whats so great about her? She is no more than an animatronic doll that spits out prefab focus group directed licesnse reproductions of other artists works.

Some one please tell me that there are more "India Arie"s coming up through the mass media morass.

2002-09-30 01:17:31 PM  
MADONNA IS AN ARTIST?!!!! uhhhhh no--she is a carefully packaged product. She is a business woman. Madonna has never had an original idea in her career.

Trail of Dead are artists. Queens of the Stone Age are artists. But Madonna? ugh.
2002-09-30 01:28:38 PM  
She had nice tits in "Desperately Seeking Susan".

Um. Wait. No. That was Rosanna Arquette.
2002-09-30 01:40:19 PM  
I like the way her eyelids are starting to look old haggish. She is yucky with a capital UCKY..
2002-09-30 01:53:20 PM  
Madonna admited to having some lesbian relationships in the past.....THATS IT!!! SOMEBODY GET MADONNA TO THE NEAREST JC PENNY BATHROOM!!!
2002-09-30 02:24:48 PM  
People on the internet are quite boring. Everyone is a critic...even when they shouldn't be.

I think all people can have traits of shyness in them, even ones who are traditionally in leadership roles, like Madonna has been with her career. I don't think Madonna is shy with her career. I don't think Madonna is shy with her children. But, it's possible Madonna could be shy with her father in-law. We don't know Madonna nor her father in-law, so who are we to judge what kind of relationship they have?
2002-09-30 02:25:28 PM  
She's much more an entertainer than an artist. Although, her last concert was pretty artsy fartsy.
2002-09-30 02:59:55 PM  
I like Madonna. She is 100x the talent that Britney Spears is

100 times nothing is... what?

Madonna is a highly successful... mercenary.
2002-09-30 03:21:27 PM  
Heard way, way back in the 80s... "like a virgin. Yeah, right..."

The problem with Madonna, among other things, is that she quite clearly has a brain, quite clearly has singing talent, quite clearly has songwriters who will can get her quality lyrics... but chooses not to take advantage of any of it, in favor of whatever cheap buck is laying around. Her work on the Dick Tracy album was really good stuff -- yet given a choice, she prefers to dish out schlock.

I have more respect for Britney: she's quite honestly a faux-singing pinup girl, sucking Satan's pecker for cash. Madonna's got two heads, but tries to put out like she's not just another demon piglet..
2002-09-30 03:25:59 PM  
Yes, it is true IMO that Madonna is much more talented than Britney. But that's not saying very much. Madonna's fifteen minutes are almost up, and she keeps trying too hard to get in the spotlight and reclaim her bad girl persona. I'm reminded of an exchange between Courtney Love and Madonna from an old episode of SNL (paraphrased):

Courtney: Hey Madonna, remember when you were, like, totally into the Virgin Mary? Now you're all into this Kabbalah thing.
2002-09-30 03:39:32 PM  
Okay maybe I don't know shiat. But who wrote her songs?
2002-09-30 03:57:06 PM  
I'm sure she is crying all the way to the bank.
2002-09-30 07:04:26 PM  
Does the Sun have a different definition for "shy" than the rest of the world? A full one-third of the nekkid girls on their "page three" claim to be shy too.
2002-09-30 08:53:14 PM  
"Never speaking" in your own house is not shyness, it's a neurotic level of reservation. I wouldn't be at all surprised it he is rough, and she likes it that way.
2002-10-07 08:32:10 AM  
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