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(Washington Post)   Prisoners stage sit in - won't leave cells   ( divider line
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1721 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Jul 2001 at 9:11 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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Kat [TotalFark]
2001-07-26 09:21:54 AM  
let 'um stay in there cells.

at least this prison doesnt sound like one I'd like to stay at. Then again, my bedroom has rats, but theyre fancyshmancy pet rats.
2001-07-26 09:32:33 AM  
Then again, this statement of what the prisoners want

"better medical care and more drug treatment programs and job training, officials said."

Sounds like a few of them don't want to end up in prison again. Maybe it would be good to help them....
2001-07-26 09:37:45 AM  
my first reaction was sort of a "ha ha let the criminals stay in their cells, don't bother bringing food!" but this is not a typical prison thing. usually, a smoking ban would be more condusive to riots than to a peaceful protest. and the things they're demanding, as someguy pointed out, are not unreasonable and are a step in the direction of making convicted criminals into functional members of society.

i guess this is a good thing.
2001-07-26 09:41:55 AM  
I just hope that the [image from too old to be available] caption is meant for the title. As some others pointed out, the fact of it is (good) news.
2001-07-26 09:42:25 AM  
I'm still waiting for the day that it will be illegal in California to smoke in your own home.
2001-07-26 09:52:41 AM  
Lechas: it is. You missed the memo. The squad car will be by shortly.
2001-07-26 09:53:36 AM  
I debated between amusing and asinine.

I believe that most of our criminals (body crimes) should be executed with very little (20 minutes) waiting. Sorry about catching a few innocents in there.
Prison should be reserved for crimes that do not physically hurt people. It should be bad. Sit in a cell for a year or 2, and provide manual, demeaning labor. Classes or education would be offered as treats. Repeat offenders (2nd time) should be executed. (cleanse the gene pool)

Jail should be a short term "hey you shouldnt have done that - dumbass" thing. Again, sit in a cell and do manual demeaning labor. Repeat offenders get advanced to a prison stay.

I realize that some innocent people get caught in the system, but that many of these 'innocents' are just innocent of the crime they were caught doing.
2001-07-26 10:01:48 AM  
ok, um, the guards cant get them out of their cells? isnt that why they have guns and sticks and the little prisoner people dont? if the guards at the prison cant even make the prisoners work or move, then whos going to stop them from leaving?
2001-07-26 10:03:31 AM  
I imagine they want a non-smoking section of jail... the next thing they will want is a non-raping section...
2001-07-26 10:13:07 AM  

I just have to eat some of that troll bait Jeff Ummm.. mmmm. good!

They always said that the criminal justice system is good for you.

Truth be known that America is not free, it's paid for.
If you have enough cash you can pay for your murders, Rapes, Corruptions, etc. Hell with enough money you can get the presidente of the country to pardon you.
So Jeff, I think we should kill all those poor bastiges in jail, they are either dumb or genetic refuse. Cause we all know that the rich are smart and elite! all Hail the rich! or is it reich?

2001-07-26 10:15:15 AM  
I agree with Jeff. Fry the bastards. Ever wonder why the US has such a high number of citizens in prison? Because we don't kill off enough of the scum.
2001-07-26 10:20:33 AM  

we the people of Fark have found you guilty of hate speech, a felony. Since this ultimately leads to the harm of members of our society the punishment, as sanctioned by you, is execution.

Please take a large calibre firearm (I recommend a .50 calibre Desert Eagle) and insert a non-empty clip. Next, chamber a round. Disengage any safety devices. Insert the barrel of the sentencing device into your mouth and pull back firmly on the trigger.
2001-07-26 10:27:50 AM  
Maryland House of Correction? Sounds like a waffle house.
2001-07-26 10:50:22 AM  
Hate speech would not be a body crime from my post. If convicted, I'd go to jail or prison to learn the error of my ways.
2001-07-26 10:53:01 AM  
And if you were one of the unfortunate " innocents " ? That would be OK too I guess?
2001-07-26 10:58:37 AM  
Step 1) Give everyone guns.
Step 2) Let the prisoners out.

If everyone was strapped, I believe you would see crime go down a bit. Screw the three strikes law, if you break into my house, I'll introduce you to Mr. 16. (or M16 for short).
2001-07-26 11:24:32 AM  
They're "trying hard to come to a resolution?" WHY???

The prisoners sit in their cells, eat their bag lunches, no one's getting hurt... sounds good to me.
2001-07-26 11:28:09 AM  
If people are in prision, its a farking punishment enough.
The inmates lodged more than a dozen complaints, including demanding better medical care and more drug treatment programs and job training, officials said Well lets bag on them for wanting to better themselves. What shiatbags! How dare they. The inmates also complained about prison conditions, saying the kitchen is infested by rodents and food is undercooked and served in small portions, and they want health inspections of bathrooms and common areas and an investigation into inflated prices of commissary products. Oh your right, some guy in jail for not paying a fine deserves to be served food from a kitchen infested by rats. Health inspections of a bathroom? Why! We have drug POSSESORS in here! They dont need healthy bathrooms. Geezuz Christ on a stick people. They are still people, they farked up. 99% of them WANT to turn their lives around and get back on the right track. Its going to be hard enough for them when they get out of a prision. Just the stigma of being convicted of a crime RUINS you for a long long time. Try getting a job with a crime on your record.

Do you guys even read the articles or do you just go 'Oh its criminals complaining! Criminals suck! Lets give them shiat!
2001-07-26 11:33:14 AM  
Has anyone ever been to see Alcatraz? Now THAT was a prison. They should all be like that: crappy beds, tiny cells, little windows and "the hole" for when prisoners act up. The thought of going to prison should scare people because of how crappy it is, not be like a happy little boy scout jamboree with bag lunches.
2001-07-26 11:35:35 AM  
I don't know if I'd go as far as Jeff with the executions, but I agree with his assertion that the so-called 'innocents' on death row are only innocent of that particular crime. I saw a program on innocent people on death row the other day, and one of the guys who was convicted wrongly of bludgeoning and raping his wife, actually had beat her regularly. I think the world would be better off without this scumbag.
2001-07-26 11:43:19 AM  
I don't know how I can live another day knowing all these rapist,murders and thieves are not happy.. Somehow I must find the will to go on.
2001-07-26 11:47:14 AM  
The ones in there only want the smoking ban lifted so they can sue for the ill effects of secondhand smoke when they get out...
2001-07-26 11:57:53 AM  
On an unrelated note, I'm developing an unhealthy sexual attraction to Monique from SinFest. Must stop fancying cartoon girls... Must stop fancying cartoon girls...
2001-07-26 12:07:56 PM  

I can tell you without a shadow of doubt, that 99% of the prisoners DO NOT want to be rehabilitated, the figure is more like 40%. I cannot condone them having decent medical treatment or some sort of education (or re-education), but how can we expect people to want to stay out of prison if we make it too comfortable for them. Also.... in prison the inmates cook food for other inmates (trusties) so their problem with undercooked food is prisoners who can't cook, too bad.

sounds like the guards have it handled... keep them in the cells, do not let them go out and "play" or be around other inmates (keep prison rape down) of course the bag lunches need to stop.... Raman noodles and spam should be good enough for cooking just a little hot water. I can't smoke in any businesses in my area, why should they be allowed to smoke? Fire is dangerous and we do not need the risk of fire in an already overcrowded prison system. Make it hard enough that people stop commiting crimes so they can live on taxpayers money.
2001-07-26 12:24:55 PM  
Well I dont know, they say personal experience isn't worth anything, but every single person I've ever met who spent some time in prison, didn't want to return. I know quite a few people actually, I know, personal experience isn't worth anything. Whatever. Maybe Im wrong, but I don't think theres a huge number of people who WANT to spent time in prison, maybe a small percentange.

And of course, maybe I'm wrong. I don't think they need to smoke either, but nobdoy needs to smoke *runs away from the smokers*
2001-07-26 12:29:12 PM  
Just leave them in their'll give them more time to anally rape each other.

Seriously, though, I fully support the smoking ban. I can't stand cigarette smoke, and I have lost count of how many smokers have told me not to start (quite a few have told me this). A cigarette ban in prison is no different than a heroin ban -- there are people in prison who were addicted to heroin on the street and were suddenly denied heroin in prison, so denying nicotine should be no different.
2001-07-26 12:36:19 PM  
I knew a guy who was busted for pot in the early 80s in VA. He went in, did his time (2 years) with full medical, dental and some college. Got out, spent a week partying and then walked into the police station offering to sell them drugs. Wham. Back to jail. I went to visit and asked what he thought he was doing. He told me that he still needed dental work and he'd finish his bachelor's degree by the time he was released. Say what? I was busting my ass just trying to avoid starving and pay for school and MY (minimal) taxes were paying for HIM to get it free? WTF?? I can't actually blame him because he was using the system but there's something wrong when people on the outside are struggling to make ends meet but the prisonors to get it all for free?
2001-07-26 12:54:29 PM  
I've been a lurker for a long time, but must say first, how much I love this site. Ahh, how refreshing to hear interesting educated people discussing things other than who's farking who in the office this week. Anyway, my point is that I sadly have to agree with Jeff and Walkman. I've seen to many people, including people I used to conspire with taking advantage of the system and making me pay for it. First hand I know these people, and I know that surviving in jail/prison to them is now a way of life and easier than 'being on the outside'. Not many people truely want to change, when it is made to be an easy safe life. A bed, hot shower, friends and food. They sit around and play spades with their buddies, and have no desire to try to change their entire being when they get out. But, I digress. I love you guys.
2001-07-26 01:03:46 PM  

I have 2 good friends that have spent time in prison, they are not proud of the fact, and they say the would never do what got them put in there ever again. But some of the stories they relate to me about the 2nd , 3rd, 4th time offenders, who are proud to be convicts (seems it is a status symbol to a lot of them). They talk about getting out and commiting more crimes.

Most inmates are from extremly poor backgrounds, some are immigrants from other countries, these people seem to think that "three hots, and a cot" are the best deal they've had in a long time. these are the folks that will get out and commit more crimes, so they can look cool to all their "homies" and when the cops catch them "it's all the man's fault, I didn't do nothing". But they are back with folks that are their peers... so they can play cards and dominos, have a good time, talk about all the biatches and hoes that they are gonna rape or gas stations they are gonna rob when they get out next time.
2001-07-26 01:15:19 PM  
I know people who used to operate a restaurant which employed only paroled convicts. These people wanted to work, they wanted to live a normal life. Most of them had no idea what having a job was like. No idea that you check the schedule at the beginning of the week to see when you're on. The prison inmates who want job training are the ones we should be helping.
2001-07-26 01:27:18 PM  
Guard:"Get out of that cell"


Guard:"Won't follow orders eh?, now you've done it...Biggles, bring in...THE COMFY CHAIR"!!!

Biggles:"Not the comfy chair?!?!?"

Guard:"YES, the comfy chair will break him and make him confess...HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Guard:"Right! get out of the cell!"


Guard:"Still won't follow orders eh?!? Right! Biggles, hit him with...THE SOFT PILLOWS!!!"

Biggles:"Not the soft pillows!?!?!"

Guard:"YES!...that'll teach these prisoners not to mess with us...HAHAHAHAHA!"

(With apologies to the Spanish Inquisition)
2001-07-26 01:30:21 PM  

a couple of interesting tidbits on both sides of the fence that I've noticed:

In prison, i believe you forfeit your constitutional rights to things like free speech, and in this case, freedom of assembly. We allow the prisoners to run our prisons?!

Prison should provide job training, but that same job training (or better) should also be available to law-abiding citizens trying to better their stake in life as well! A prison library should never be better than the local library available to those "on the outside."

Without job training, prisoners are going to learn some job skills anyway (lockpicking, coordinated assaults, etc.), let's give them some skills that would be useful to all of us.

I don't think prison should be fun. Work all day on highways - and when the highway workers union complains about the jobs they're losing, put the union guys up building prisons! Those prisons should have adequate medical facilities though!

3 strikes is stupid, but for violent crimes I'm in favor of a "point system" like we have for drivers licenses. When you get 12 points you die. Rape may be 5 points, manslaughter = 6 pts, capital murder 12, etc.

just some thoughts...

2001-07-26 01:44:40 PM  
Pheh. It is my opinion that prison for each inmate should consist of a 7' by 7' by 14'(high ceilings so most inmates can't reach the lights) steel box, and that the inmate should be completely isolated from the outside world and human contact. All food and laundry should be delivered from a chute in the wall. There should be no television, radio, or any other type of distraction. The lights should be bright flourescent lights that turn on and off based on the schedule. When off, the inmate would be left in complete darkness, as there would be no windows. On one wall, give them a monitor(behind a thick coating of lexan(spelling?) to keep it from being vandalized) that states the crime they were committed of, and the amount of time they have remaining, down to the second. Force them to spend all of their waking moments in contemplation of their crime, with no distractions. This method would be safer for inmates, safer for guards, and would less escapes and riots.
2001-07-26 01:49:00 PM  
When you go to jail, aren't you supposed to stay in your cell?
2001-07-26 01:52:00 PM  
I wonder if their refusal to work is going to delay the construction on the B-W Parkway.

Or is it illegal to make prisoners do work like that? I haven't lived in MD too long. In Alabama, where I grew up, it was always comforting to see the chain gangs picking up trash and paving my streets. After all, they do get cable TV - and that's a luxury that even I have.
2001-07-26 01:52:04 PM  
In Huntsville there is a ban on smoking.
Even on Deathrow.
Even with your last meal.
2001-07-26 02:22:42 PM  
"The inmates also complained about prison conditions, saying the kitchen is infested by rodents and food is undercooked and served in small portions, and they want health inspections of bathrooms and common areas and an investigation into inflated prices of commissary products."

That's the same stuff that we said about the food at our cafeterias and the conditions of the bathrooms during high school.

On a side note...I told my parents that if they didn't get me a car, I would run away. I was being absurd, as are the prisoners in the article.
2001-07-26 02:40:11 PM  
The Justice system needs two kinds of prisons. They would both serve the public good by keeping offenders out of the mainstream of society, but the style of incarceration in either should be focused on either a) Punishment or b) Rehabilitation. One prison system cannot serve both purposes effectively. The principles for selecting candidates for either system could be open to public debate and a referendum. Remember, the highest purpose justice can serve is to reform a criminal into a citizen; on the other hand, you have to sort the wheat from the chaff. I'm not straddling the fence here; crime is not a black-and-white issue.
2001-07-26 02:57:38 PM  
I've just been reviewing the technical specs as they were given in the movie, and I think it *would* be possible to make Manhattan escape-proof after all. Note: never fly the Air Force One over latterday Manhattan.

On second thoughts, do.
2001-07-26 02:59:59 PM  
I FARTED! It was wet, I am not moving.
2001-07-26 03:01:14 PM  
Hey, Umlaut--What are you doing, making a well-thought-out statement like that?! You're just supposed to spout unfounded opinion and one-sided statements!
2001-07-26 03:02:46 PM  
Not you personally, you understand, just a general comment on the discourse that sometimes goes on here.
2001-07-26 03:07:49 PM  
Depending on the crime, 1st time offenders get full priviledges such as training, library, TV etc. 2nd time offenders lose training and library. 3rd time offenders get life with zero. Blank empty cell. There should be no 4th time offenders.

The point idea is good.
2001-07-26 03:23:25 PM  
Yah - the best way to teach antisocials how to behave is to beat them, hard.

It isn't even necessarily an "ideal world" thing, but if being separated from society is not a punishment, then society sucks. My radical ethic would call for criminals to be treated humanely, kindly even - just behind bars, and with bandwidth into the world outside reduced to almost zero.
Contrary to popular perception, society can afford this, easily, and as for the concept of vengeance: shiat happens, sometimes it is somebody's fault, but emulating the criminal's worst behaviour and applying it to the criminal himself will not help me get over anything.
Peace, Love, Beer, and Boobies.
This message brought to your from an alternate universe. Weeeeee... !
2001-07-26 04:18:22 PM  
It came to my attention (in the article) that the prisoners wont go to work. Is it because the prison system is making a from thier cheap (almost free) labor and they are using that as a bargaining chip? Just a thought. 8-)
2001-07-26 04:34:14 PM  
On one hand, we want to rehabilitate criminals. On the other hand, there are so many criminals in prison that there is no funding for better programs left. Solution? Me as your totalitarian leader. I can make things work, one way or the other.

If they wanted the prisoners out of their cells, and just be cold, heartless biatches about it, they could stop giving them food....

Rob, something just for you:
[image from too old to be available]
2001-07-26 04:35:11 PM  
Kat, I had a pet mouse that ate its tail off for some reason. Guess the food I was giving it, wasn't up to its standards :(
2001-07-26 04:37:46 PM  
isnt this a good thing? prisoners sitting put and not trying to escape using potato mashers. what a protest. its like protesting work by showing up early.
2001-07-26 04:48:16 PM  
Yes, our country has a long history of imprisoning the poor and putting them to work. When slavery was 'abolished' the South just arrested the blacks for things like vagrancy, and then leased out prison labor (predominantly black) to the firms, that had owned slaves. Yes we live in a far from free country. Freedom is available only if you can afford it. Anyone who has taken a basic psychology class knows that punishment is a poor regimen for shaping behaviour. LabberD, as usual we find each other in agreement. It's curious that with Reagan and beyond, with the lets build more prisons and have mandatory sentencing, that prison population rose and unemployment fell. The unemployment numbers factor out the prison population. Hence unemployment hasn't fallen, the numbers have just been swept under the rug. See Rei's numbers in the Carter thread from yesterday. Clinton (well actually Clinton, his staff and congress) maintained this tough on crime stance, because he (they) knew it would make his numbers look good. Yes let's get tough on drugs, and let's pass three strikes laws. A great way of ignoring the real problem which is poverty induced by the growing income disparity. 1% of the population is owning an increasing percentage of the pie. That 1% has fragmented the other 99% and pitted one group against another--i.e. racism, regionalism, sexism, sexual identity-ism, etc. This 1% has used religion, the media, and education to control the other 99%, and when there is a hint of an uprising, they declare a war somewhere to restore 'patriotism' and basically change the subject.....I could go on and on, but right now my lunch is getting cold and I have to actually do work today. Adios.
2001-07-26 05:50:34 PM  
Pbsaurus - . Have a good lunch / hope your lunch was good (Internet English calls for augmentation). As I am typing this, I am painlully aware of the fact that I should be working, too. At this rate I shall at some point go to prison.

Maybe outlaws, i.e. inmates, are actually a prime measure of a society. Who does not "belong"? A bit like "cliques" in school, where the most defining member is the person who is excluded (which often made me a very important personage). An extreme example: in times of war, homicidal psychopaths may well count as outstanding and productive members of society - as long as they are on enemy soil, I guess.
As for the distribution of wealth: Still, we of the western world are richer than ever before. So rich in fact, that many individuals can start playing a "zero sum game" by suing the ass off anyone who is rich enough, causing nary an eylid to quiver in the process <cue lawyer rant> What luxury! The poor will be with us always (quote from I-don't-know Kipling perhaps?), but they are also getting richer and richer.
What to make of it? Today, I am more aware than otherwise that I know nothing.

(Apply ususal "other universe" disclaimer. I seek ... coffee ... todietosleepperchancetodreamayethatstherubadubdub)
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