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(Mainichi Daily News)   Perverts pinched for patronizing prepubescent prostitutes   ( divider line
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9591 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Sep 2002 at 12:10 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-28 05:10:40 AM  
Hey, that sound just a little bit familiar....
2002-09-28 12:13:12 PM  
This happened in Japan? You don't say...
2002-09-28 12:17:39 PM  
Did anyone else assume it was the other meaning of patronising? It took me a while to figure out that they weren't actually arrested for being condescending to prostitues.
2002-09-28 12:18:10 PM  
i thought this was all well and legal in japantown..?
2002-09-28 12:18:26 PM  
P-p-p-positively interesting article.
2002-09-28 12:19:13 PM  
Screw work, I'm turning to prostitution.
2002-09-28 12:21:23 PM  
The girls, who were aged 11 and 12...
2002-09-28 12:21:54 PM  
Not half as bad as SA's awful link of the day.
2002-09-28 12:22:01 PM  
Nice alliteration. Lots of "Ps".
2002-09-28 12:27:26 PM  
Hey, if there's grass on the field, it's time to play ball!

2002-09-28 12:27:46 PM  
Oh, great. Now I have to "P." Get it? P!

*wanders into woods*

*a shot is heard*
2002-09-28 12:34:07 PM  
If there isn't any grass, play in the mud!

Oh, wait. I was dead.
2002-09-28 12:35:19 PM  
this story sure sounds familiiar. like the one about the two guys who solicited 2 prostitues except they were really junior high girls. or the one where the 2 guys solicited 2 high school prostitutes. and the one where 2 guys were charged with soliciting 2 elementary prostitutes. oh wait, thats this story
2002-09-28 12:36:38 PM  
In america, the pervs wouldn't pay.
2002-09-28 12:37:59 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-28 12:40:19 PM  
09-28-02 12:21:54 PM Clickman
Not half as bad as SA's awful link of the day.

Dear sweet mother of god! Why!?!? Why did I click on that link!?! Curse you Clickman for tempting my curiosity. When will I ever learn that is someone tells me a link is disgusting and disturbing not to click on it. And I still look at car crashes when I drive past them.

Suddenly, however, I no longer feel quite so bad about creating this.
2002-09-28 12:42:04 PM  

Ghastly, that is disgusting.

Good show.

2002-09-28 12:43:39 PM  
Burns: I need to send this parcel with the profit projections to Pete Porter in Pasadena. And it absolutely, positively _has_ to be there overnight.
[hands the package to the man to his right]
Man 1: Pete Porter, pass it on. [hands it on]
Man 2: Pasadena promptly. [hand it on]
Man 3: Package to parcel processing, pronto. [hands it to Smithers]
[Smithers runs into the parcel processing room]
Smithers: Forgot prende asked for highly pressing package of power plant profit projections for Pete Porter in Pasadena.
Attendant: Priority?
Smithers: Precisely.
2002-09-28 12:44:17 PM  
Funny shiat there.
Fan of the comic too, hilarious stuff. Never got a chance to say it.
2002-09-28 12:47:01 PM  
forgot this part:

Homer: [out of breath] Here's your package, Mr. Burns.
Burns: [sputters] My name is the return address, you senseless dunderpate. Smithers, who is this nincompoop?
2002-09-28 12:49:41 PM  
"The girls told Takimoto and Matsushima that they were junior high school students, but the men reportedly knew their real age."

So if they were junior high students, it would have been legal? That's _still_ sick.
2002-09-28 12:49:48 PM  
Ghastly- Thats classic. I gotta buy a few of those as gag gifts for friends.
2002-09-28 01:00:30 PM  
Press to be pummeled for producing patently perverse puns.
2002-09-28 01:19:47 PM  
I find it amusing that everyone who's saying "THIS IS GROSS/WRONG/DISTURBING" is blaming the accused, and not the whores who solicited this.

Besides, it's Japan... I thought farking middle school kids was encouraged in that culture.
2002-09-28 01:26:18 PM  
I read somewhere (maybe a link from Fark) that the Japanese were absolutely the grossest and most perverted in sexual stuff. Some high-dollar whores didn't even want to service them because of the stuff they wanted done.

Funny, the girls got pinched because of their cell phones. I will never understand the Japanese culture, and that goes all the way back to that kamikaze stuff.

Of course, they probably didn't understand Hiroshima or Nagasake either.
2002-09-28 01:46:17 PM  
Great headline. Nice example of alliteration.
2002-09-28 02:27:10 PM  
pretty peppy party isnt it pal?
name the movie
2002-09-28 02:32:27 PM  
Funny, the girls got pinched because of their cell phones.

Boy, it's a damn good thing that 11 and 12 year old girls don't have cell phones and dress like sluts in America.
2002-09-28 02:44:03 PM  
Everyone should be arrested booked and charged including those slutty little girls. Personally I feel prostitution should be legalized and regulated (works good in Nevada) I don't go to them but hey each to their own. Minors on the other-hand the two men should burn, and the two kids should be sent to a shrink.
2002-09-28 03:05:44 PM  
Pinching perverts will only encourage them.
2002-09-28 03:22:31 PM  
I'm pretty sure I submitted this with "Peter Piper predisposed" after the same title, but apparently "my" version wasn't what was posted. Are we now allowed to submit the same page multiple times? Are the admins just being gay?
2002-09-28 03:39:50 PM  
Are the admins just being gay?

Not just.
2002-09-28 03:40:47 PM  
So, what is the age of consent in Japan, anyway? I thought it was 15, last time I'd heard... I think it's still 14 in Hawaaii... Scary stuff.
2002-09-28 03:45:43 PM  
Japan is cool. But Jeebus, 11 and 12 is just sick. They could have at least gone for 14+.

Ghastly: Hahahaha, that's great.
2002-09-28 03:46:44 PM  
The girls did it for the money. Now a days girls in Japan (well, certain types) will do anything for money. They are worse than American teens if you ask me!
2002-09-28 03:49:08 PM  
yeah, anything below 16 is just plain nuts
2002-09-28 04:00:28 PM  
If there's grass on the field, it's time to play ball, eh?
2002-09-28 04:44:21 PM  
Poor planning.
2002-09-28 04:58:18 PM  
What I meant by familiar was this which was something I linked to Totalfark yesterday. Come up with your own ideas.
2002-09-28 06:19:05 PM  
Anyone remember that game:
Passionate Patti in the Pursuit of the Pulsating Perctorals
(Leisure Suit Larry)
2002-09-28 06:41:16 PM  
I believe the age of consent over here in Japan was recently RAISED to 16. From 13. Even still, japs are a bunch of filthy pedophiles and this kind of stuff is very, very widespread, as in it happens on a daily basis all over the whole farking island.
2002-09-28 06:47:00 PM  
Holy Alliteration, Batman!
2002-09-28 08:13:44 PM  
Smitty, age of consent for what? Can't two 13 year olds have sex without the law getting involved? I know plenty of people who had sex at that age or younger who had a good time are absolutely fine.

Probably means with someone over 18 or maybe 21. If its 18 then that's still a little harsh, 18 and 15 aren't really that different.

They should have it based on mental age instead of chronological age anyhow, some people will never be mentally past the age of consent for anything.
2002-09-28 08:49:24 PM  
Perverts pinched for patronizing prepubescent prostitutes
Too... much... alliteration...

2002-09-29 12:01:45 AM  
Conte, when I say age of consent, I am referring to the legal cutoff (i.e. in the US it's legal for two under-18's or two over-18's, but not one of each). However, I agree with your statements fully. It is pretty ludicrous that an 18 year old and a 17 year old doing it is considered illegal. But under the old Japanese law, a 40 year old dude could legally screw around with a 13 year old middle school girl, and that's just WRONG. As I pointed out, it still goes on with girls as young as 10 whoring themselves out to old guys. Again, just plain WRONG. Japan is simply wrought with pedophilia, and it turns my stomach to walk down the street knowing that every guy I see, young or old, would take advantage of little girls like my baby sister given the chance.
2002-09-29 12:17:50 AM  
Close enough...
2002-09-29 01:44:01 AM  
Here here, Smitty! I agree. I always want to beat the fark out of some stupid old businessman when I see him handing a short-skirted junior high student a couple of 10,000 yen bills. But it would be nice if the girls also had a bit of respect for themselves. Money is the only thing that makes them feel important, and they will do anything to get it and really don`t care about the consequences.
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