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(1010 WINS)   LL Cool J is a Republican, finally decided to register to vote at age 40   ( divider line
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6067 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Sep 2002 at 11:04 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-27 11:05:45 AM  
i think you have to turn in your Crip card before you register with another party. My cousin did that once.
2002-09-27 11:09:25 AM  
Better late than never.
2002-09-27 11:10:54 AM  
That's gotta make G.W. proud...he's got L.L. on his side now!
2002-09-27 11:11:23 AM  
Oh thank you dear God, now I can sleep.
2002-09-27 11:11:28 AM  
don't he have to get "beat out" of the democratic party first?
2002-09-27 11:11:34 AM  
Since when is LL Cool J a "superstar entertainer?" Has this reporter not seen Rollerball?
2002-09-27 11:12:35 AM  
Listen, when you are "mackin'" like LL and rollin' out blockbuster flicks like "Rollerball" and hit albums like G.O.A.T., a playa don't got no time to register and shiat.
2002-09-27 11:12:47 AM  
Welcome aboard.
2002-09-27 11:13:28 AM  
A rich guy votes republican?

Hold the front page!
2002-09-27 11:13:34 AM  
I bet G.W. would look really cool in one of LL's cango hats.
2002-09-27 11:13:49 AM  
LL was born in 1968...he's 34 I think.

Just goes to show you - you become a Republican when you make a bit of cash and want to protect the status quo that got you your cash. That's not bad or good, though, just true.
2002-09-27 11:15:05 AM  
A rich materialistic masogenistic republican? I've never heard of such a thing.
2002-09-27 11:15:51 AM  
It's those rich black Republicans that are keeping the poor white man down.
2002-09-27 11:15:53 AM  
I'm mystified at the fact that I listened to his stuff at one time. Must have been some sort of brain fart. I can't stand any rap now.
2002-09-27 11:16:24 AM  
"I'm looking for your love,
it's not under the rug."

-L.L. Cool J aka Ladies Love Cool James

Honestly, can you think of a worst lyric ever? I doubt it.

Talk amongst yourselves.
2002-09-27 11:16:49 AM  
I agree with Mierk. This certainly doesn't deserve an assinine tag (except for the "superstar" reference). If you register to vote, that's cool, regardless of the party affiliation.
2002-09-27 11:17:09 AM  
actually most rich entertainers are dems except arnie and now LL
2002-09-27 11:17:26 AM  
Uh, Mr. J? Momma said knock you out. She also said you were no son of hers.
2002-09-27 11:17:52 AM  
I reserve comment until I know who Ice T is voting for.
2002-09-27 11:19:07 AM  
Ladies Love Cool James.
2002-09-27 11:19:29 AM  
Does this mean he can now participate in Fark's famous "evil conservatives vs god-less liberal" flame wars?
2002-09-27 11:19:42 AM  
Stupid farking posting fark-up grumble grumble grumble.....

it left of the Soviet Russia.....
2002-09-27 11:22:57 AM  
Huh- and all this time, I thought every black Republican in America was in Bush's cabinet. :)
2002-09-27 11:23:22 AM  
I thought he lived in Charlotte...
2002-09-27 11:24:55 AM  
Pataki said he was a fan of Cool J's and considered the rapper a good role model.

I lived in NYC for seven years, almost all of it under Pataki. Good governor, but a fan of Cool J's? I sincerely doubt Pataki had even heard of LL Cool J before the campaign event when they appeared together.
2002-09-27 11:26:29 AM  
Now that I really think about it, why the hell is this news anyway? LL Cool J registers to vote? C'mon, does anyone REALLY give a flying fark?? This does almost seem like a cheap way to incite a flame war...
2002-09-27 11:28:33 AM  
completely unrelated:

if ANYONE has the TOOL PRESALE PASSWORD for the BILOXI show on NOVEMBER 9, 2002 please post!!
2002-09-27 11:29:56 AM  
He's obviously smarter than the average Hollywood personality.
2002-09-27 11:31:09 AM  
Krusty - you can add Marilyn Manson to the list as well. We're very proud...
2002-09-27 11:33:00 AM  
The assinine tag would've been more appropriate had he registered as a democrat. But it would appear LL has matured, and has a good head on his shoulders, unlike most farkers here.
2002-09-27 11:33:58 AM  
Well we have the one holdout black republicant running for Lt. Governor here in Maryland.
2002-09-27 11:34:08 AM  
Pat Sajak is a Repub too....
2002-09-27 11:34:45 AM  
"I'm Bad"

(Calling all cars, calling all cars...)
(Be on the lookout for a tall light-skinned brother with dimples)
(Wearing a black kangol, sweatsuit, gold chain, and sneakers)
(Last seen on Farmers Boulevard headed east)
(Alias L.L. Cool J)
(He's bad...)

No rapper can rap quite like I can
I'll take a musclebound man and put his face in the sand
Not the last Mafioso I'm a MC cop
Make you say, "Go L.L. and do the wop"

If you think you can outrhyme me, yeah boy I bet
Cause I ain't met a motherfarker who can do that yet
Trendsetter I'm better my rhymes are good
I got a gourmet plate that says I wish you would

And when rap begin then I gotta join in and
Before my rhyme is over you know I'm a win
Cool J has arrived so you better make way
Ask anybody in the crowd they say the kid don't play!

Sparring competition that's my hobby and job
I don't wear a disguise because I don't own the mob
Got a pinpoint rap that makes you feel trapped
So many girls on my jock I think my phone here is tapped

I'm bad
(Cool J)
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(C C C C Cool J J)
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I'm like Tyson icin' I'm a soldier at war
I'm makin' sure you don't try to battle me no more
Got concrete rhymes been rappin' for ten years and
Even when I'm braggin' I'm bein' sincere

MC's can't win I make 'em rust like tin
They call me Jaws my hat is like a shark's fin
Because I'm bad as can be got my voice all waxed
Some brothers think he's making records now he must have relaxed

I couldn't shouldn't and it'll stay that way
The best rapper you've heard is L.L. Cool J
Kamikaze take a look at what I've done
Used to rock in my basement now I'm number one

And can happen on time never standin' on lime
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I'm the pinnacle that means I reign supreme
And I'm notorious I'll crush you like a jelly bean

I'm bad

I eliminate punks cut 'em up in chunks
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Cause I eat rappers like a cannibal they call me insane

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I enjoy what I'm doing plus I'm paid in full
Not Buckaroo Bonsai but busted out as I
Say the kind of rhymes that make MC's withstand I tie

Never retire or put my mike on the shelf
The baddest rapper in the history of rap itself
Not bitter or mad just provin' I'm bad
You want a hit give me a hour plus a pen and a pad

MC's they retreat cause they know I can beat 'em
And eat 'em in a battle and the ref won't cheat 'em
I'm the best takin' out all rookies
So forget Oreos eat Cool J coookies

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Sparrin' MC's and I'm a never get with
When I retire I'll get worship like a old battleship

L.L. I'm bad other rappers know
When I enter the center they say, "Yo, yo there he go!"
My paycheck's large Mr. Bogart in charge
Not a puncher or hunter from a rap cool large

The original Todd teachin' how to be hard
Take the skin off a snake and split a pea from a pod
You're a novice I'm noble and I decipher my tongue
Not Atilla the Hun but no I'm Threwler his son

My vulture's exact like rack and pinion in a Jag
You try to brag you get your rhymes from a grab-bag
No good scavenger catfish vulture
My tongue's a chisel in this competition sculpture

I'm bad
(Think I'm gonna need backup)
(Think I'm gonna need backup)
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(I'm too bad for ya, understand...)
Aaaaaahhhh... I'm bad!
2002-09-27 11:34:55 AM  
Uncle L the Future of the Funk. This just goes to show you, the federal gvt. is no relevent in the average or even the unaverage citizens life.
2002-09-27 11:36:41 AM  
A black man voting Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders. - Rep. J.C. Watts' (R-OK) daddy.

Hell, the GOP probably paid him. Watch out in 2004 when he runs for Congress.

Ever notice how Republican actors can't act worth a shiat? Find me one who can, and Eastwood and John Wayne don't count.
2002-09-27 11:36:42 AM  
"jack the ripper, king hercules"
2002-09-27 11:36:57 AM  
"Honestly, can you think of a worst lyric ever? I doubt it."

Try "My hat is like a shark's fin" - from the lame song he did for the Deep Blue Sea soundtrack.

"My hat is like a shark's fin", is there some hidden meaning here?
2002-09-27 11:38:34 AM  
Ladies Love Cool, I don't see it.

"The world that I come from, a lot of people aren't interested in politics, quite frankly. But after seeing how the governor handled the 9-11 situation, seeing what happened in this city ... I decided, you know what? I'm going to vote; I'm going to register," Cool J said. "This will be the first gentleman I vote for."

::sigh:: One-issue voting: we will never be rid of its damage. And in this case, the one issue, the governor's actions in response to 9/11, will have little-to-no bearing on how he will perform for the next four years, so 9/11 is not a good reason to support this governor. Perhaps there are other good reasons, but 9/11 isn't one of them. Elections are supposed to be about the future, not about coincidentally being in office during a tragedy.

2002-09-27 11:38:45 AM  
Hrm. I considered going on a good rant about how the whole Democrat/Republican system is asinine in the first place, but then I realized it was Friday, and I just don't give a fark.
2002-09-27 11:38:45 AM  
Let's not forget the Round Mound of Rebound himself, Sir Charles Barkley. Also, I don't understand what is asinine about registering to vote, regardless of what party.

BTW, Easy E was a card-carrying member of the Inner Circle of the Republican Party, which is for the real heavy-hitters that contribute to the GOP.
2002-09-27 11:39:35 AM  
Who cares which party he votes for. At least he exercises his right to vote. I applaud him for that. Way to go LL!!
2002-09-27 11:41:01 AM  
I wonder what the butt-licking cretins at think about this?
2002-09-27 11:41:20 AM  
speaking of republicans. is discussing the photoshop daschle thread
2002-09-27 11:42:34 AM  
He loved how the govenor handled 9-11? Oh, you mean a platform of non-involvment save a few press conferences inwhich he basically said Rudy was running the show?

Proving once again that rapers, past, present, and future, are complete and utter morons. Except Humpty from Digital Underground. That guy be cool yo.
2002-09-27 11:44:03 AM  
But is Tupac registerd as a republican too ?
2002-09-27 11:44:21 AM  
damn people don't even read before commenting.

from LL:

"It's not about parties, it's not about race, it's not about what's cool or not cool, it's about action and it's about people stepping up," he said.

but this one is farking funny...and obvious coming out a politician's mouth:

Pataki said he was a fan of Cool J's and considered the rapper a good role model.

yeah, i bet Pataki has all of LL's "joints" that he's "dropped" over the years.

2002-09-27 11:44:31 AM  
my bad
I think the fat boys are republicans too
2002-09-27 11:47:56 AM  

can you name any actors that are repbulicans? there are only about 3.
2002-09-27 11:49:46 AM  
This is hardly a first. Does anybody else remember when Eazy-E attended a White House dinner after a charitable donation to Satan Bush I?
2002-09-27 11:51:19 AM  
TheGrayCat, you are the winner. I completely forgot that lyric, "My head is like a shark's fin." I think it's head and not hat. Could be wrong though. Regardless, I tried to block that memory from my mind, but you rammed it back in there.

Remember the video for that Deep Blue Sea song? He has his hands claspes over his head like an NFL referee signalling a safety, yet he is rocking his head all around like an egyptian.

Gah. People think Michael Jackson fell from glory. This LL Cool J cat has become the very definition of tool.
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