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(Daily Mail)   Tiny dog unearths two-million-year old mammoth bone that's bigger than it is, but still wants steak (with pic of pooch that's worth the click alone)   ( ) divider line
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44487 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Oct 2007 at 5:22 PM (9 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-10-03 06:28:02 PM  
I heard science has just found a better way to extract dna from prehistoric hair. How long until we have a Wooly Mammoth clone?

That's what I'm talkin 'bout.
2007-10-03 06:28:40 PM  
that's quite a headline. is english your second language?
2007-10-03 06:31:19 PM

The two dogs in my life.

Left: My 12-year-old Border Collie, Tess. Lives with my parents.
Right: My wife's 12-year-old black Cocker Spaniel, Spanky. Lives with my wife's parents.

/Dog person through and through
2007-10-03 06:32:12 PM  
Fossil = rock

Bone = bone

She dug up a farking rock, not a bone.

nothing ruins a party like genius

/glass house
2007-10-03 06:32:17 PM  
The Southern Dandy: I heard science has just found a better way to extract dna from prehistoric hair. How long until we have a Wooly Mammoth clone?

Old and busted: Embryotic stem cell research
New hotness: Wooly mammoth clone
2007-10-03 06:32:49 PM  
jonthenewt: PufferPunk

How'd you manage to cross a housefly with a dog? Did you get ahold of Jeff Goldblum's teleportation device?

years of feeding him wet dogfood and scaring the bejesus outta him when he is asleep ;)
2007-10-03 06:33:16 PM  
Your_Dog: My Dog Stanley

Miss him tons..

Awwww....look at his eyes, oh so cute...

Snowy gives a smile for Stanley.
2007-10-03 06:34:10 PM  
Your_Dog: My Dog Stanley

Miss him tons..

He looks like a Stanley...or Herb. Either name would fit his cute mug.
2007-10-03 06:35:05 PM  
Doggie thread!

My current favorites from what I have.
The mastiff is Starr, the guinea pig is Mustard Plug.
2007-10-03 06:35:21 PM  
The cuteness in this thread is going to make my head asplode.

//Cat person
//Dog person, too
//I can has both?
2007-10-03 06:35:50 PM  
Lampmonster: airsupport: packrabid04: That's not a dog!!

THIS is a dog.

That's a horse.

Ah, I see you've played doggey horsey before.

Son of a whore! That's exactly what I wanted to say when I saw that, but now I can't.

Also, from TFA:
A wooly mammoth, which last roamed the Earth nearly two million years ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't they around until about 10,000 years ago? I thought they died out at the end of the last ice age.
2007-10-03 06:42:14 PM  
I can haz mammory bone?
2007-10-03 06:43:38 PM  
Did someone say dog thread?

/Chloe approves
//she turns 2 next month, but that pic is from last year sometime
2007-10-03 06:43:51 PM
My 16 year old Weiner Dog will devour your soul with his awesomeness.
2007-10-03 06:43:59 PM

Did someone say mammoth bone?

/he'd chew it up in 5 minutes
2007-10-03 06:44:27 PM  
"Remains like this are quite common in the area, but it was a wonderful achievement for a little dog to find it. She may have thought it looked quite appetising and there may well be a very small percentage of amino acids still left in it.

"Chewing on the bone might help to clean her teeth, but she would not be able to extract any goodness or nutrition from it.

"It would certainly have been very tasty a couple of million years ago, when it would have had bits of fat attached to it - but it is now heavily mineralised with iron oxide."

So? Let her have it.
2007-10-03 06:44:51 PM  
Ouch I just sat on my balls: Dachshunds rock

/wren and boxer agree
2007-10-03 06:45:13 PM

Me and my puppies....
2007-10-03 06:47:09 PM  

Mmmmmm, mammoth....
2007-10-03 06:47:18 PM  
Drone1047: Seymore?

That episode was the only cartoon that has ever made me cry (i mean sobbing cry) like a baby.
2007-10-03 06:48:04 PM  
That bone didn't look any older than 6000 years.
2007-10-03 06:48:11 PM  
kilgorn: Me and my puppies....

I can has brindled one?

/send to me, please
//this is not the puppy you are not going to send to me
2007-10-03 06:49:56 PM  
Dog Welder: That bone didn't look any older than 6000 years.

Yeah, unless it is God's severed toe bone, it can't be older than 6000 years or so.
2007-10-03 06:50:48 PM

///MS Paint
2007-10-03 06:52:09 PM  
I call her "Patty"..
2007-10-03 06:52:30 PM  
Your dog wants mammoth bones meat and veggie cake!

/really easy to make! Fresh ground beef, middle layer of ground healthy veggies w/ omega-3 oil and "frosted" with fat-free ricotta cheese (a littel goes a long way) and sprinkled with a little bit of cheddar shreds and carrot shavings!
//YES I am a dork for my dog and it was her birthday so SHUT UP
2007-10-03 06:53:18 PM  

Related to Dubya?
2007-10-03 06:53:30 PM  
Whats with all the dog pics? Is it Dogtober already?
2007-10-03 06:53:31 PM
2007-10-03 06:53:58 PM

Done before.
2007-10-03 06:54:39 PM  
litmusdragon: /Quick
///MS Paint

What about: "All these bones are yours, except for the mammoth. Attempt no chewing there. Chew them together. Chew them in peace.
2007-10-03 07:00:52 PM  
Its that little pink tongue that makes the whole photo.

Cursday on a Wednesday!
2007-10-03 07:01:16 PM  
Your_Dog: My Dog Stanley

Miss him tons..

This is our Stanley.
2007-10-03 07:03:44 PM  
PictureScary: perhaps they mean this particular mammoth last wandered the earth two million years ago

According to Wikipedia, most were created 6000 years ago having already been dead for 6000 years
2007-10-03 07:07:23 PM  
AWWWW I love weener dogs. I love dogs. I love weeners. I love mammoth bones.
2007-10-03 07:10:50 PM  
Something wonderful will occur...
2007-10-03 07:12:23 PM  
2007-10-03 07:12:25 PM  
daas_boot: AWWWW I love weener dogs. I love dogs. I love weeners. I love mammoth bones.

These are all things that we know...
2007-10-03 07:19:31 PM  
That's not a farking dachsund!. Its some kind of terrier or schauzthingy.
2007-10-03 07:21:08 PM  

Nice Stanley. Got one of those at home myself. Not a Stanley, but a Shady.

Best. Dog. Evurrrrrrr. Well, right along with his bro Beau and the Gizmo Mutt who are pretty darn awesome as well.

I love Caturday to no end but doggies rule. Cursday on a Wednesday will do anytime.

/Oh and congrats to Daisy. Good girl.
2007-10-03 07:27:38 PM  
My dog only goes for human food.
2007-10-03 07:31:20 PM  
Cauchy_Riemann_equations: My dog only goes for human food.

It appears you are missing an arm, you might want to get that checked out.
2007-10-03 07:32:13 PM  
Does want!
2007-10-03 07:32:36 PM  
Dog Welder

That bone didn't look any older than 6000 years.

It isnt.
2007-10-03 07:34:15 PM  
"Remains like this are quite common in the area, but it was a wonderful achievement for a little dog to find it."

Since when what tripping over a bone a "wonderful achievment"?

"The bone is very thick because it would have had to support the weight of the elephant," he added."

What would we do without the chairman of the local geology groups witty comments?

//that dog looks like it could sure lick some peanut butter..Mmm..Hmm
2007-10-03 07:41:00 PM  
Anyone have a kangal? I always wanted to have one of those as a pet...
2007-10-03 07:42:40 PM  
Keeper wants a mammoth bones!
2007-10-03 07:46:30 PM  
Priceless. That dog picture. I laughed.
2007-10-03 07:48:51 PM  
Jack approves!
2007-10-03 07:49:05 PM  
Garfield226: FTA: "going walkies"?

Guess that "writing for third graders" thing kicked in quicker than I thought.

That's what our fellows across the big pond call taking their dog for a walk.
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