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(NewsMax)   "Communist" China was behind 9/11, not those conservative Al Qaida fellows   ( divider line
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7798 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Sep 2002 at 3:54 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-26 09:39:30 AM  
Actually, I heard China was behind the GnR reunion tour.
2002-09-26 03:57:57 PM  
Newsmax smokes the cock
2002-09-26 03:58:12 PM  
Feh. This doesn't pass the smell test.
2002-09-26 03:58:12 PM  
Never believe a guy named "Wang".
2002-09-26 03:58:21 PM  
You know what else is big and red? Clifford.
2002-09-26 03:58:29 PM  
Why is 'Communist' in quotes? Did I miss some major world development?
2002-09-26 03:58:34 PM  
The MSG made those fine Arab fellows do it!!
2002-09-26 04:00:14 PM  
In Communist China attacks take credit for you!
2002-09-26 04:00:19 PM  
2002-09-26 04:00:44 PM  
Damn china always comes with the best ideas.

2002-09-26 04:01:03 PM  
U.S.S.R => old and busted

China => new hotness
2002-09-26 04:01:33 PM  
THe chinese were behind the attacks ? Hell give me a break, they can't even drive in a 20 mile an hour zone, so how in the hell are they gonnas be able to fly a plane properly ?
2002-09-26 04:01:44 PM  
2002-09-26 04:01:57 PM  
I had some General Tso'c Hicken for dinner the other night- tasy assault on my gut...only attack I know of..
2002-09-26 04:02:39 PM  
I could be wrong, but I believe they stole it from Tom Clancy.
2002-09-26 04:03:18 PM  
Al qaida really means "the cuties", now would they do anything to hurt us?
2002-09-26 04:04:01 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
had a feeling I'd get to use this again.

2002-09-26 04:04:19 PM  
That scares me. China (in my infinite political knowledge) is perhaps our greatest enemy. Their standing army is quite freaking large. I don't understand why china hates us. Can someone give me the quick (if possible) summary.
2002-09-26 04:04:38 PM  



Oh yeah, you can only get the text of this document from the NewsMax store. It's not available in any other store, act now, supplies are limited. COD not accepted.
2002-09-26 04:04:46 PM  
"Capitalist" United States will still go after the coservative Al Qaida.
2002-09-26 04:04:59 PM  
last time i check the chinese doesn't look like arabic people. must've been smoking the jimsonweed.
2002-09-26 04:05:35 PM  
Well I'm glad that whole terrorist thing has been cleared up.
2002-09-26 04:05:37 PM  
If this doesn't show how low NEWSMAX will sink, nothing does:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-26 04:05:48 PM  
And China would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for you farking kids!!!
2002-09-26 04:05:52 PM  
The real enemy of the conservatives is not al Qaeda, it's the liberals.
They just use the 9/11 thing as a weapon against the left.

I could say the same for the liberals, but it just so happens that they
had the bad luck of being out of power when 9/11 happened.
2002-09-26 04:05:54 PM  
Chess the Cat:

Despite their name, I don't think that there's anything communist about China. How can they be communist with a stock market anyway? Then again, no country that's been called communist ever really was, either.
2002-09-26 04:06:49 PM  
The problem with China is...China. Perhaps we could re think this "most favored nation" trade thing.
2002-09-26 04:07:13 PM  
Ackbar - its a trap
Maybe admiral ackbar was behind it?
Something always seemed kinda fishy about him. oh christ shoot me now.
2002-09-26 04:07:36 PM  
2002-09-26 04:10:33 PM  

The republicans can't let clinton go becasue then they couldn't think about blowjobs without offending their god.

"what a SINNER getting his wang licked... wang licked.." *fapfapfap*
2002-09-26 04:10:33 PM  
So they have a document outlying possible terrorists attacks against us and we have a document outlying possible nuclear strikes against them if they invade Taiwan. Seems like things even themselves out pretty well in my book.
2002-09-26 04:10:33 PM  
btw, ackbar references will never die. best.cliche.ever.
2002-09-26 04:10:51 PM  
Big business would never let the US change China's 'MFN' status. It would take them launching ICBMs at the US mainland for business leaders to budge, and even then it would be reluctant.
2002-09-26 04:12:11 PM  
This is an interesting read.
2002-09-26 04:13:15 PM  
The problem with characterizing China is that there are many different Chinas. It wouldn't surprise me if this book actually existed. The Chinese military is still old-guard anti-American. The probably hate all the market reforms that have taken place in China over the last decade. After all, it is the Chinese that routinely sell weapons to some of the worst bad guys in the world. On the other hand, your average Chinese, particularly in the cities, probably has a much more positive view of America. And many of the local government institutions probably share this view as well.

So, is this report true? Possibly. Does it reflect China as a whole? No. However, as a previous post mentioned, it is all stolen from Clancy, who stole it from Black Sunday.
2002-09-26 04:14:01 PM  
Paxus: "...why does China hate us?"
Where did you get this idea? I've been to Europe, Africa and China
and I could sense the hatred towards yanks in all of those places with
the exception of China. They would come up to me on the street and
ask to have their pictures taken with me. They were unbelievably
Many of the officials have children who live in the US. Of all the
places in the world, they are some of the few that truely like us.
Although it should only be a matter of time before we change that.
2002-09-26 04:20:06 PM  
Les chinoises sont dangereux! We surrender!
2002-09-26 04:21:03 PM  
so china takes credit for crap they didnt do to show their ignorant citizens how "powerful" their country really is! Kinda like when saddam told his people he won the gulf war. big farking deal. newsmax, please, are you trying to compete with yellowtimes?
2002-09-26 04:23:07 PM  
Is NewsMax trying to fill the void left by SatireWire'd demise? You can't tell me a sober person actually wrote this shiat thinking it's for real. Well, you can tell me that, but then I'll know you're farked in the head too.
2002-09-26 04:23:20 PM  
They would come up to me on the street and
ask to have their pictures taken with me.

Kids: have your picture taken with the big stupid barbarian and show all your friends!

Not sayin' that's what they were about, but I'm not sure I'd be able to tell the difference between being respected and being treated like a novelty. Maybe you're better at reading people than I am.
2002-09-26 04:24:08 PM  
09-26-02 04:04:19 PM Paxus
That scares me. China (in my infinite political knowledge) is perhaps our greatest enemy. Their standing army is quite freaking large.

We don't have much to fear from the Chinese military. They do have an enormous standing army, but they lack the means to efficiently transport them.

There's a reason that Taiwan has remained seperate from Beijing, it's because the Chinese amphibious capability is almost nil.

2002-09-26 04:28:09 PM  
Clancy wrote a book where the superbowl was nuked.

There was a movie about aliens destroying many of our cities until a pilot and a man with a powerbook connected via appletalk to bring the aliens to justice.

There was this huge green lizzard thing brought about by nuclear tests that enjoyed stomping Tokyo and then would just go back to the sea.
2002-09-26 04:30:10 PM  
Knock, knock.

Who's there?

7th Fleet.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-26 04:30:15 PM  
Is this website run by Ann Coulter?
2002-09-26 04:31:07 PM  

09-26-02 04:01:33 PM The_Gimp
THe chinese were behind the attacks ? Hell give me a break, they can't even drive in a 20 mile an hour zone, so how in the hell are they gonnas be able to fly a plane properly ?

I know... The other day I saw a small subcompact car that looked like it was completely unmanned. Going 10mph under speed limit. Really looked like no one was in it. Got next to it and saw the very top of someone's head just level with the steering wheel. The top of their head was UNDER the headrest.. it was crazy.
2002-09-26 04:32:04 PM  
So is NewsMax trying to tell us that Chinese Generals plotted out the ENTIRE 9-11 attack with Bin Laden at the center of attention, printed in a book, distributed this book in China, where the CIA read it and having this knowledge still failed to stop the attacks?

So this can't be Clinton's fault? Right?


/smoke pours out of ears trying to understand NewsMax/
2002-09-26 04:37:46 PM  
L'amiral Ackbar dit, C'est un piège!
2002-09-26 04:37:52 PM  
So we can start blaming the Chinese now?

What's worse? Newsmax and the crap they print, or people who believe it?

I'm stumped.
2002-09-26 04:40:41 PM  
Just gotta love the conservative propaganda machine.
2002-09-26 04:42:36 PM  
propaganda sucks. especially for people who do not know what it means....
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