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(MSNBC)   Clinton pleads for Nigerian woman who had sex outside marraige. In other news, Clinton looking for international interns.   ( divider line
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2002-09-25 10:06:37 AM  
"Clinton pleads for Nigerian woman"

You mean Bill hasn't tried some dark meat yet? Certainly he can find some crack whore living in a dumpster I would think.
2002-09-25 10:25:49 AM  
I don't care what trouble I ever find myself in; if Bill Clinton offers to come to my aid, it's a resounding "no thanks dude".
2002-09-25 11:27:24 AM  
Well, he should have plenty of precedent to back up her case....
2002-09-25 01:46:30 PM  
36 and 37!
2002-09-25 02:21:45 PM  
Please, please, please fade into the woodwork like a good ex-president.
2002-09-25 04:12:46 PM  
Ok, for the majority of the people that didn't read the article, he's asking that the Nigerian woman sentenced to death by stoning for having a child outside wedlock, not be. Is this the same woman that got pregnant through a rape? Is this such a bad thing for Clinton to do?

Oh wait, this is FARK where we just slam anybody we don't like in an attempt at humor, while crying foul if somebody else does it to somebody we like. See Reagan thread for example.
2002-09-25 04:42:01 PM  
2002-09-25 04:42:08 PM  
Can we all say ethnocentric?
2002-09-25 04:43:05 PM  
If the fundies who persecuted Clinton in this country were left unchecked, we'd be crucifying woman who have sex outside of marriage.
2002-09-25 04:44:02 PM  
Fornicators! Get me a rock!

2002-09-25 04:45:23 PM  
He is our first black prez...they should listen to him
2002-09-25 04:45:43 PM  
We need a Slayerswine filter, me thinks.
2002-09-25 04:45:51 PM  
Wow I usaully get stoned before I cheat on my spouse... not after.

oh and.. WHORE! *Throws stone*
2002-09-25 04:46:20 PM  
So, this is the only woman in all of Nigeria that is having a kid outside of wedlock eh? Stone away then!!

Oh, and btw, work is boring. Someone please drive a nail through my skull now, please.
2002-09-25 04:46:24 PM  
Hey, I didn't know that Clinton's World Bootylicious Tour Started this month !!! Wonder when it arrives into Boston ?
2002-09-25 04:47:06 PM  
Chest Rockwell --"Can we say ethnocentric?"

I'm confused how this is ethnocentric. I was under the impression that ethnocentrism was the feeling that one's culture/society was better than someone elses. I don't understand how Clinton asking the Nigerian government to spare this woman's life is ethnocentric.
2002-09-25 04:47:14 PM  
hmmmmm...... I'm missing the Irony in this..........
2002-09-25 04:47:36 PM  
Is it Clintons baby?
2002-09-25 04:48:01 PM  
Unless she can hold a $50,000 a plate fundraiser, she's certainly not going to get any help from our current president.
2002-09-25 04:48:50 PM  
Why doesn't Bubba just "feel her pain"?

It's what he claims to do best.
2002-09-25 04:49:39 PM  
Let's just eliminate the ironic tag altogether. This is the saddest case yet of its use.

Homer: The theif was caught, by the very man who intended to catch him!
Skinner: How ironic.
2002-09-25 04:51:02 PM  
After 2 years of Little Bush, how ya lick Slick Willy now? Huh?
2002-09-25 04:51:34 PM  
I have an idea, how about trading Clinton for the woman and let them stone him, after all he's been guilty of this behavior many-many times and is much more deserving.
2002-09-25 04:51:39 PM  
Wow, the Clinton stuff is still really funny. Because, you see, Clinton is promiscuous. So when a headline reads, "Clinton pleads for Nigerian woman," someone points out with startling originality that it's ironic and hilarious. I didn't like the guy either, but let's move on.

Yes, Riddil, work is boring. That's why the venom is dropping from this post today. Anyone got that nail?
2002-09-25 04:53:22 PM  
how ya lick Slick Willy now?

You do the licking.

The rest of us have better things to do.
2002-09-25 04:53:30 PM  
The idea of ethnocentricity is SO ethnocentric.
2002-09-25 04:53:55 PM  
um...isn't the woman supposed to be buried up to her neck in sand, then have stones thrown at her until she's dead? I'd think a lot of ppl would be against that....
2002-09-25 04:53:56 PM  
er... like Slick Willy.
2002-09-25 04:56:10 PM  
er... like Slick Willy.

Nope. Didn't like him in office, don't like him any better in retrospect, and have about as little respect for him as I do for any human being.

Thanks for asking, though.
2002-09-25 04:56:27 PM  
Stop! Stop, will you?! Stop that! Stop it! Now, look! No one is to stone anyone until I blow this whistle! Do you understand?! Even, and I want to make this absolutely clear, even if they do say 'Jehovah'.
2002-09-25 04:58:29 PM  
The concept of red blood cells is so erythrocentric...
2002-09-25 04:59:01 PM  
Pedantic: I agree with you, I'd rather live in a homeless shelter, just as
long as I know the president isn't cheating on his wife.
2002-09-25 05:00:28 PM  
Can't we stone them both? I'd save the big rocks for Slick's little Willy...
2002-09-25 05:01:58 PM  
There's a 'stoning' and 'he didn't inhale' joke out there, but I used up my lame-joke quota with that last one.
2002-09-25 05:03:08 PM  
Oh yes, we've had a vast improvement. We've gone from:

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman."


"I did not have financial relations with that company."

Either way, they're both nothing more than a couple of whores who'd sell their own grandmother for a campaign contribution.
2002-09-25 05:07:10 PM  
09-25-02 10:25:49 AM Vetbridge
I don't care what trouble I ever find myself in; if Bill Clinton offers to come to my aid, it's a resounding "no thanks dude".

This reminds me of a conversation I overheard between two special forces guys in an airport, waiting for a plane. There was an Amnesty International commercial on the TV.

SF guy #1: "Ah, Amnesty International. Bunch of liberal [expletive]s"
SF guy #2, 10+ years his senior: "Son, when you're tied to post with electrodes hooked to your balls, Amnesty International is about the only folks who are gonna give a damn. You may just want to send 'em 5 bucks."
2002-09-25 05:07:54 PM  
Fark: noun Discussion web site populated by cynical heartless bastards.

Man if you have no compassion for a woman sentenced to die for the unpardonable sin of having a baby out of wedlock (I think she was even seperated from her husband at the time.) and choose to dump on Clinton for trying to interecede on her behalf, then you have hit rock bottom. No matter what you think of Clinton, he should be appluaded for this.

/end rant
2002-09-25 05:09:04 PM  
Hey Guys! Remember that time Clinton got a hummer and decided it wasn't any of Ken Starr's business and the whole goddamned Congress had to stop making laws and legislating and instead tried to decide whether or not we should kick Clinton out of office?

Man, that was awesome.

Almost as awesome as the time Newt Gingrich decided he was the only one who could approve a budget and the entire federal government shut down.

Man, that was sweet.

I love partisan politics. But not as much as I love people ignoring humanitarian pleas because the person making them got a hummer and decided it wasn't anyone else's business. That farking rules!
2002-09-25 05:10:43 PM  
Clinton asks for basic human rights for someone about to be murdered by religious extremists and the Neo-Cons laugh at them both.

Go figure.
2002-09-25 05:13:09 PM  
By the way, I find this whole stoning of a woman deal to be absolutely reprehensible.

My prediction is that the number of posts referring specifically to the upcoming stoning will total a number < 20, while everything else will be Clinton Flamebait.
2002-09-25 05:13:38 PM  
I think the ethnocentrism here is that Americans in general, and several FARKers above in particular, have a very difficult time viewing Africans as real people. We just can't seem to empathize, as we have a hard time linking into their circumstances.

But--(I ask, as the verry nervous father of a daughter who's in northern Ghana for several months)--what if the accused is your friend, your sister, your lover, or you? How funny is That?

I'll grant that ol' Slick has some complicated internal wiring--but he's so obviously vulnerable to ridicule that this was a gutsy thing for him to do. I tip my hat to him.
2002-09-25 05:14:47 PM  
Iceagecoming: Nancy Reagan loses her husband while he's still alive and Neo-Libs laugh at them both.

Go figure (No, I'm not accusing you of it. But it runs both ways).
2002-09-25 05:21:38 PM  
Danho: "By the way, I find this whole stoning of a woman deal to be absolutely reprehensible."

I agree. I find the fact it's a "crime" at all to be reprehensible, but the sentence is despicable.

It's funny how you keep hearing that Islam is this religion of peace, yet it is the basis of truely inhuman justice systems. I frankly don't like any religions, but I can't recall anyone from a non islamic country being stoned to death in the past 100 years. In my book religions suck and Islam is the Hoover Vacuum of religions.
2002-09-25 05:24:17 PM  
I agree with you,

I doubt that.

I'd rather live in a homeless shelter, just as
long as I know the president isn't cheating on his wife.

Well, go right ahead.

Me, I'm old-fahsioned: I take things like sacred vows of marriage as seriously as, well, sacred vows. Someone who can just ignore those as if them meant nothing shows me that no word out of his mouth has meaning at all -- if things that important carry no weight, then everything's open to be lied about with no consequence.

Feel free to feel otherwise. I just won't trust my life to someone like that. You may.
2002-09-25 05:25:43 PM  
Cardinal, I saw the ethnocentric part as our putting our ethics on another culture, i.e. "it is wrong to have a woman stoned to death for having a child out of wedlock". The crass attitudes expressed above(if those people actually believed what they were posting) would be ignorant, sexist maybe, but I think their stance would apply to someone from "our" "own" ethnicity as well.
Sidenote: Not that I know squat about Ghana, but I highly doubt that they would try that s**t with an American citizen.
Side-sidenote: I sent in an email to several officials of Nigeria, through the Amnesty International site. It was all good, but, I felt a bit squeamish about the part where the letter demanded that Nigeria abolish capital punishment (considering we still kill prisoners).
2002-09-25 05:26:42 PM  
On topic, I've got to tell you I saw a tape of an 'actual' stoning a year or so ago. Fake or real, it bothered me for days on end.

Nobody deserves that (except maybe the programming director of FOX).
2002-09-25 05:28:30 PM  
...but he's so obviously vulnerable to ridicule that this was a gutsy thing for him to do. I tip my hat to him.

Gutsy? Not hardly. Standing up and saying "Stoning this woman is wrong" carries NO risk for him, and lots of pats on the back.

That's general Slick Willie territory.

Now, if he went over there and tried to physically stop the stoning, THAT would take guts. Making a press announcement against an atrocity takes no guts at all.

So, where is Mr. Guts at trying to stop Mugabe's slaughter in Zimbabwe? Actually trying to stop suicide bombers in Tel Aviv? Hmm?

Never confuse PR strategies for actual action.
2002-09-25 05:31:52 PM  
Please: We need a Slayerswine filter, me thinks.

Me agrees with thee.
2002-09-25 05:32:46 PM  
Pedantic: "Gutsy? Not hardly."

You're right, it doesn't take guts, but it doesn't mean it wasn't a good thing to do. And clearly his word carries more weight than if you or I addressed a conference and asked for the same thing. (Probably won't matted either way, but at least him saying it keeps it in the news.)
2002-09-25 05:33:10 PM  
Um, an article I read said that the executions were because nigeria's northern part is angry at the democratic south. Or something.
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