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(Local6)   Animal control worker fired for feeding puppies to snake   ( divider line
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8299 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Sep 2002 at 12:22 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-24 12:12:35 PM  
I hate people.
2002-09-24 12:22:23 PM  
2002-09-24 12:25:42 PM  
What an evil fark.
I've got a snake to feed to this guy...
2002-09-24 12:25:43 PM  
I think I need to find a way to turn this into a masturbation joke.

That'd be cool.
2002-09-24 12:27:21 PM  
The vast majority of the thousands of unwanted animals that go through the Detroit facility each year die by carbon monoxide gassing, according to city statistics.

I guess this is preferable to slowly being digested over a week or more.
2002-09-24 12:28:06 PM  
Let me get this straight.

The snake has to eat.
The snake has to eat live prey.
Live prey costs money.
Rather than buy live prey, person feeds excess puppies to snake.
Western civilization grinds to a halt until puppy-feeder is sufficiently demonized.

OK. Proceed.
2002-09-24 12:28:24 PM  
Working at an animal shelter would be the worst job. Ever.
2002-09-24 12:28:50 PM  
well, on the one hand these puppies were most likely gonna die anyway, so...
nevermind, thats just awful. Puppies, for Gods sake!
I own a boa constrictor, so the thought of feeding it live animals doesnt really bother me, but this sucks.
2002-09-24 12:29:42 PM  
2002-09-24 12:29:49 PM  
...and in other news, Irish travelling pike mother who beat the shiat out of her child in front of a video camera remains free on bail. People's priorities are so screwed up.
2002-09-24 12:30:18 PM  
What an aptly named image found on the GIS for 'puppies'
2002-09-24 12:30:29 PM  
I wonder if anyone has ever considered breeding sterile house pets. It'd help the glut of strays.
2002-09-24 12:31:24 PM  
aw crap, not this again? Try again:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-24 12:31:33 PM  
We should all get together, break this biatch out of jail, stuff her--naked and glazed into a cannon and fire her through the hole of a giant donut sign.
2002-09-24 12:31:34 PM  
HAHAH HA HA HA YOU STUPID PUPPIES!!! Thats what you get for thinkin you are so cute you can just piss all over the house!!
2002-09-24 12:33:22 PM  
So it's OK to gas puppies and it's OK to feed live rats to snakes but it's bad to feed ungassed puppies to snakes. Is it OK to gas puppies then feed them to snakes?
2002-09-24 12:34:53 PM  
I think mother nature should be charged with animal cruelty.Most of her cute and fuzzy animals die in much more horrible ways.
2002-09-24 12:35:03 PM  
Well, she could have been feeding the snake kittens but we farkers already know how many of them get killed each day...
2002-09-24 12:35:34 PM  

how would you breed sterile animals? if they are sterile, then how do they breed.
2002-09-24 12:36:02 PM  
Hmmm. Let's think about the situation for a minute, shall we? The article claimed that over 4500 animals have been euthanized in Detroit so far this year, and people are getting all upset that some of those animals are becoming dinner for a snake? Get a grip. Snakes don't eat salad, you know.
2002-09-24 12:39:47 PM  
This should be a non-event. This guy should be awarded for coming up with a way to save the tax-payers money.
2002-09-24 12:40:00 PM  
Let's see.

Mice fed to snakes = OK
Puppies fed to snakes = BAD BAD BAD

So only cute animals have rights?

Farking bleeding heart animal activists.

2002-09-24 12:40:11 PM  
Oh, now I get it.

They should have gassed the puppies and the snake.

That way the PETA nazi's wouldn't be so mad.
2002-09-24 12:40:15 PM  
"I hate people."

Kylie: Which ones, and why?
2002-09-24 12:41:20 PM  
What were they feeding the snake prior to the puppies? If, for example, they were rats or rabbits would it even be an issue? So So stupid.
2002-09-24 12:41:27 PM  
What no video? Oh that reminds me time for lunch!
2002-09-24 12:41:42 PM  
Whats the big deal they probably would have been gased anyway. Why waste them? It's okay when its a rta but when it's a little puppy people get all emotional and shiat. natural selection is a biatch get over it.
2002-09-24 12:41:45 PM  
But you know, it's ok to torture live animals in labs all across the country as we speak so that we can be assured that our lipstick won't cake in the middle of that all important date.

North America is farked.
2002-09-24 12:42:08 PM  
I find the carbon monoxide gassing FAR more disturbing...
It's sad about the puppies, because they may have been adopted, but...perhaps it was better than the alternative. I once saw a thing on the news about carbon monoxide gassing of dogs--it was hideous. They howl and moan piteously. People should be up in arms for them to change their method of euthanasia.
2002-09-24 12:42:34 PM  
Love this image in the sidebar - [image from too old to be available]
2002-09-24 12:43:18 PM  
Dead puppies aren't much fun
2002-09-24 12:43:43 PM  
All the logical arguments make sense. But come on people, puppies for chrissake!
2002-09-24 12:44:07 PM  
I euthanize my rats with a pipe to the head or a broken neck.
2002-09-24 12:45:33 PM  
I fail to see the problem. I love animals much more than humans, but this is just nature taking it's course. I raised my two cats from newborns and would cringe at the thought of them being fed to a snake.

OTOH, I also own two snakes and have become very desensitized to the lives of mice. You just have to put a band-aid on your bleeding heart and say, "hey, there are predators and there are prey...let nature take it's course".

To roughly paraphrase Denis Leary, "Cows are dumb, so we eat them. Otters do cute little human things with their hands, so they are allowed to live.

The wrongness of her actions seems directly proportional to the cuteness of the animal.

Would it be a different story if she fed the snake to the dogs? If so, why? We are all animals and we all share this planet. Humans have decreed themselves to be the master species, but does that really mean we are, or that we have any right to decide which animals have the right to live or die?

I think not. This whole farking planet would be better off if humans had never climbed down out of the trees.
2002-09-24 12:46:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-24 12:47:30 PM  
Gives "Free to good home" a whole new meaning now, doesn't it? Could save a ton of money for all those snake owners out there!

(headed to Hell, don't mind me)
2002-09-24 12:47:33 PM  
Investigators say charges could range from felony animal cruelty, to an abuse of position by the employee, who was investigated by the city's internal controls section.

If those charges stick. Every pet store owner that has snakes will be in jail. Also, city zoo keepers could be charged with abuse of posistion for feed their snakes mice purchased with city funds.
If she's charged there will be lawsuites.
2002-09-24 12:48:58 PM  
I think slow and type fast. In the time it took to type up my last comment, there have been about 10-15 replies. I just wanted to say thanks to those of you whose comments show that I am not alone in my perspective.

2002-09-24 12:49:00 PM  
***Stoking the fire***

I tried getting this posted yesterday, but it was rejected. The guy in Kansas City who barbecued a kitten got off scot-free because the witness was too intimidated to testify.
2002-09-24 12:50:49 PM  
"We are all animals and we all share this planet. Humans have decreed themselves to be the master species, but does that really mean we are, or that we have any right to decide which animals have the right to live or die?"

SkunkDuster: Dude, it's in the Bible. The Lord gave man dominion over the earth, and all the beasts and such. If you don't like that one, how about 'might makes right'. Just ask George W. How dare you suggest that animals have any sort of rights. Next you'll be saying that black people shouldn't be slaves, or women should have the right to vote.
2002-09-24 12:53:48 PM  
09-24-02 12:35:34 PM Blueeyes77

how would you breed sterile animals? if they are sterile, then how do they breed.

I don't know, that's probably why it hasn't happened yet.
Mules are a sterile donkey and horse hybrid.
2002-09-24 12:54:16 PM  
It sounds cruel because they are "cute puppies" but they were more than likely going to die anyway, or adopted by some moron who would abuse it for the next 5-10 years. I love dogs, but I just don't see the horror in this.
2002-09-24 12:54:18 PM  
Dead Puppies
By Ogden Edsel

Dead Puppies
Dead puppies, dead puppies,
Dead puppies aren't much fun

They don't come, when you call
They don't chase squirrels at all
Dead puppies aren't much fun

My puppy died late last fall
He's still rotting in the hall
Dead puppies aren't much fun
No, no, no

Mom says puppy's days are through
She's going to throw him in the stew
Dead puppies aren't much fun

Dead puppies, dead puppies,
Dead puppies aren't much fun
Dead puppies, dead puppies,
Dead puppies aren't much fun

Dead puppies, dead puppies,
Dead puppies aren't much fun
2002-09-24 12:54:55 PM  
2002-09-24 12:59:46 PM  
I adopted both of my dogs from the animal shelter & they're really good dogs. For God's sake, can't they use something else besides carbon monoxide?
2002-09-24 01:02:45 PM  
What this out of town paper doesn't have is the rest of the story. According to other workers at the facility, the puppies found were all near death and were not expected to live. the snake itself had been seized from a drug dealer some two and a half weeks before and was becoming violent in the cage (i.e. striking at the bars whenever anyone came near it, etc.).

Hooray for cost-effective solutions. I would hazard a guess that if they had allowed the giant snake to starve to death the entire staff would be being demonized now.
Animal control officials say the snake, believed to be a python confiscated during a police raid, has been placed in a sanctuary. The female animal control worker was fired for the incident that happened late last month. A report of the incident has been forwarded to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office and charges are pending.
Co-workers say the details sound worse than they actually are.
They claim the puppies were sick and dying, and the snake seemed as though it was hungry enough to start attacking the employees.

2002-09-24 01:04:16 PM  
"If so, why? We are all animals and we all share this planet. Humans have decreed themselves to be the master species, but does that really mean we are, or that we have any right to decide which animals have the right to live or die?"

SkunkDuster: I have a decidedly more secular viewpoint than CheekyMonkey. Did tigers 'decree' themselves status as alpha predators? Did sharks? Taking the 'nature red in tooth and claw' philosophy, we have the right to kill animals because we can. That's always been the only justification for predation.

Now, that doesn't mean we don't also have the intelligence to recognize that sometimes we shouldn't kill everything, or that there may be consequences to these actions. I'm all for living ethically, but I cringe when someone argues that we should leave the cute animals alone when the only reason that species exists in the first place is generations of human intervention. Folks, cows were bred to be meat. Sheep were bred to be shorn. Those species do not exist in the so-called natural environment.
2002-09-24 01:05:17 PM  
And we don't eat cats every time we go to a Chinese restaurant?
2002-09-24 01:06:49 PM  
The sad part is how many dogs they kill becasuse they do not get adopted. These puppies probably had it coming sooner or later anyway.
2002-09-24 01:10:55 PM  
I fail to see the problem (as have some others). Rather than kill the dogs they were fed to the snake. Nature does this every day. Personally I think it's kinda sad that we have the excess puppies/strays/animal shelters in the first place and maybe we should focus more on that.
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