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4041 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Sep 2002 at 10:43 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-23 11:19:40 PM  
And I am sure he would stand up for himself if..

Is this really the phrasing you want to be using?
2002-09-23 11:19:49 PM  
IF I thought this guy had a real biatch it'd be easy to join his bandwagon. But, do you HAVE to go to a strip club to live a normal life? Seems to me he's looking for a way to vent his frustration in public and/or choke a few bucks out of someone.
2002-09-23 11:22:07 PM  
No, Noggy, I think it is great that you feel that way. More people need to be, I don't know, more empathetic and not apathetic to those around them. And to stick up for their friends, that is one of the most important things, or so I believe

But I think this guy is in it for something else. And it just bothers me when I see so many who are disabled and farknuts like this make it, I don't know. Just kills me. There is nothing anyone can do to change this guys life, and as MST3K_Crow commented, he just doesn't make himself look very good.

Noggy-Noggin : ) don't take these bastards someone else, and I don't feel like scrolling back (perpetually lazy) this is fark. Someone (more likely a plural there) will always be an ass.

On another note, what do you think about Isadore? Guess you are too far inland? I've only lived in TX for 5 yrs. Criminy, has me scared.

Sorry....please forgive?
2002-09-23 11:22:54 PM  
Strip clubs have it tough enough in my opinion.

Here in San Diego, law enforcement has performed so many raids and put in so many undercover "operatives" that they are simply boring now. Sit there on the couch, no contact made, no nudity - bleah.

2002-09-23 11:23:55 PM  
I apoligize for taking a stand against prejudice. All of you bigots are much better people than I because you can see beyond a persons difference and deny them the rights they deserve.

I commend you all! You are excellent bastards!
2002-09-23 11:23:56 PM  
Even if nobody's raggin on Canada yet, I gotta say: ANY bar there makes the US look like simpletons.
2002-09-23 11:24:44 PM  
oops, not that I am someone else...just that I meant as someone else said : )

dammnit, think before you type, Amy
2002-09-23 11:25:57 PM  
Oh, I feel so sorry for him that he couldn't get a lap dance! This is truly an outrage! As a matter of fact, this has got me so upset, I think I'll go right out and...oh wait, I forgot, I really don't give a shait about this.
2002-09-23 11:26:38 PM  
Someone, anyone, please turn off the internet.
2002-09-23 11:28:48 PM  
Noggy please read again what I wrote

no enemies, please

besides, Hytes and I might need to be saved. If you see a small woman floating with 5 cats, please get the boat. Or just give me some of that clear liquid Drew was drinking.
2002-09-23 11:29:14 PM  
Am I the only one that found the Josie And The Pussycats entertaining?

Oh BTW Rachel Leigh Cook is definately on my "To Hit..." list.
2002-09-23 11:29:45 PM  
That would be cool.
A stripper lap dancing and jiggling on the rollbar...
2002-09-23 11:30:54 PM  
fricking AMY close your tags

anyone like the total farkness™ today?
2002-09-23 11:31:07 PM  
Hmmm...they were going to take him into a room with everyone else, but he wanted to use a different room than the one that is normally used. They say no and he sues. Why should he get special treatment and get a special room? I bet this guy looked around and found a location that he knew he couldn't get up to and picked that one so he would have a reason to sue. This guy is known for going all over the place and purposely finding locations that he can sue just for the sake of sueing. This guy is a moron and he deserves to be ragged on.
2002-09-23 11:38:47 PM  
Everyone should have access to strip clubs. This guy may be a less than wonderful individual, but he should have equal access to debauchery. Boobies for everybody, and lapdances too! :)
2002-09-23 11:40:02 PM  
Hmmmm... this gives me an idea... being 6'7" and all, I often times find myself being cramped when I go to amusement parks... I should sue all of them for emotional distress and for not making the rides comfortable for all, even the "vertically gifted" people such as myself... any other tall farkers want in on some of this action?
2002-09-23 11:44:09 PM  
Go for itRDD

maybe I can get in on a suit for having to be so tall?

Dammnit, if I am as tall as that damn cartoon character, don't give me any lip.
2002-09-23 11:44:51 PM  
Sorry I pissed you off NOGGY. What I meant to say was "Keep the effin' handicapped outta strip bars. All they do is clog up what little space there is in gynecology row with their wheelchairs, spill half of their piss bags on the floor in the can, and attempt to extract sympathy from the peelers. MUA-HA-HA-HA....... This item sets me up for one of my all time favorite jokes. O.K., it's not one that translates well into print; it's a visual gag, but here goes: 1)Take a $20. bill and without using your hands, hold it wedged between your chest and your chin. 2)Ask anyone whithin earshot "What's this?" 3)When everyone gives up, loudly pronounce "I'M CHRISTOPHER REEVES IN A STRIP BAR". Get's em' every time!!! HEH-HEH.......
2002-09-23 11:45:44 PM  
Auspicious, i have nothing against anyone.

It just makes me sad that people with no problems take it for granted that they should get their rights, while someone else who is EXACTLY the same, but cant walk, should get something less.

Again, I feel this way because it happened to a friend of mine, and the only time it matters to most people is if it strikes close to home.
2002-09-23 11:47:17 PM  
Good for you, Ratslapper! You are the dumbest asshole on fark, and that is quite the accomplishment!

Yipee! You rock!
2002-09-23 11:49:02 PM  
At my favorite club out in Reading PA, they are mor than happy to have customers in wheelchairs. They actually get the best seats! they get to be in "The Pit" as we call it. Thats the area between the bar and the stage. They have boobies on both sides of them at all times. And the bouncers have no problem with helping these guys out. No lawsuits here.
2002-09-23 11:52:10 PM  
Noggy, I don't think that anyone's suggesting that this guy's rights should be lessened in any way. However, is it his right to patronize any business of his choice and require that business to accomodate him not only sufficiently, but in the manner that his whim requires? What if a stripper just flat-out refused to "service" him, should she be mandated by law to do so because he's disabled?
2002-09-23 11:57:05 PM  
Hytes Xian

Thanks for a breath of fresh air. I do appreciate the ADA and what they have done for those w/ disabilities, but they are a bit draconian at times. Wheelchair ramps in gyms are another great example of logic defying behavior.
2002-09-24 12:00:40 AM  
I dunno, guys, this isn't really worth debating.

The Americans with Disabilities Act does compel businesses that serve the public to provide adequate access. This guys is most likely not looking for a million dollars - just a freakin' ramp.

This suit would be dropped immediately if the manager of the club didn't have to be such an ass about it.
2002-09-24 12:01:48 AM  
And Stevarooni, it's not a matter of rights - it's the law.
2002-09-24 12:03:45 AM  
I can't believe no one has mentioned the fact that Larry Flint has somehow been getting in there all these years, so there must be a way...
2002-09-24 12:08:17 AM  
There is a way I know first hand. I am not paralyzed, just an old friend of someone who was and I know he got around...
2002-09-24 12:08:21 AM  
Noggy, that's what I'm talking about. And actually, there might be some that beat others on the Idiot-Scale™.

Reading, PA??? They have clubs there Chinman? JK

damn I miss Pgh
2002-09-24 12:10:00 AM  
09-23-02 10:45:13 PM YahoKa
Can paralyzed men get it up?

Noggy is right - some can, some can't. It depends on the injury that put them in the chair. Having worked with said paraplegics, I can tell you that it is tough for them.
2002-09-24 12:12:02 AM  
Methinks Ratslapper needs slapped in his own right. You're pretty jaded there, dude ...
2002-09-24 12:16:10 AM  
yep yep yep
2002-09-24 12:21:22 AM  
Noggy, forgive Ratslapper,HE'S CANADIAN!!!!!
2002-09-24 12:26:25 AM  
hey - dudes with no legs need lovin too
2002-09-24 12:37:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Larry Flynt applauds this lawsuit.
2002-09-24 12:42:21 AM  
um, that pic

not going to say anything more
2002-09-24 12:47:29 AM  
Auspicious: Oh, yes. there are a couple, although i've only been to Al's Diamond Cabaret. Check out the site. (NSFW!!!, NSFW!!!) .Check out the calendar, Stephanie Swift is coming this week. (My personal fave) My friends are taking me out there Saturday for my birthday to see her. Al is reworking the site, so there aren't any pics of house girls right now, but they are hotties,(most are anyway).
2002-09-24 12:51:13 AM  
Damn, Noggy, get off the soap box...

First off, they're called rights because they're just that: rights. If they were privelages, they'd be called that, but they're to be expected, and to a degree, that implies taken for granted, seeing as they're rights.

I don't think anyone here's seriously trying to deprive the handicapped of any of their own rights, but face it - they're the handicapped ones, and it's ridiculous to tolerate crap like this. As was pointed out above, this arseclown sues the establishment, and in their move to componsate for the loss, the vast majority of the club's un-handicapped patrons wind up paying twice as much for drinks.

Same thing happened at my old high school; the year after I graduated, the district had finally managed to pass a bond to get money to renovate our two existing high schools and build one new one. Well, part of the deal was that my school was to get a new stadium. They spent quite a bit of money building a very nice press box over the stadium, and before the first game was even played on that field, the school hired a wheelchair-bound teacher, who in turn threatened to sue the school because there wasn't any handicapped access to the upper (observer deck) level of the press box... so the school had to tear down half the press box and rebuild it with a ramp so this one prick could get up there. What's worse is that he wasn't a coach or a camera man or anything like that; he had no freaking need to be up there, anyways. This one clown cost the school district $25,000 when they were already running over budget.

Like I said, I wouldn't deny the handicapped access to their needs - that should be taken care of for them, but for entertainment purposes, or just plain frivolous purposes, you've really gotta weight the pros and cons, and it is NOT driving up the cost of a strip club for everyone else so some jerkoff in a wheelchair can go there, just like it's not worth taking another $25,000 from the taxpayers to renovate a pressbox so some arsehate that has no reason to be there, can.

People are handicapped, and I feel bad for them and will fight tooth and nail for their rights, but at some point, they (meaning as a generality, and not a universal) need to realize that they're the handicapped ones, and it's not everyone else's job to componsate for that.
2002-09-24 12:58:56 AM  
Myrmidon: As with the strip club, so too the stadium. It's the law. If the stadium plans had been drawn up correctly, this would not be an issue.
2002-09-24 01:04:54 AM  
Sweet Chinman, my dear, I would have to decline, as I am of the fairer sex and quite hetero...although there was that one time....just kidding, or maybe not heheh. I do hope you have a wonderful time on your birthday.

2002-09-24 01:13:31 AM  

Yes, I'm aware of the ADA and that providing handicapped access is law, and I'm also aware that the vast majority of businesses I've ever seen aren't completely ADA-compliant, and that the ADA is a stupid, ill-conceived blanket law, like the DMCA, and basically equates to an ambulance chaser's wet dream.

Is it *really* that important that some guy in a wheelchair can get on stage with a stripper? Is it important enough to justify the cost to the establishment, which is in turn handed down to the vast majority of patrons who don't need such specialized access? And yes, it's easy to say that a building should be built to specifications, but that's not always pragmatic or even possible in the case of already-standing buildings. So what could be a comparitively minor of adding a ramp to some place, suddenly turns into a six-figure lawsuit because some jaded, bitter prick wants society to foot the bill for the specialized needs he has to get his rocks off.

What bullshiat... the ADA is one of those laws that's a lot better in theory than in practice; it needs to be rewritten or abolished.
2002-09-24 01:22:58 AM  
...bitter prick...

That reminds me of this one time when I went out to eat with a mentor of mine and he referred to the handicapped spaces in the parking lot as "bitter people spots". The more I tried not to laugh, the more indignant I became. Irritated, I ceased association with the man. It's not a simple issue.
2002-09-24 02:53:42 AM  
I can't believe nobody posted a Christopher Reeve pic.
2002-09-24 06:00:06 AM  
I heard a few years ago that the ADA sued to make all judges benches wheelchair accessible in CA. Never mind the fact that there werent any judges in wheelchairs.
2002-09-24 07:21:26 AM  
I can't believe *no-one* has mentioned what a quadrapledgic does with well, you know... *blush*
2002-09-24 08:21:02 AM  
"So we were sitting there with the chicks and two bottles of champagne and I felt, like, so isolated"

Damn, chicks and champagne is what I think about when I'm isolated and he feels isolated when he's got the chicks and champagne.

2002-09-24 12:20:47 PM  
This is way-late, but what the hell. I've wanted to tell SOMEone about this.

Across the street from where my brother works is a 3 story parking garage connected to a strip center (which also has resteraunts). A while ago, the garage was shut down because it wasn't handicap friendly. The catch? It was a privately owned garage that was used ONLY for valet parking. No public use at all. Several months of legal fights, losses and retrofitted whatnot the garage opened. Oddly enough I'm yet to see any legless valets employed by the company. Perhaps someone should sue for discrimination?

I imagine that the law that temporarily shut down the garage is the same type that forces cities to put wheelchair ramps on curbs even if there is NO ACCOMPANYING SIDEWALK! Last I checked, wheelchairs didn't come in offroad 4x4 models.
2002-09-24 12:44:32 PM  
Who is the idiot who gave this the hero tag??

The guy is a farking whiner. Last time I checked, quadripalegics DICKS don't get HARD!!! You can't TOUCH the what the fark is the point of a lap dance????
2002-09-24 02:45:27 PM  
The way I see it, there are problems with both sides. On the one hand, you have some asshat suing an Orlando strip club for not having a ramp, never mind that there are most likely dozens of strip clubs in the vicinity that do have ramps. On the other hand, though, what if he lived somewhere where the only strip clubs within a practical distance don't have ramps? This is why the ADA (and government regulation in general) is sometimes better than the invisible hand of the marketplace. Also, how much could a wheelchair ramp made of wood and covered with carpeting possibly cost? A good strip club could probably make up the cost in days.

As for my opinion on the subject, let him have the ramp; he's entitled to it under the law. He doesn't deserve it, but he's entitled to it.

2002-09-24 02:48:16 PM  
Hot diggity damn, my first article...
2002-09-24 04:25:26 PM  
This guy should be thankful of all the money he saved by not getting the lap dances. Man those are expensive.
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