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(Charlotte Observer)   Embarassing celebrity nicknames; Cameron Diaz was know as "Skeletor"   ( divider line
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2001-07-24 11:25:21 AM  
Leonardo Retardo... nice... simply nice. :)
2001-07-24 11:29:38 AM  
I can see the resemblances to Skeletor in Diaz...

The Whoopi story was pretty funny I have to admit.
2001-07-24 11:30:12 AM  
And their nicknames now?
2001-07-24 11:32:06 AM  
i don't care
2001-07-24 11:32:20 AM  
Oh, I feel so sorry for them. Poor rich successful celebrities got mean nicknames when they were kids. Not like anyone else in life.

"'e used SARCASM!" -- Monty Python, from the Doug and Dinsdale Pirranha skit.
2001-07-24 11:32:54 AM  
Keanu "The Wall" Reeves

Hahaha... pretty funny because I refer to him as "wood block".
2001-07-24 11:35:05 AM  
I shall take Balloons for 600, please.
2001-07-24 11:35:30 AM  
Grimace I thought that one was pretty funny, too..and Lara Flame Broiled. HAH
2001-07-24 11:54:21 AM  
I was about to make some caustic and witty comment on Leo, but I see that I'm too late...
2001-07-24 12:00:17 PM  
What was Tom Cruise nickname???? RumpHumper?????????
2001-07-24 12:05:32 PM  
I thought Cruise was "Humpty Rumpty."
2001-07-24 12:10:19 PM  
I think it was "Imnotgay!"
2001-07-24 12:24:14 PM  
I think a wall has more believable acting skills than Keanu "WOAH" Reeves.
2001-07-24 01:14:59 PM  
Forget nicknames, Calista Flockhart is Skeletor.
2001-07-24 01:38:59 PM  
Yeah, I grew up with George W. Bush and we called him, "No speak engrish." and "Farking donkey lipped, sow bitin', dirt farmin' retard."
2001-07-24 01:52:24 PM  
Billy Clinton -- "Ol' Glory Hole"
2001-07-24 02:06:29 PM  
MAXLOAD: what about the standby "plain ole dumbass"?
2001-07-24 03:05:38 PM  
Heres a few nicknames...

George Bush -- "Dubbya"

Bill Clinton -- "Bubba Cump"

Monica Lewinski -- "Mic Check"
2001-07-24 05:41:51 PM  
Heh skeletor, shiat, I'd give diaz a bone.

Chandra Levy -- "Ghost"
2001-07-24 07:55:08 PM  
2001-07-24 10:58:34 PM  
Leonardo DiCrapio
2001-07-25 12:11:37 AM  
Toonami: That was perty clever.
Our Native American for Leonardo.
was "Walks with Load in Pants."
2001-07-25 12:42:14 AM  
I thought it was Paula Poundkids.
2001-07-25 12:52:47 AM  
Leonardo DiCaprio

A very clever/smart/etc.. joke is Leonardo Di(C)a(p)rio

As in CelebralParse... Uhm.. Could a joke be sooooooooooooooooo bad it became good?

(naaaaa.. dont tink so)
2001-07-25 01:08:02 AM  
I knew this guy in High-School named, Iwanna Stick Myevilinsideyou. I think he was foreign or somehing.
But we all nicknamed him "Baby Kitty Poopy Bottom."
Man he hated that!
I wonder what he's doing now?
2001-07-25 01:14:15 AM  
There was a guy at my dad's company who had buggy eyes and always seemed have a flushed complexion. A real type-a I guess. Everyone called him "the axe-murderer" behind his back.
2001-07-25 01:48:20 AM  
Reminds me of the guy I knew at Culinary School. I don't remember his name, that's not the important part, but we called him, "Ol' Mr. rub the food on his hairy ass and laugh a lot before it went out guy."
Good Times, Good Times. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!
2001-07-25 07:20:05 AM  
Deep thoughts moment - When i was growing up, my favorite uncle was uncle caveman. After school, a few of us would go over to uncle caveman's cave. He'd run and scream and chase us around, and then he'd eat one of us. It took us 6 years to find out that uncle caveman was a grizzley bear.

P.S.-incase you're wondering why I didn't quote it, it's because i paraphrased it, not knowing the entire thing by memory
P.s.s - Paula poundkids....GOLD!
2001-07-25 08:19:57 AM  
I've always wanted to know, is it:
P.s (Post scriptum) and then P.s.s. (Post scriptum scriptum) or,
P.s (Post scriptum) and then P.p.s. (Post post scriptum)

This taking into account that post=after and scriptum=writing.

Just curious.
2001-07-25 03:56:51 PM  
Post partum scriptum redemption.
2001-07-28 11:56:27 PM  
Britney Spears=Titney Spheres

"Make my boobies one more size!"
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