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8540 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Sep 2002 at 2:07 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-21 02:09:03 AM  
14-year old son?! Nice parenting...
2002-09-21 02:09:39 AM  
Nice to see idiocy runs strong in that family bloodline.
2002-09-21 02:10:33 AM  
I wonder who has been doing the meth
2002-09-21 02:11:17 AM  
Heard some late-night radio talkshow guy screaming for one or both of them to be charged w/ attempted murder -- apparently there was a folding knife found on the ground after the fracas, and on close replay of the video, you can supposedly see that Asshat Sr., or Jr. has said knife in hand....makes you wonder..
2002-09-21 02:11:20 AM  
Come on, people! Where's the Premiere Post moron squad who lives for moments like these, so they can justify their lives by posting crap before others, like myself, post crap?

Jeez... this day and age...
2002-09-21 02:12:10 AM  
They should have their heads used for batting practice.
2002-09-21 02:12:13 AM  
He looks like a real winner
2002-09-21 02:12:19 AM  
Is it too late for the govenment to abort the kid? Or the dad? Surely an agreement could be worked out....
2002-09-21 02:12:36 AM  
Let's see... He hits girls and old men.

I say it's time for a trip to "pound me in the ass" prison.
2002-09-21 02:12:40 AM  
I think he might have a slight problem controlling his emotions.
2002-09-21 02:13:42 AM  
Young_Fart - As opposed to the picnic in the park prison?
2002-09-21 02:15:33 AM  
According to the following Cook County Circuit Court misdemeanor complaints, Ligue was charged last May with striking his girlfriend "in the face, head, neck, back, nose with his fist" and with tossing a brick through the window of his squeeze's crib.

And from the civil docket, Ligue was sued in 1996 for child support payments by the mother of his teenage son (and Comiskey tag team partner).

Well, I didn't like the guy until I learned he was a tag-team partner...give the poor dude a break (on the back of the skull).
2002-09-21 02:21:03 AM  
Roche, you are a cultural retard.

Try a little theatre once in a while.
2002-09-21 02:23:21 AM  
what a couple of shiathead dumbfarks
2002-09-21 02:23:48 AM  
What do ya say we put a good ole boy party togather and make sure he cant do it again?

or earn him a darwin award... he seems to need one
2002-09-21 02:25:48 AM  
I wonder if that guy is related to that dumb biatch who beat the crap out of her 4 year old. Maybe she's his sister....or wife...or both.
2002-09-21 02:26:29 AM  
"daddy daddy, whats that bad man doin to my pet donkey?"

"why that aint no ordinary bad man son, that there is hitler, and hes (beep) your pet donkey"

somehow that skit came to mind.
2002-09-21 02:27:52 AM  
He may have had a knife, but the other side had bats.
2002-09-21 02:28:38 AM  
09-21-02 02:13:42 AM Roche
Young_Fart - As opposed to the picnic in the park prison?

That made me laugh.

2002-09-21 02:32:31 AM  
I wish my dad spent quality time like that with me when i was fifteen.
2002-09-21 02:35:08 AM  
Young_Fart - I got the reference.
2002-09-21 02:46:36 AM  
He's got a record? But he looks like such a nice guy...
2002-09-21 02:52:00 AM  
He is going to look purdy in the joint dressed in his cell blocks biatch gear.
2002-09-21 02:55:37 AM  
No Fark thread is complete without an Office Space, Clerks, Full Metal Jacket, or Simpsons reference.

2002-09-21 02:57:43 AM  
He's 34, and his son is 14... the dad was 10 when his son was born? wtf?
2002-09-21 03:00:08 AM  
Recheck you math Kukuman and put down the crack pipe.
2002-09-21 03:00:36 AM  
ahhh sorry, that's what happens when I try to do simple math at midnight...
2002-09-21 03:01:17 AM  
09-21-02 02:57:43 AM Kukuman
He's 34, and his son is 14... the dad was 10 when his son was born? wtf?


Holy shiat thats some bad math you got going there kukuman.. he would have been 20 when his son was born.. and thats not really crazy young. jez.
2002-09-21 03:04:23 AM  
you your

*puts down bottle*
2002-09-21 03:09:29 AM  
ok ok ok I suck at math, I get it... how I got into precalculus I don't know...
2002-09-21 03:13:30 AM  
Kukuman my guess is you are a real math wiz right?
2002-09-21 03:15:21 AM  
Kukuman was working in metric.
2002-09-21 03:17:43 AM  
Cipster - Ever seen those old john ritter movies "Where there is a will there is a A?"
2002-09-21 03:20:58 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-21 03:46:13 AM  
Did anyone else notice Kukuman made a really dumb math mistake above? He thought 34 - 14 = 10!!! OMG!!!

Just incase no one noticed.
2002-09-21 04:10:24 AM  
The jerkoff will be back on the street in no time.
He won't see the inside of a prison until he kills someone.
2002-09-21 04:25:36 AM  
If I had to pay $6 for a beer and $10 for a hot dog when I went to a game, I'd be pretty pissed off myself.

Although this was entirely the wrong way to go about it.
2002-09-21 06:10:50 AM  
It's people like him that give white trash a bad name.
2002-09-21 06:22:08 AM  
$6 for a beer and $10 for a hot dog? Man, that's like $36!
2002-09-21 08:36:18 AM  
Dumb and Dumber
2002-09-21 09:07:29 AM  
Where's a freaked out vigilante with a cache of guns when you need them?
2002-09-21 09:28:59 AM  
i found it hilarious that as these two were pounding the coach they were completely oblivious to the wave of light blue uniforms running towards them...

the video is priceless....
2002-09-21 09:43:49 AM  
Filed by: Aurelia Puchinski. THERE'S a name. Mmmmhm.
2002-09-21 09:48:04 AM  
What a 'tard. This guy looks like he should have gotten his 15 minutes of fame on Cops, either fighting with the police after a domestic violence call, or trying to convince them that he had 'a couple beers' after he got caught driving with a blood/alcohol level of .28 or so. In general, it's usually a bad idea to attack a 54 year old man while surrounded by professional athletes and a large supply of baseball bats. I just wish they'd tried to pull this kind of crap at a hockey game. That would have removed them from the gene pool very nicely.
2002-09-21 09:49:51 AM  

Wow; talk about a model Chicago citizen...

"Yeah I kicked his ass because I thought he gave me the finger! I'm also a girlfriend beater!!"

[image from too old to be available]

2002-09-21 09:51:39 AM  
Can't wait to see them both on Springer.
2002-09-21 10:15:26 AM  
Finally something interesting happens at a baseball game and now everyone complains. MLB meets the WWF. It would have been better if the guys from the stands were hitiing the coach with folding chairs, then the guys with bats could have their way with them.
2002-09-21 10:31:33 AM  
If Bush43 can pre-emptively strike Iraq; why can these two be offed before they kill someone?

I think Bush43's "Strike First" military doctrine has useful domestic application.
2002-09-21 10:47:07 AM  
HAHAHAHA He's from 125th street in Alsip. The guy might as well live in a dumpster. And he can afford to sit on field level near the coaches box and I can't afford bleacher tickets. What a farking crock.
2002-09-21 11:06:41 AM  
Ass Shriner!
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