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(NCBuy)   Pain costs US businesses $100 billion annually. Land of the pansies, home of the whiners   ( divider line
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2002-09-20 09:21:58 PM  
Meanwhile, the dominatrix business continues to thrive.
2002-09-20 10:00:29 PM  
Fugg big business. They have ripped us off plenty of times.
2002-09-20 11:17:27 PM  
My guess is that the poster hasn't done a real day's work in his life.
2002-09-20 11:17:45 PM  
I have a good doctor for curing my pain. Dr. Kani Buss, and his nurse....uh......weed...y.........yeah.
2002-09-20 11:17:59 PM  
Yeah meanwhile CEOs are getting $400 mil severance packages after they run a company for 18 months and watch its stock price sink to half its starting value. I feel so sorry for businesses.
2002-09-20 11:19:08 PM  
that article was one big pain in the ass to read.
2002-09-20 11:19:54 PM  
In Canada we have 222's. Nothing to make you feel happier than caffeine and codine - except perhaps when it is sold over the counter.
2002-09-20 11:20:35 PM  
09-20-02 10:00:29 PM SLAYERSWINE
Fugg big business. They have ripped us off plenty of times.

I understand the reasoning, but fugging big business is basicly fugging ourselves. These guys don't eat the cost of people laying out of work, they pass it right along to me and you, and then maybe a little more, because they know we'll consume their service or product.
2002-09-20 11:22:00 PM  
09-20-02 11:19:08 PM HarryBeanBag

that article was one big pain in the ass to read.

I second that emotion.
2002-09-20 11:22:49 PM  
Having worked 16 or 18 hour coding sessions I know pain, but my company bought me a cool chair and any sort of KB and Mouse or Mouse-Like device I want.

Moderation is the answer, of course Distortd's way works really well too...BTW the nurse's name is MARYJANE of course :)
2002-09-20 11:23:19 PM  
However, most doctors receive very little training in identifying and treating pain problems among their patients

No, they're too busy being trained in sewing up open wounds and fixing broken bones. Obviously any doctor can treat pain, but the Partners For Pain are talking more about "treating pain" the buzzphrase more than the actual concept of making the pain go away (which is an almost inherent part of what a doctor does). The whole "treating pain" buzzphrase is more about subscribing super-expensive medications.
#2 [TotalFark]
2002-09-20 11:23:24 PM  
Your Pain Will Be Exquisite!!!
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-20 11:24:12 PM  
two words: blue stuff. the stuff's got Lidocaine in it (how they legally can do that is anyone's guess).
2002-09-20 11:25:37 PM  
And the reason businesses lose so much due to pain:

Bosses who are pains in the collective ass.
2002-09-20 11:26:58 PM  
Partners for Understanding Pain, a consortium of more than 50 organizations that have an interest in pain and its effects

If ever there was a good name for an S&M outfit, this is it.
2002-09-20 11:27:19 PM  
Maybe the sarcastic submitter can use my knees for a day. See how you like chronic pain asshat! I worked 16 hour days in blazing heat and freezing cold at manual, menial labor. All it got me was poverty and wrecked knees. Whining? No. Pissed? Yes.
2002-09-20 11:30:26 PM  
Perversions Of Pain

[Music: Hanneman, Lyrics: King]

You better learn my name
Cause I'm the one insane
And I'm a constant threat
You run in fear from my dark silhouette
Inside my violent mind
Chaos is all you'll find
Anarchy uncontained
Bear witness to the scorn of my campaign
Perversions of pain
Seep from my eyes
Into your brain
Within my world of hate
Disruption I instate
Malicious entity
Defile and desecrate humanity
Alone they all will die
Corroding from inside
With no one left to save them
As I'm dancing on their farking graves
Perversions of pain
Seep from my eyes
Into your brain

[Lead: King]

Take a look into my mind
Where pleasure is refined
Endless burning holes
Of scarred souls
Step inside my world of hate
Where everything mutates
Your senses under siege
Ingest the virtues I feed
A higher level of pain
Is racing through my veins
There's nothing more intense
Than mental misery that I dispense
So follow right along
Observe a fresh new dawn
Of super sensation
My realm of torture stimulation
Perversions of pain
Seep from my eyes
Into your brain
You better learn my name
Cause I'm the one insane
Inside my violent mind
Chaos is all you'll find
Within my world of hate
Disruption I instate
Alone they all will die
Corroding from inside
Follow right along
Observe a fresh new dawn
Racing through my veins
A higher level of pain
Higher level of pain
Higher level of pain
2002-09-20 11:31:21 PM  
This just in: stimulation costs businesses trillions of dollars per year!

What kind of stimulation specificly, we cannot say. But rest assured, it is stimulation nonetheless.
2002-09-20 11:34:18 PM  
-pain is irrevalant...when you get used to it, you don't seem to miss it until you do something worse to yourself.

i don't know about the rest of you, but i have hurt myself more than anyone else could possibly ever have.

-38 and still here.
2002-09-20 11:34:25 PM  
CrazyCurt: You just opened the door for farkers to say it is your own fault for not graduating highschool/going to college/if neither applies, then for being a liberal pinko commie hateful name calling faggot.

Who wants to do the count down?
2002-09-20 11:38:42 PM  
Pain costs business nothing.

The lawyers get the bucks.

Business just passes the lawyer cost on to us shmucks.

*stomps off to look up Shakespeare's quote about lawyers*
2002-09-20 11:41:41 PM  
2002-09-20 11:52:08 PM  
i kept seeing that commercial when i was down in alabama. read the lawsuits link to the left:

Pop Goes The Lawsuit

The Kellogg's Pop-Tart box warns consumers not to "leave the toaster appliance unattended due to possible risk of fire."

Brenda Hurff of Washington Township, NJ didn't heed that commonsense advice when she popped a cherry Pop-Tart into her pop-up toaster in early July and then left the house to drive her children to school. She returned home 10 to 20 minutes later to smoke pouring out of the house and firefighters already on the scene. The cause of the $100,000 fire was listed as "unattended food."

Hurff doesn't think the fire is her fault, so she and her husband have filed a lawsuit against Kellogg's and Black & Decker, the maker of the toaster, asking $100,000. "I never thought a Pop-Tart could turn into a blowtorch," their lawyer, Mauro C. Casci, told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "Did it pop? Did it not pop? Who knows?"

"Pop-Tarts are safe and do not cause fires," said a Kellogg's spokesman. "Pop-Tarts have been marketed since 1964; they have been thoroughly tested and are safe to toast and eat."

Local fire chief John Hoffman isn't surprised that a Pop-Tart caused a fire, and most five-year-olds probably wouldn't be either. "Go get a Pop-Tart and try it yourself," said Hoffman, "just do it safely."
2002-09-20 11:56:42 PM  
Pain? Miss work because you're in pain? Being homeless is a pain. Starving is a pain. Magnifying a little pain as an excuse to not work - I know all about it. My brother-in-law sits on his ass and plays Everquest all day and all night, why? causes stress and stress increases his fatigue and muscle pain, and makes him angry, and having a dumbass wife who pats him on the head and then works 14 hours days so he can loaf.
2002-09-21 12:06:51 AM  
Let's talk about something upbeat for a change, instead of pain as a lazy man's industry.

I think it was Jello Biafra who mentioned instead of listening to people whining about how much this hurt, and how much that hurt, and their scars and surgeries and broken arms, why not just interrupt with "I had the greatest orgasm last night! Man! Wow!!!" or something to that effect.

I say "Hell yeah!".

Come on...that would be pretty damn cool.
2002-09-21 12:19:47 AM  
It always amuses me when people slam big business. Then they drive to work in a Chevy, while talking on a Nokia provided by A.T.& T. wireless, stop and have a coffee at Starbucks, work on a computer built by Apple, go home and watch TV or listen to music on a Sony and fall asleep on a Sealy.
2002-09-21 12:46:21 AM  
I'm truly against big business. I built a go-cart to drive to work in, while using a tin can with a string attached to talk to family and friends. I then put like 6 or 7 sugar packets in a glass of water to give me that early morning pick-me-up. Then I work on my Apple (IIc circa 84), go home and watch neighbor's TV's through their windows, and then fall asleep on a pile of old newspapers.

Down with big business!
2002-09-21 12:47:38 AM  
It always amuses me when people are amused by people who slam big business. Especially since it is extremely hard for the average person not to use some product a big business produces just to live. They make it their business to get into people's lives and sell as much as they can, doesn't make their crimes any less worse.
2002-09-21 12:50:59 AM  
It always amuses me when people who are amused by people who are amused at big business are amused by their amusement.
2002-09-21 12:51:33 AM  

Until they can choose to not use any of these things, what's the point of your post?
2002-09-21 12:59:44 AM  
I think everyone here should look at SpaceCoyote's post(third post). So true.
2002-09-21 01:03:25 AM  
SpaceCoyote? Is that you?
2002-09-21 01:05:08 AM  
CrazyCurt, I know how you feel man. I work 12-16 hours a day in a menial labour job, busting my ass to make my way through life. I'm missing one fingernail due to crushing part of my digit with a 250 Lbs. steel manhole frame a couple months ago, have a bruised rib, and permanent damage in both knees, but I keep going to work every day.

I can't believe that a bunch of office workers complain about pain so that they can get large amounts of cash from disability, and sit around all day. I know some office workers that have suffered from disabilities like Carpal Tunnel and arthritis, and I can understand getting treatment or help for such a condition, but stress? I just can't really see stress hurting anyone that much unless they are going to suffer a total mental/emotional breakdown (my crew's Lead Hand's already gone through one this year, it wasn't pretty.) Sorry, but stress is part of life, and you just have to make time, hard as it may be, to unwind a little bit, you know? Go have a drink or two, or shoot some pool, maybe go for a walk, work out, or just spend time with your family (if you have one) It can help a lot.
2002-09-21 01:25:12 AM  
my god that's a farkin stupid ass organization
2002-09-21 01:55:29 AM  

They can choose not to use any of those things. They can go live in a mud hut somewhere Godforsaken and grow their own food.

Of course, when they get sick they can just suffer and hope they do not die because they do not have any of the good meds produced by the evil big businesses.

However, almost everyone decides to live in society and use a product produced by a big business, while complaining all the while of the big bad corporations.

Corporations are not evil. There are corporations that have evil people in them, even running them. But almost all big businesses are comprised of many good people and a minority of bad people, just as society as a whole is similarly comprised.

That is my point.

But who says any posts on Fark have to have a point? It seems to me that at least half of the posts have little or no point at all.
2002-09-21 02:02:10 AM  
Yeah Splattermouse, people like 5C who think their jobs as techs are what make them great don't know that they wouldn't have an office in which to work if it wasn't for grunts like us risking our lives to build said offices. We get paid crap and they biotch about us getting hurt. This is why Americans are slowly waking up and beginning to realize rich people aren't so wise, intelligent and compassionate they'd like us to beleive.

Honestly, everyone I've known in the hard labor biz, be it construction or janitorial or heck cleaning bowling alleys, are rarely paid what they're worth and rarely see any benefits. Somehow people with college degrees seem to think the world owes them their college loan repayments. No matter how lazy and inept they may be they demand to be paid more than us poor dumb menial labor types. Never mind I was too damned poor to go to college ( though I did finish high school with a scholarship to a very ritzy private school ), I worked from age 15 up until lately. Sorry if the pain disturbs people like 5C. Maybe we can introduce him to that 250lb hammer?
2002-09-21 02:34:38 AM  
I have never used a sick day.It sucks sometimes because I have to take up the hypochondriacs slak at the office.
2002-09-21 02:46:15 AM  
ok, i think it would be a good idea for everyone who says "its your fault for not getting a degree" to come live in toledo for awhile, a lovely little town where even a lot of college grads get blue collar jobs. why? because thats whats available. and yeah, college is expensive, is it someones fault they cant afford it? you cant go to college because you dont have enough money, and you dont have enough money because you didnt go to college. or maybe someone was going to college, but then along came a pregnancy. and unless your celebate by choice, you have no room to judge someone for that. everyone here has risked it.

sitting in front of a computer for 16 hours is boring and uncomfortable, but it is not real pain. id go into what it was, but CrazyCurt and Splattermouse already did.
2002-09-21 04:10:21 AM  
well im on my feet 40 hours a week for my job, but its only till i go to college, after college ill go to business school.

regardless of circumstances, its almost always possible to attend college, some colleges only require about 4 grand a year, all of which can be payed at a later date.

if i lived in toledo id simply move to a city that has better employment prospects.
2002-09-21 04:14:59 AM  
Yeah DRW. They do good things, and so all their bad deeds are washed away. Them Nazis were fairly good blokes too -- rejuvinated a horrible nation and put bread on people's tables and cars in their driveways. So they killed a few million people, so what? They made things much better, for those they helped. Just like corporations today do for us.

And besides, it's not like anyone was forced to stay in Germany. They could have moved to france, just like people today can move to the mud huts etc.

yeah yeah goodwin's law blah blah blah.
2002-09-21 04:47:03 AM  
When you're a massage therapist (as I am), people in pain pay the rent, cause they're sick of going to the dr. and getting cortizone shots and prescriptions for motrin.
2002-09-21 05:37:03 AM  
There's your farking drug war for you. Doctors are afraid of prescribing proper pain medication (opiates) and some patients are so terrified by addiction hysteria they are afraid to take effective drugs. Opiates are a gift from God for people in severe pain.

Legalize, and make available without a prescription, ALL pharmaceuticals, recreational and otherwise, and stop this insane practice of legalizing some drugs and prosecuting the users of others. If someone is taking darvocet for their pain it isn't the federal governments farking business.
2002-09-21 09:32:31 AM  
Everyone feels pain, I think the trouble comes when people don't realize the possibility that other's might feel more pain than they do. Such are the limitations of the modern mind.

2002-09-21 10:18:39 AM  
-pain is irrevalant...when you get used to it, you don't seem to miss it until you do something worse to yourself.

To a point, yes.

Do it long enough, and you get "nerve fatigue": you don't feel much pain even from being injured, because the nerves have been carrying those messages for so long and so often they just "wear out". You're still doing damage -- you just don't notice it as much. Some people call it "pain tolerance".


i don't know about the rest of you, but i have hurt myself more than anyone else could possibly ever have.

Dunno. I've had a little self-inflicted damage, including 9 concussions (that I remember), torn muscles in my back that have caused pain for the last 20 years, blown knees, cracked bones, strained tendons, and two pinched nerves at the same time (now THAT hurt).

If you've done worse than that, I suggest you get a Vicodin IV.
2002-09-21 12:29:09 PM  
Hell.Ive got 1344 vics.
2002-09-21 01:16:42 PM  
If there was a gumball machine that dispensed vics in the ER lobby, we would see about a 50% decreases in our patient census
2002-09-21 10:54:46 PM  
Anyone who hasn't had a migraine doesn't know pain.
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