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(Time)   Top 100 TV Shows of All Time as picked by Time Magazine. How many of your favorites are on the list?   ( divider line
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2007-09-09 03:04:23 AM  
Add me to the list of people who are astonished House, M.D. isn't on the list.

cynicalbastard: House is a good show, but mainly because Laurie is such a damn good actor. Plot-wise, it boils down to [predictable repetition having to do with medicine.]

No one watches House for the medical aspect. That part is somewhat repetitive and predictable (though they've shaken up the routine a few times) and is largely irrelevant to what the series really is. Fans of House watch it for the sarcasm, cynicism, office politics, and humor.
2007-09-09 03:05:08 AM  
As long as mentioning long run shows,
Good/Bad we older farks Gre up on

American Bandstand
L Welk Show (Early on)
Ed Sulivan Show
Mitch Miller
The Rifleman

Couple of bad ones:
Night Gallery
Night Stalker
Banachek ?
Search (was this part of a trilogy?)
Love Boat
Love American Style (Spun off Happy Days)
2007-09-09 03:07:42 AM  
darth_shatner: No Red Dwarf, no Dr Who, no Chaser or D-Generation.

That's because noone outside of Australia gives two shiats about The Chaser.
2007-09-09 03:13:58 AM  
How sad is it that I've seen almost every episode of 54 shows on that list? That's not counting all of the talk/news/variety shows that made the cut that I watch also.

How is it outside these days? I've been hearing good things, might check it out.
2007-09-09 03:16:22 AM  
Four of my favorite, obscure TV shows that didn't make it:

TV Nation
Reel Wild Cinema
Night Flight
Mr. Show

Of course, they wouldn't be obscure if they were on a Time Magazine list.

/MTV 1981-1992 was a TV show?
2007-09-09 03:18:05 AM  
Why do I get the idea that the "Top 100 TV Shows of All Time" should have been titled "100 TV Shows I Picked Out of My Ass"?

It sounds like he sat down with a bottle of tequila and wrote down as many TV shows as he could think of before he hit bottom.
2007-09-09 03:20:12 AM  
Oh, and if you want a good example of a show that is highly entertaining but really, really not a good show at all:


That show was funny as shait, but worthless. I don't think I've ever seen a show where I hated the protagonists more. They were stupid, incredibly unlikebale people, in stupid situations. It was a utterly empty; a tale of no higher value whatsoever. But damn it was funny.
2007-09-09 03:30:28 AM  
No Springer? damn snobs...
2007-09-09 03:40:00 AM
2007-09-09 03:41:23 AM  
whyerhead: And the theme will get stuck in your head...

I farking hate you right now, you have no idea. I had that goddamned song stuck in my head from the age of 15 to 19. And now it's back.
If I ever find you, you will pay.
2007-09-09 03:47:50 AM  
Venture Brothers.

/that is all.
2007-09-09 03:57:02 AM  
Where is Sheriff Lobo? LOBO!!!
2007-09-09 04:31:02 AM  
Sorry to say this but--

as much as I loved SEINFELD most fans of this show were basically ignorant dumbasses and didn't even get most of the jokes.

Some examples:

In the "Jon Voight's Car" episode at the end when Kramer and Jerry are on the bus to Florida, this is a parody of the final scene in "Midnight Cowboy"

In the episode where Elaine has to go to Burma to get Peterman's signature it becomes a scene from "Apocalypse Now" and when he hears about the "urban Sombrero" he repeats-- "...the horror,the horror" like Kurtz/Brando from the film.

I clearly remember going to work on mornings following Thursday night SEINFELDs at having those water cooler discussions with so-called "SEINFELD fans" and having to explain certain details to these clueless morons.
2007-09-09 04:38:14 AM  
What, no Three's a Crowd, After M*A*S*H*, Welcome Back Kotter, Quantum Leap, Manimal, MacGyver,Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mr. Show, Colbert Report, Robot Chicken?

...battleship of fail, I'd say.
2007-09-09 04:41:05 AM  
Too much old crap on that list. I Love Lucy? George Burns and Gracie? These shows could only be considered "good" by people who didn't have anything "good" to watch.

As much as everyone likes to complain, TV has gotten better over the years, not worse.

And yes, I really am TV's John Stamos.
2007-09-09 04:44:35 AM  
Newsradio is not on the list. This is an outrage.

MST3K is on the list. I'm good.
2007-09-09 05:26:11 AM  
firefly was canceled for a reason.
2007-09-09 05:35:32 AM  
BudTheSpud: Homicide: Life on the Street

This list is accurate enough for me. They recognised the greatest cop show(Suck it Law and Order/CSI), perhaps the greatest television show in history. Too bad most people weren't smart enough to watch it.

Best cop show ever, in my opinion. But no AfterMASH? Tragic.

And, no, the list doesn't fail, because it is someone's opinion. You can't argue with opinion. Want a list that doesn't fail, make your own list.
2007-09-09 05:37:46 AM  
No Stargate SG-1????
2007-09-09 05:49:10 AM  
What! no Frasier?
2007-09-09 05:49:30 AM  
+ Beavis and Butthead
- Home Improvement (serious??? how could you not include this?!)
2007-09-09 06:06:43 AM  
The list is B.S.

No "Get Smart"?

No "Brady Bunch"?

2007-09-09 06:53:16 AM  
Too many stupid shows on the list. American Idol? Survivor? When I saw shows like that, I knew the list wasn't accurate.
2007-09-09 06:59:24 AM  
Bakudai: firefly was canceled for a reason.

And that reason was Fox changing it's scheduled airtime on a daily basis. Not suprisingly, it didn't really do so well in the ratings, seeing as how no one knew when it was on.
2007-09-09 07:01:25 AM be fair, though, Firefly was not really that revolutionary or important. Star Trek (TOS), Dr. Who, and the old Twilight Zone probably gets the nod for being the most important sci-fi on TV. FireFly just did the formula really, really farking well.

//Watch "Objects in Space", the last episode. If you doubt that show had a future, you have no joy in your soul.
2007-09-09 07:22:37 AM  
2007-09-09 07:25:07 AM  
John Stamos: Too much old crap on that list. I Love Lucy? George Burns and Gracie? These shows could only be considered "good" by people who didn't have anything "good" to watch.

As much as everyone likes to complain, TV has gotten better over the years, not worse.

And yes, I really am TV's John Stamos.

2007-09-09 08:30:51 AM  
No Night Court?????

2007-09-09 09:30:13 AM  
Battlestar Galactica
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Mystery Science Theatre 3000
Pee Wee's Playhouse
Star Trek
The X-Files
2007-09-09 09:53:52 AM  
He's got The Prisoner & Soap, 2 of my all-time favorites, but no Heroes? I'd love to know why that one didn't make the list

/Are you on the list?
2007-09-09 10:05:09 AM  
The_Philosopher_King: No Muppet Show?!?

I would also include
Cosmos with Carl Sagan
The Day the Universe Changed or Connections by James Burke

THIS! ANYthing with James Burke deserves to be on the list.

2007-09-09 10:06:10 AM  
Martin Mulls
Ferndale Tonight




fark this list
2007-09-09 10:06:30 AM  
Still DRTFA -- Would Jerry Springer be on there? Nothing like a little Springer to unwind the brain after a James Burke marathon!
2007-09-09 10:34:38 AM  
I went for WKRP right away, expecting to see it, and wasn't disappointed. Went for MST3K not expecting to see it and was pleasantly surprised.
2007-09-09 10:35:33 AM  
It's obvious to me that we here at FARK.COM need to make a


list to make everyone happy.
2007-09-09 10:36:38 AM  
However, Match Game should've been on the list.

2007-09-09 10:37:02 AM  
Too lazy to read their list. Any (or all) of these make it? If not, the list's a joke...

The Young Ones
Father Ted
Arrested Development
Freaks and Geeks
The Mighty Boosh
Red Dwarf
Kids in the Hall
Strangers With Candy
Mr Show
League of Gentlemen
and of course - Python's "Flying Circus"
2007-09-09 11:32:30 AM  
Too much old crap on that list. I Love Lucy? George Burns and Gracie? These shows could only be considered "good" by people who didn't have anything "good" to watch.

As much as everyone likes to complain, TV has gotten better over the years, not worse.

And yes, I really am TV's John Stamos.

If you really are, you might want to consider that I Love Lucy and Burns and Allen were on when there was less to watch on TV. Most of us old fogies only had a total of three broadcast channels to pick from. Also, if you think about it, Lucy (in particular) was the standard by which much subsequent TV sitcoms would be measured and steal a whole bunch of material. Actually, I can think of a number of other old shows that merited inclusion on this list as much as some of the stuff that did get listed:

1. The Defenders
2. East Side, West Side
3. Rawhide
4. Wagon Train
2007-09-09 11:35:12 AM  
HA, this list KILLS me!

//gordon shumway FTW!
2007-09-09 11:37:06 AM
2007-09-09 11:59:58 AM  
mud_shark: Coupling (the BBC version - never saw the shortlived American version)

It was called "Friends"
2007-09-09 12:03:11 PM
/this list is crap
2007-09-09 12:21:53 PM  
2007-09-09 12:22:24 PM  
2007-09-09 12:29:55 PM  
NORTHERN EXPOSURE not on the list? Then it's crap...crap I say.
2007-09-09 01:05:40 PM  
I don't see any British or Canadian shows on here. And what about shows from countries that don't speak English?

Who gets PAID to write these things, anyhow? What a joke.
2007-09-09 01:09:37 PM  
No Rockford Files?!?

/Come ON Jimmy! (obscure)

Where would I have learned to get free Chinese food with a film can full of silverfish?
2007-09-09 01:38:10 PM  
No Mr Wizard?
2007-09-09 01:45:01 PM  

2007-09-09 02:42:02 PM  
No Bionic Six? Are you p ussies for real?
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