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(MSNBC)   Bargaining with Wiccan gods earns man $32M after taxes   ( divider line
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19199 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Sep 2007 at 8:01 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-09-02 05:20:54 PM  
Wow. I guess now he can afford that clan-size jar of altar oil...

...and still has enough money to coax the local HS goth girls into peforming "rites" under the full moon.
2007-09-02 05:24:11 PM

W...T...F... He's inflated or something.
2007-09-02 05:29:10 PM  
Err well, if my Wiccan ex was right at all, he should be expecting to be hit with a crapload of bad fortune now.

Of course, I guess it doesn't matter since it's all a bunch of BS anyway.
2007-09-02 06:20:18 PM  
WTF is wrong with that dude?
2007-09-02 06:58:40 PM  
Mugato: WTF is wrong with that dude?

hey, he's rich. He can look like a weird sort of human/alien mushroom hybrid gone wrong if that's what he wants.
2007-09-02 07:00:08 PM  
Weaver95: He can look like a weird sort of human/alien mushroom hybrid gone wrong if that's what he wants.

2007-09-02 07:08:27 PM  
Stay Puft is a Wiccan? I thought he was a Gozerian.
2007-09-02 07:10:35 PM

I don't think he's gonna stop!
2007-09-02 08:04:40 PM  
Now he can afford plastic surgery.
2007-09-02 08:06:26 PM  
Is this where we talk about how lotteries are a tax on people bad at math and how he should take the lump sum?
2007-09-02 08:07:26 PM  
Woah, that shop is right across the parking lot from where I work. I probably sold this guy his ticket.
2007-09-02 08:07:27 PM  
Looks like this fat sum'biatch is storing acorns for winter!
2007-09-02 08:08:07 PM  
Stick with this Catholic thing and get a lifetime of guilt or go over to the Wiccans and get a lifetime of state supplied cash? Hmmm....

/Sorry Jesus
//Wiccan hedonism FTW???
2007-09-02 08:08:35 PM  
That man is really a fish bent on taking our money.
2007-09-02 08:09:09 PM  
Well, at least he's not gonna give his tithings to a church that already has too much money.
2007-09-02 08:09:09 PM  
Move along

Just another fat easterner
2007-09-02 08:11:43 PM  
This just goes to show that [your favorite religion] is right. It's obvious that [your religion's highest deity] has given this man a gift to test you faith. At the end of life, his false gods will avail him nothing, and his fate is [whatever your religion thinks happens to people who suck], while you will be [whatever your religion says happens to you].

Oh, and if your a Wiccian, your religion is a 80 year old amalgamation of a bunch of stuff that sounded neat to some government inspector who had nothing to do after retirement but spin new myths. You know, like Tolkien, but without a grip on the line between reality and fiction.

I'm just sayin...
2007-09-02 08:12:27 PM  
Why are so many Wiccan men complete tubs of lard?

2007-09-02 08:13:15 PM  
Robert Johnson just phoned in his approval from the intersection of Styx Lane and Hades Highway.
2007-09-02 08:14:06 PM  
a $320 Million prize turns out to be 10x less? Sweet!!!
2007-09-02 08:14:09 PM  
Is that enough money to buy a new head?
2007-09-02 08:17:32 PM  
said he made a bargain with the multiple gods chins associated with his Wiccan beliefs

fixed it for ya
2007-09-02 08:19:51 PM
2007-09-02 08:20:14 PM  
What the happy winner is gonna buy himself:
2007-09-02 08:20:41 PM  
I for one welcome our new lottery overlords
2007-09-02 08:21:10 PM  
This post brought to you by a Wiccan (me):
2007-09-02 08:22:53 PM  
I've got a rich Aussie friend who is deeply into this Reiki healing, crystal dowsing, chakra spinning BS. That is, when he's not criticizing his mother for sending money to that fraud Benny Hinn.

He doesn't look like Jabba the Hutt, but Goddamn if total, blind farktardery isn't sometimes rewarded with loads of cash.
2007-09-02 08:23:05 PM  
And I'm still waiting on my "win the lottery jackpot" spell to kick in...
2007-09-02 08:23:38 PM  
at first i thought this he/she's picture was photoshopped.

i want to paint him white and put a chefs hat on him and hear him go 'hee hee'
2007-09-02 08:25:08 PM  
Yay, farkers are making fun of the overweight guy ... guess it makes up for the fact his rich now and your not. :)
2007-09-02 08:25:53 PM
2007-09-02 08:26:08 PM  
thejoz 2007-09-02 08:12:27 PM
Why are so many Wiccan American men complete tubs of lard?

2007-09-02 08:27:32 PM  
Ahh. Peter Griffin?
2007-09-02 08:28:23 PM  
I came here for the Hutt pictures. I was not disappointed.
2007-09-02 08:30:26 PM  
First of all, ScorpioT, "he'S" rich now and "you're" not.

Second, I always get such a hoot out of religions other than Christianity that have "miracles". For a little while all the other religions try to spin it for a while.

And while this guy may be fat, unnattractive, odd and have bizarre beliefs...

He's still better than me because he's wealthy and actually BELIEVES in something.

I'm such a moderate fence-sitter that...well..I can't really think of a good analogy for that. So just pretend I did.
2007-09-02 08:37:20 PM  
Hope he spends some of it on a membership to the gym and some healthful foods. Looks like he supports fastfoot. Wouldn't be too bad looking if he was thinner.
2007-09-02 08:37:24 PM
2007-09-02 08:38:37 PM
2007-09-02 08:40:04 PM  
thejoz: Why are so many Wiccan men complete tubs of lard?


What are you, in a Wiccan bowling league? The only Wiccans I know are this guy, and black_knight, who I'm sure is the paragon of fitness.
2007-09-02 08:40:27 PM  
Seperated at birth?
2007-09-02 08:40:54 PM  
ScorpioT: guess it makes up for the fact his rich now and your not. :)

His what and my not what?
2007-09-02 08:43:21 PM  
But, sir... it is only wafer thin!
2007-09-02 08:44:25 PM  
I don't know about men but I know a few wiccan women and they're all huge. I don't know if their communion involves a roast pig or what.
2007-09-02 08:47:06 PM  
thejoz: Why are so many Wiccan men complete tubs of lard?

I don't know, but here's a possibility.

Because a lot of nerds are complete tubs of lard, and a lot of nerds who do not become scientists or business professionals become Wiccans. They choose Wicca because they once saw a girl or two who showed some interest, and they're hoping to cash in on an "untapped" pool.
2007-09-02 08:47:12 PM  
black_knight: This post brought to you by a Wiccan (me):

Is Mr Stay Puff having his period?
2007-09-02 08:49:57 PM  
Well, I actually know some very slender and lovely wiccan women. My girlfriend, for example, is 5' 3" and 105 lbs. But, yeah, most pagans of both sexes are overweight. Of course, then again, so are most Baptists. Both groups like to do a lot of pot-luck dinners. Hmmmm...
2007-09-02 08:51:24 PM  
I'm a Wiccan and I'm really getting a kick out of these replies...
2007-09-02 08:51:57 PM  
rebelyell2006: Now he can afford plastic surgery.

He has 32 million, he doesn't need plastic surgery...
2007-09-02 08:52:03 PM  
42 messages, and no one yet has mentioned that his name is Elwood "Bunky" Bartlett. Shame on you all!
2007-09-02 08:52:14 PM  
stimpington: I'm a Wiccan and I'm really getting a kick out of these replies...

Don't worry--the replies will get kicked back three times as hard.
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