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(Herald Sun)   Armed robber caught becuase he had dog poo on his shoe. Lassie trying to take the credit   ( divider line
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3790 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Sep 2002 at 1:54 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-19 10:32:35 AM  
'... and I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you pesky kids....'

'R'yeah! R'and r'heir r'og!'
2002-09-19 11:28:34 AM  
Hilarious article with such fine gems as...

"'It's not rocket science. It's as plain as poo on your shoe,' Sgt Piper said today"

Yeah, well NASA has been stinking like dog crap lately.

"'I'd say there has been some more poo on the shoe but it has worn away,'"said Sgt Piper, who admitted also having to do a smell test.

By all means, the world reknowned smell test will tell you a lot.

"'It's not chewing gum or road tar, it was dog poo.'"

Whew, for a second there I thought it might have been anthrax.

"'It's the first time I've ever acquired a pattern left by dog poo,'" said the veteran scientific officer.

So this guy is going to experiment with fingerpainting using dog poo now?

"'I guess he should have watched his step.'"

Ha ha ha ha. I think I would laugh more seeing Sgt. Piper getting a plunger stuck up his ass for using a crappy pun.
2002-09-19 01:59:31 PM  
I can't stand it -- not another typo in the heading --

well, that's good for about 20 posts.
2002-09-19 02:01:15 PM  
shiat happens.
2002-09-19 02:01:25 PM  
It must have been his first time commiting a robbery, because the clerk said the masked gunman was raising up a big stink.
2002-09-19 02:01:27 PM  
Ain't that shhhhity.
2002-09-19 02:01:28 PM  
He's in deep shiat now
2002-09-19 02:02:14 PM  
This is the second shiaty farking story today
2002-09-19 02:02:51 PM  
My first thought was an old school song - Doo Doo Brown...not sure who sang it, maybe 2 Live Crew??
2002-09-19 02:03:29 PM  
Loved the Sgt. Piper album
2002-09-19 02:05:24 PM  
I bet the robber thought he was the shhit
2002-09-19 02:05:40 PM  
Blame it on Triumph...
2002-09-19 02:06:47 PM  
Just Say ShËt
2002-09-19 02:08:10 PM  
That didn't work the way I wanted it to....
2002-09-19 02:08:15 PM  
That reminds me something our local village idiot used to say:

"Run from the cops, step in dog shiat."
2002-09-19 02:08:32 PM  
a beer to anyone who can spot this obscure reference...

two travelers walking up the trail....
"Hey, Look like dogshiat"
"yah, look like dogshiat"
"Pick Up"
"Pick up"
"Feel like dogshiat?"
"yah, feel like dogshiat"
"Smell like dogshiat"
"Yech-smell like dogshiat"
"Taste like dogshiat?"
"(spitting) "yah, taste like dogshiat"
"Ah, good thing we don't step in it"
"yah, good thing"
2002-09-19 02:10:28 PM  
ROCKSURFER: I hate that too. I get embarrassed for the news folks that have to say "'N' word" when reporting on incidents of black racism. It's not like Peter Jennings is actually calling>/i> someone that, he's presenting the facts of situation.

PCism and irrational, capricious oversensitivity will be the death of the Western world.
2002-09-19 02:11:43 PM  
I seem to recall there being some shiat joke in "Yellowbeard", but it's been so long since I saw it that I can't recall what it was.
2002-09-19 02:11:51 PM  
dude i am totally baked on bud i grew myself and now i'm reading fark! sweet!
heheheheheheheeeeehhehee lassie wow
2002-09-19 02:14:32 PM  
GiantSlug hrm. Seeing as there is a picture of you in your profile, and you live in Marshall, MN, which i would assume is tiny, you should be a sure bust for operation T.I.P.S.

Because when you do drugs, you help terrorists.

Now, where's that bag of reward money.
2002-09-19 02:16:55 PM  
Skiinstructor: Cheech 'n Chong?
2002-09-19 02:18:10 PM  
I , for one, would not want to be the one to do the smell test :-)
2002-09-19 02:24:23 PM  
Morden: "A farthing for a lump of shiat?"
2002-09-19 02:26:26 PM  
what a shiatty situation to be in. Ill bet he thought it was shinola.
2002-09-19 02:27:17 PM  
Where is this clown walking? Multiple dog shiats on his shoes? WTF?!
This is sort of variation on the dumb criminal leaving footprints in the snow which leads to arrest. Only more disgusting and smelly.
See - People who don't clean up after their dogs are actually heroes.
2002-09-19 02:28:44 PM  
Bass555 -- Thanks, it was really starting to bug me! :)
2002-09-19 02:29:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-19 02:35:33 PM  
They caught him brown-shoed..
2002-09-19 02:51:19 PM  
AuntofDogface: Congratulations! you WIN!
2002-09-19 02:59:47 PM  
""It's not rocket science. It's as plain as poo on your shoe," Sgt Piper said today."

Yeah.... Sgt. Piper and his lonely hearts club band!!
2002-09-19 03:02:57 PM  
Stepin' in the dog pooh was a real slip-up!
2002-09-19 03:11:13 PM  
if he had stepped into a pile that one of my dogs leaves it would have been easy to find him. the shiat would have gone up to his knees. I swear that my dogs can pump out three times their own body weight each day.

And before ask, yes, mowing the lawn usually draws a small crowd, but they leave pretty damn fast.
2002-09-19 03:11:34 PM  
Maybe it was left over from when his girlfirend broke up with him?
2002-09-19 03:18:09 PM  
"I break with thee, I break with thee, I break with thee"

And then we throw dog poop on their shoes.
2002-09-19 03:36:20 PM  
If he's really fat he can use that as a defense.
2002-09-19 03:53:20 PM  
Poop holds the robber wher it is.
2002-09-19 04:19:16 PM  
Skiinstructor: Would that be Da Yupers?
2002-09-19 04:24:22 PM  
Skiinstructor: Got a better one for you. Name this one:

In my country if you wanted to break up with your girlfriend all you had to do was say:
"I break with thee, I break with thee, I break with thee" and then throw dog poop on her shoe.

Later that night my brother and I would go down to the bar and look for girls with the dog poop on her shoe!
2002-09-19 04:26:20 PM  
Sheesh, I gotta read the thread before I post. Uh, Skiinstructor, I meant would that be Cheech and Chong? What do I win?
2002-09-19 04:29:25 PM  
Oh, and another thing, can I vote myself as the official biggest tard of this thread?

*vows to not return to this thread to find the answer*
2002-09-19 04:30:52 PM  
"Yes, yes, this robber, he is great.....................................for me to poop on!!!!!"-triumph
2002-09-19 04:44:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-19 04:45:03 PM  
Maui: Since we're dealing in references today- here's an
easy one..." You'll get nothing- and like it!"- actually
auntofdogface picked it out-( you hit it second) that one was off of Cheech and Chong's "Los Cochinos" album- the one we always had to hide from mom 'cause of all the dope references... ;)

And you have me completely stumped on the "throwing dog
poop on her shoe" line...
2002-09-19 04:55:03 PM  
The idiot misspelled "becuase".

It's "becwaze" dumbass.
2002-09-19 05:07:47 PM  
Maui Haui
In my country if you wanted to break up with your girlfriend all you had to do was say:
"I break with thee, I break with thee, I break with thee" and then throw dog poop on her shoe.

Easy...Steve Martin!

What do I Win??
2002-09-19 05:13:31 PM  
ouizel: Maui Haui Wowie?!
2002-09-19 06:10:47 PM  
Name this reference:

"Excuse me sir, you dropped your phony dog poo."

"What phony dog poo?"
2002-09-19 06:21:29 PM  
At least when I submitted this news story as it was printed on yahoo news, I didn't make a typo in the title. :P
2002-09-19 06:41:51 PM  
2002-09-19 07:20:47 PM  
Divine would have just eaten it.
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