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29500 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Sep 2002 at 10:56 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-17 09:20:36 AM  
That toilet flushing noise is getting louder...
2002-09-17 09:42:06 AM  
As a Canadian, I think this is pretty much inevitable, and not necessarily such a bad thing. The fact is that we simply don't give the military enough money to be an effective, all-around national defence force; we either have to scale back what we expect the military to do or dramatically increase its funding. As it stands, the quality of our troops is second to none -- in fact, many international elite forces send their soldiers to Canada for part of their training, I'm told -- but we don't have anything to give them to fight with aside from C7s (our m16 derivative). Our only attack helicopter is the 40-year-old Sea King, one of which tried to make a cross-Canada trip a little while back, and ended up making something around 12-17 emergency landings due to system/part failures along the way, and took a month or two to get where it was going. We needed to use American troop transports to get our 800 soldiers to Afghanistan.

If we as a country aren't willing to make extremely large funding increases to our defence budget, we'd better get used to handing over more of our defence to America.

(Disclaimer: with respect to my remark about the quality of Canadian soldier training, that comes mostly from talking to Canadian reservists I know; add salt to taste.)
2002-09-17 09:58:45 AM  
I wouldn't call that a step closer. I'd call that cooperation myself.
2002-09-17 10:35:51 AM  
Link FARKed right now...

On another note... we could add Canada and give south Florida to Castro. Sounds like a good trade to me...
2002-09-17 11:00:38 AM  
No, keep South Florida, give Castro Quebec.
2002-09-17 11:01:23 AM  
can we have lybia instead? anything..
2002-09-17 11:01:43 AM  
Canadian Soldier : Hey, ya, you take dis grenade, yah, and you pull da pin like dis, eh? Do you know what I'm talking aboot?

American Soldier : What?
2002-09-17 11:01:46 AM  
Does these mean that the normally nice Canadians have to become farking arseholes like us? At least they continue to claim they are the best part of the states.
2002-09-17 11:01:59 AM  
Annex Canada and get rid of both Florida and Quebec. Ship their populations to Antarctica or something.
2002-09-17 11:02:22 AM  
Makes sense to me. Canada is our lil' bro and we need to protect it.
2002-09-17 11:02:57 AM  
Question: How do you know your country has been invaded by America?

Answer: There are dead Candians everywhere.
2002-09-17 11:03:00 AM  
It will take sometime, however, to get over the language hurdle.

Ohscar Fohxtroht Gohlf
2002-09-17 11:03:11 AM  
Canada inches closer to becoming 51st State

They wish. Get rid of Quebec and then we'll talk.
2002-09-17 11:03:23 AM  
We don't want them
2002-09-17 11:04:31 AM  
if they do, where am i supposed to go in the event of a draft being instituted?
2002-09-17 11:04:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-17 11:05:37 AM  
Sucks. First thing the gov. would do is recriminalize the cheeba. Dammit.
2002-09-17 11:05:38 AM  

I guess this is a good thing in case we're ever attacked (very doubtful). What's the ratio of American to Canadian soldiers, like 1000:1?
2002-09-17 11:06:32 AM  
Why would we want the USA to become the 11th province?
2002-09-17 11:06:42 AM  
Given the respective sizes (not populations), the USA is much more likely to become the 10th province of Canada.
2002-09-17 11:06:49 AM  
as long as we can get some of their snipers on our team, Im all for it. Anybody remember the link to that story about the guy who set the world record for sniper fire in battle? Something like 1.3 miles?
2002-09-17 11:09:17 AM  
Given the respective sizes (not populations), the USA is much more likely to become the 10th province of Canada.

Exactly. You'd be lower Canada, the shiatty part of the country...
2002-09-17 11:10:32 AM  
Is this news? Haven't Canadians and Americans been fighting along side since WWI? Red devils of WW2 anyone? I don't get what the problem is.

This isn't far off from anything NATO does or has been doing for half a century. Feh.
2002-09-17 11:10:44 AM  
Canada inches closer to becoming 51st State

You mean Canada isn't a state?

2002-09-17 11:11:48 AM  
We will liberate your bacon and destroy your Bryan Adams records.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-17 11:12:13 AM  
The problem is that the border between Canada is all wrong. We should divide North America based on "Soda vs Pop". I'm Poplander myself.
2002-09-17 11:13:16 AM  
Cokemonkey I remember, Canadian snipers are not only better trained, they have better guns too.
2002-09-17 11:14:06 AM  
This has been going on for years anyway. NORAD, NATO, etc. I don't see any need to make our militaries any closer than they already are.

We already went through all that crap with the British and there shiatty, patronizing generals and politicians. It may make financial and even tactical sense, but this would be a huge step backwards for Canada.
2002-09-17 11:14:53 AM  
Fark this.. who says we even NEED to worry about terrorist issues? Jesus.. just cause the US says so, doesn't mean we have to bend over and take it.

So we don't have a lot of military.. maybe because we don't feel threatened.

2002-09-17 11:15:13 AM  
As for Quebec, you could chop it off and ship it to holland. They'll buy it, they're desperate for land above sea-level
2002-09-17 11:16:15 AM  
I thought it already was.


On another note, kudos to Canada. Went up to the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota and I gotta say, the best part of the canoe trip (portage excluded) was the canada side. Friendliest folks I've ever met.
2002-09-17 11:17:01 AM  
Not to be picky, but shouldn't the headline read 'Canada centimeters closer to being the 51st state'?
2002-09-17 11:17:29 AM  
Canadians are NOT the best soldiers in the world. When you look at simple bread-and-butter soldiers...nobody can TOUCH Israel. If you look at special forces, #1 are the Brits. The SAS is a fine piece of work. Then you have various special forces from many countries that are, more or less, equivalent. The US, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, and any number of other countries have pretty much equivalent forces. Only advantage the US has there is that they have MORE special forces teams than anybody else. But, if you want to get down to no-holds-barred ass-kicking tank divisions...the American Red Division. I forget their unit designation, I think they're the 110th Cavalry or something like that. It's a group of soldiers the Americans trained in RUSSIAN tactics so the rest of the American forces would have something to train against...the Red Division hasn't lost a "conflict" (read: training mission) in something like 15 years...against anybody. They even kicked the shiat out of Israeli divisions, which usually make Americans look like kids with water guns.

But, when all is said and done, nobody can touch the USA in full-scale warfare. Which is all that really matters anyways.
2002-09-17 11:17:29 AM  
As long as us Yanks get access to "Hockey Night in Canada," I'm all for it!

Sonician: When the Maritime Provinces are uninhabitable because some ass-hat who doesn't know how to control the WMD they are smuggling in to Canada, perhaps you'll think differently...
2002-09-17 11:17:41 AM  
is this NORTHCOM going to be in Colorado Springs like NORAD is or somewhere else?
2002-09-17 11:19:36 AM  
I'm from Canada and they think I'm slow, ehhh

/Obscure Simpsons reference of the day
2002-09-17 11:19:56 AM  
The united States of North America
2002-09-17 11:21:11 AM  
... but where will citizens run when shiat happens? We can't always rely on Mexico you know...
2002-09-17 11:21:45 AM  
Just invade Canada and be done with it.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-17 11:22:15 AM  
perhaps I skimmed the article too fast.
I didn't see a damn thing about Canada becoming a new state.
2002-09-17 11:23:39 AM  
All part of my master plan!
2002-09-17 11:23:41 AM  
As for Quebec, you could chop it off and ship it to holland. They'll buy it, they're desperate for land above sea-level
We are not so desperate that we will accept those bloody Canucks. They speak (a sort of) French for Christs sake.
2002-09-17 11:24:21 AM

This has been done before in WWII with great success.
2002-09-17 11:24:29 AM  
perhaps I skimmed the article too fast.
I didn't see a damn thing about Canada becoming a new state.

2002-09-17 11:25:34 AM  
Talon Helix,
I would say that American Delta Force is better than the SAS, GSG9, or the Israeli Mossad.
2002-09-17 11:25:45 AM  
To all disgruntled Canuks: Your "country" is like our Texas. Basicaly a big wasteland with 3 established(and quite cool if I do say so myself) cities. Quebec, Ontario, Vancouver. Other than that......moose, maybe? Hey, couldn't hurt being a state, eh? (a casting sound lingers in the distance...ahh the sounds of nature)

Damn- Northcom will actualy be a client of NORAD's services and its offices will be located in Colorado Springs.
2002-09-17 11:25:49 AM  
Bass555: WMD into the Maritimes? Please.. it's not worth the effort.. we're too far out of the way.
2002-09-17 11:25:53 AM  
These folks would be upset:

[image from too old to be available]

"There's a time to think, and a time to act. And this, gentlemen, is no time to think.
2002-09-17 11:26:18 AM  
The pieces are all falling into place.
2002-09-17 11:26:38 AM  
Oh well our milirary is weak this is a good thing.

As for the 51st thing what do you mean CLOSER I thought Canada already WAS the 51st state heh
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